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  1. Pierrot

    New Terrain

    I'd like these new terrains to be independent of maps, if possible to be provided as addons. That means you mission editors can freely add these new terrains to maps which other map editors make and you can arrange them as you like in every mission. For example, although you have only one island in your addon folder, in some missions the island is filled with full of undergrounds while in other missions routs are tunneling through every mountain. Map editors deal with a basic frame of island and mission editors deal with details of terrain. This separation will bring more flexibility to ArmAII I guess.
  2. Pierrot

    New Terrain

    Yeah, we couldn't expect dynamic destruction but at lease want to see tunnels, trenches, embankments and underground in ArmA2.
  3. Pierrot

    New Terrain

    Embankment, Tunnel, Underground and Cliff All I finally want to see in ArmA2. Embankment Tunnel Underground Cliff: its angle partially exceeds 90 degrees!
  4. Pierrot

    Improving Engine Lighting

    I'd like BIS to support light in the daytime in ArmA2.
  5. Pierrot

    ARMA 2 Aircraft wishes

    Yeah .COMmunist, I heard ArmA2 will realize 15km view distance, but 15km view distance is not yet enough for REALISTIC flight sims. I do not expect BIS to pour their precious time and money to develop realistic flight sim. They do not reach to that point; they have much to to do except flight sim. I would rather expect BIS to realize interactions between air and ground. Recon team on the ground enemies and sends these information to A-10 in the air, then A-10 starts cleaning the ground. This is because A-10 doesn't have ground radar and A-10 can't find enemies where they are. Pilot's eyes and information from recon team are the only way to find enemy. Sometimes recon team must spot laser to the target to guide LGB released from A-10. Apache gunner is looking for targets through display; this display shows images captured by IR camera, telescope and milli-wave rader and gunner must identify foe and friendly by target's appearance. Nobody tells him foe and friendly and of course IFF is not valid against gourd forces. If he shoot friendly, he will be sent to the court-martial. Realistic flight sim is difficult to implement but there are many other ways to realize realistic combat sim.
  6. Pierrot

    ARMA 2 Aircraft wishes

    bravo 6, There is a better likelihood of Lock On being a totally combat sim than that of ArmA being.
  7. Pierrot

    ARMA 2 Aircraft wishes

    I don't expect BIS to implement as realistic flight simulator as MSFS or Falcon4.0 because this implementation forces BIS heavy work and they will go bankrupt before they release ArmA2. Instead, I hope BIS opens ArmA2's source code to closed MOD teams so that they can change it as they like. Some MOD teams may build flight sim oriented mods and others may build tank sim oriented mods. These mods will attract many people to ArmA series and contribute to many sales of ArmA series.
  8. Pierrot

    ARMA 2 Aircraft wishes

    CCIP indicator, CCRP indicator, gun's funnel, radar(especially ACM mode for WVR battle), thermal lock(for AIM-9), MFD in which target miles away are displayed captured through infrared camera, etc... All these functions are missing in ArmA. I've heard that ArmA II will be focused on battles in the near future. I guess radar(reconnaissance and target lock), infrared images(reconnaissance and target lock), thermal(IR missile guidance), laser(range finder and missile guide), avionics and IFF will be key words in moder combat. Will BIS make progress in ArmA II concerning these new technologies?
  9. Pierrot

    ARMA 2 Aircraft wishes

    Some people often say that ArmA/OFP is just an infantry simulator and it need not to seek realism on choppers, jets and armors. But I could not agree with this opinion. We already have realistic infantry sims like America's Army Operation. If you seek realism only on infantry part, AAO will be a good solution. ArmA/OFP, on the other hand, has vast maps and let you be free on whole areas. Infantries, tanks, choppers and jets interfere with each other on the same map. If you seek realism only on infantry, the balance between each unit will be destroyed soon.
  10. Pierrot

    A10 Flight Model needs tweaking

    I am optimistic about fixed wing flight model because BIS picked up our advice and have made a quite good job concerning chopper flight model. Fixed wing flight model will also make a good progress I guess! BTW, one thing that concerns me is avionics. A-10 has TV in its cockpit and an image taken by Maverick is shown on the TV. A pilot can pan this camera, select targets through this TV and lock them on. The image is magnified to some extent to help pilots identifying targets. I don't want official A-10 addon to implement this function but I hope BIS prepare for these functions to let addon makers to implement them.
  11. Pierrot

    US Demo Released

    Should I uninstall the previous DEMO before installing this latest one?
  12. Pierrot

    Can sombody confirm this plz???

    I'd like to search and lock on targets through TV in the cockpit and launch Maverick. But official A-10 would not realize this. Is there any other user addon which realize realistic procedures?
  13. Pierrot

    new damage system

    dentist guba, it has already been realized in OFP and of course in ArmA. The problem is that; -User mods cannot define new damage parts. -Each part simply accumulates even a damage caused by rifle bullet. That means you can destroy tanks even with rifles.
  14. Pierrot

    Vehicle's exploding damage

    Yes, we need physics and we need PhysX. We have to calculate each debris's trajectory caused by explosions to count proper damages. Software calculations would collapse. Thus we need PhysX or HavokFX hardware physics operations. But is it a matter of Game2?
  15. Pierrot


    Completely agreed! Acquiring ground targets must be based on visual ID. Radar cannot identify foe or friendly and no ground object has IFF. Identifying ground targets is left to pilot's or gunner's eye even in the 21th century. But OFP and ArmA's radar CAN identify foe or friendly. I hope BIS remove this TOO useful function from radar in GAME2. I am very pessimistic about it. Seeing ArmA, I guess the dev team is not familiar with today's radar system or does not have skill to implement radar to their simulation game.