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    Mercs and Civilians

    This sounds great. I am downloading now. I was unwilling to read the entire string for changes, but I was wondering if any of the civ's will be medics? I think having some civ medics would add an element to some missions. I hate it when I get shot and have to crawl for 20 minutes to find a patch up. It would be nice if they could be optional to heal either side. Also, I do like the idea that your civ's only work for one side of the other. It would be nice to have a civ medic that was side specific. It would also be sweet if we had some medic civ types- maybe nuns or religious types for WW2 action, country doctor, etc. Also I would like a way to have two medics use a litter, more WW2 oriented. Sort of like the dragging in ECS but probably the litter would be a vehicle for game purposes. I have no modding skills, so pardon me if that would be a dumb idea. A civ hospital and ambulance would be icing on the cake. These are my humble suggestions. I have thought that adding some of this would add realism to most missions and might make for some interesting Medic-centric missions. Thanks for the addon.
  2. Thank you for releasing this mod. It might need a few tweaks here or there, but it really fun right now. Also my thanks to those who helped or contributed portions, especially Vilas. My hat goes off to those of you with a knack, and the fortitude, to build these wonderful creations. It is also nice to see the cooperative effort to bring it all together. Please, continue your great work. It is very appreciated.
  3. Super addons! Â Thanks so much. If you haven't checked the Xmas tree closely, scope out the presents. I had to go prone and creep in but it was worth it. Â Very cute. I am getting a lot of joy out of your great addons. Â
  4. PAT3154

    Arma feedback thread - based on 1.09

    Thank you BIS. I just enjoyed four hours of ARMA fun with no performance issues. Â It felt just like playing on the good old OFP- only new and improved. Fighting in the buildings and cities is a lot more fun in ARMA. Moving in and on buildings was always kind of clunky in OFP. I was playing the CWR Malden map and realized how small the villages were in the old version. Â I am looking forward to new mods and whatever changes you decide to make, but it is an excellent game right now. Wish list: Craters-I think someone made a mod for OFP, but I thought they were cool. Â Probably can do something more realistic for ARMA. Concussion daze/white out- This really added to the realism in OFP and I believe it was modded. MORE WW2 stuff...Thank you Vilas for your recent Xmas present. Â Great job on the patch and thanks again. Have a wonderful New Year!
  5. PAT3154

    Sakakah Al Jawf v.1.0

    Â This is very impressive. Great job! I am enjoying it in edit mode. Â Already merged a mission from another map and it was immediate fun. The size of the city really makes the realism factor go up. Â I haven't tried it yet but this will make for a very good house to house scenario. Â I am going to make use of the house patrol scripts, hope they work. Now I will go find all the neat desert mods to go with this.
  6. PAT3154

    Fog bug again!!!!

    I have 2 8800 GTS running SLI but have not noticed fog? What does the effect look like? I do keep my view distance pretty low so that could be why I am not aware of it.
  7. There isn't that many games around using multi cpu/core , I can like only think of Falcon4 (which had far worse compability problems bw..) Quake3/4 (and most of the ones based on it) and Unreal.. Even if the game itself isn't multi threaded it still will help it sum.. Nvidias drivers is smp aware for example.. and it can basically load 1 core/cpu 100% and not share it with the OS.. Â I have a 6700 with Striker Extreme mobo and SLI 8800 GTS's hooked up on a Vista 32bit system- 2 gigs of mem. Â ARMA has worked great in that configuration. Â I think the developers were a bit optimistic when they defined the minimum requirements for the game. Â It probably can be run on the minimums but you have a slide show with all the details off. FYI, once you get the right rig, the game rocks!!!! Â
  8. PAT3154

    ArmA is just ... awesome!

    I just got a new computer from Cyberpower and I love ARMA now. Â My old pc and graphics card could not do it justice. Â ARMA has the same great feel of OFP and the updated graphics are incredibly realistic. Â I mainly make my own missions so it is great that the editior has not dramatically changed. One point I think may have helped was I reinstalled the software from scratch. Â I bought the german online version. Â When I set it back up there was no need to patch, it was already up to 1.08. It also made sure I had removed all the user mods. Â If you got a blazing rig and your still slow, I would recommend a reinstall. My new rig is an Intel 6700 2.66 gig and running 2 Nvidia 8800 in SLI on Vista so it smokes my old pc.
  9. PAT3154

    Int 105 Patch Errors - cant fix

    For what it is worth, I had similar errors during my patch from the german version but the patch apparently worked...I came up in 1.05 and everything seems to work. It could be that the "errors" are for pbo's already updated in 1.02 or something and so it is not a problem at all. I think the 1.05 Intnl patch assumes you could be at the original state.