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  1. Powerslide

    official complaint to BIS

    Suma is being honest here, once again I never intended to slam the devs. However I will say this, sometimes we have to "bite the bullet" for the collective good and long term return on our work, it's smart business. Get the game working, as you should have prior to the European beta test (release), market it heavily in North America, as truly it's tailored to that market, seek distribution on at any cost (believe me Suma the pitfalls and fear of "less" will be easily compensated for, I highly recommend Steam distribution) and release worldwide. The concept of AA is extremely ambitious, as was the concept of OFP, and far exceeds any FPS on the market today. With good marketing and distribution this game will be a smash with the genre is it tailored for.
  2. Powerslide

    official complaint to BIS

    How are the devs supposed to give any answers when they are unsure themselves. I didn't start this thread to slam the devs, or the game, this game has MASSIVE potential, just as OFP did. It was revolutionary, easily modified, and damn fun to play. I am just extremely dissapointed due to the fact I loved OFP so much, and hate to see this project falter. I really feel that BIS needs to re-assess their direction and focus, and work hard at North American distribution and marketing, because this will make or break this game guys, there is no way to deny it. I don't know why Codemasters and BIS couldn't reach a distro deal, it's very unfortunate as OFP distro wasn't bad with Codemasters. I would strongly urge BIS to not be hasty, to hold back a bit and to speak to Valve about Steam distribution. They have a massive audience geared towards this genre of game and for whatever percentage Valve is going to take BIS will make it up 10 fold in sales over trying to distribute the game independently or though a third rate distributor. And I also suggest losing the current copy protection system as this is a major turnoff to prospective buyers. The lost revenue due to this system will be far greater then lost revenue due to crakced versions, the key selling feature of this game is the MP play, and a cd key takes care of this, or better yet a steam ID. -Propaganda-
  3. Powerslide

    official complaint to BIS

    Please then, inform me?
  4. Powerslide

    official complaint to BIS

    Whoever is running marketing and distribution for BIS is a genius. Here is a game created using American soldiers, vehicles, etc, and the game is released in Europe and other places before BIS even have a proper distribution deal for the US. There is no marketing, no hype, no communication and a total breakdown of focus and purpose by the team. What exactly is the issue around there? How could you fail so poorly after working so hard to make something playable? What is your goal and purpose? Has anyone established that in your office? Had you done this properly you could have sold 10 times more copies in North America then you have any hope of doing so now. The proper way to do it would have been to finish the game, have a proper closed beta, fix the bugs, secure a distribution deal for North America, then release the game worldwide after a bit of marketing and promotional work. Did you even bother to look at Valves Steam distribution, perhaps the biggest marketing and distribution system of games worldwide? It's a no brainer. What do you have now? Nothing. Nada. A buggy FPS that is getting slaughtered by the critics daily because of the poor manner in which it was released, the "very open" beta test (release) in Europe and the disorganized disaster at your office. You essentially have committed financial suicide on something that could have been a huge success. It's a shame. Sorry to be so blunt, but that's the way I see it. If I get banned for this, it's only because it's the truth, and the truth hurts. I supported OFP for years, was and is a great game. It's unfortunate AA will never live up to what it could have been. So long BIS. -Propaganda-
  5. Powerslide

    Bohemia eyes persistent multiplayer battlefields

    This is light years away for BIS considering how long it's taken to develop AA, look for it in 2015.
  6. Powerslide

    Operation Northstar Iltis

    Good job fellas.
  7. Powerslide

    Any word on Northstar

    Hey fellas, still around. Well I don't know what to say, there was some things going on behind the scenes and we quit working on the mod kind of, but those "things" never materialized as they should have. I am working on some other projects right now, and Sigma is doing his own thing. We may pick it up again soon.
  8. Powerslide

    Disable 3rd person view in veteran

    I don't see an option for that in the controls once I am logged in as admin, just a toggle between cadet and veteran.
  9. Powerslide

    Disable 3rd person view in veteran

    I am setting up a linux server and I want 3rd person view disabled in veteran. Can someone tell me is this something that goes in the config?
  10. Powerslide

    Operation Northstar is dead.

    Furthermore these models are not open source, they are the property of Operation Northstar, and Blink Design Group Inc. so before you go opening the models and editing them please obtain permission. Thank you.
  11. Powerslide

    Operation Northstar is dead.

    Everyone hold on a sec here. ONS is not dead, just in a slight hiatus. We were hoping for more community support. We have all redone addons but are waiting on a few other issues with them, none of which I am at liberty to speak of. So before you put us to bed, WE ARE NOT GONE! Furthermore, if you want our addons, you can get them from our site, and a mirror hosted by ofp info. www.operationnorthstar.com Powerslide - ONS Mod Leader
  12. Powerslide

    DXDLL 1.0 (not Geforce MX compatible)

    What the hell is all the complaining about here? Clearly he did something that pushed the envelope of the game, of course it's not going to be perfect, it's bastardized, it's not built into the game. If it doesn't work for you don't use it.
  13. Powerslide

    New release date worldwide: Spring 2006?

    Look to get it for Christmas 2006 fellas, maybe spring 2007. If they are saying 2006 even now then for certain it will be even longer. Edit: eh bn880, nice NDP link there (weak)
  14. Powerslide

    Bell 412 Griffon released

    I would have to vote for FDF on that one I think, but thanks for the comments. We are likely one of the better mods that gets little recognition, but that's the price we pay as Canadians I suppose. Always working in the shadows somewhere.
  15. Powerslide

    Very Important Announcement from BAS

    OFP2 2007, you guys will get awful bored between now and then.