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  1. "Large numbers of AKM's were rechambered to fire the AK74's 5.45 cartridge to enable standardization of supply without discarding mountains of AKM's."

    Can I ask where you read this? Don't think that it could be done in Soviet Union. Too much parts need to be changed or reworked, it cheaper to make a new AK-74.

  2. He-He... I know Tantal's pages and can understand why he writes PSO-series, PSO-type scope and don't showes real markings on them. Everybody know PSO, but who knows about PO and POSP scopes and who will buy them? smile_o.gif Just a little trick...

  3. oh keller  and before you say anything about the drivers hatch kenji knows its incorrect i pointed that out to him after he showed me the textured version.

    I'm not Keller, but I'll say that much more part are incorrect...

    Raedor please look at pic Img_1903 (If you don't know where are they, then ask ShadowNX)

  4. Hi TomiD!

    In USSR this plane was known as Su-17, only export versions were called Su-22. Also I see that Su textures are not so good as on your other planes.

    Su-7 - Original version. Fixed wing geometry.

    Su-17 - Upgraded version with swing-wing tips.

    Su-20 - Export version (of Su-17) with avionics changes.

    Su-22 - Export version (of Su-17) with engine changes.

    All have the same NATO codename: 'Fitter'

    More correct version from the Soviet point of view smile_o.gif

    Su-7 (S-22)

    Su-17 (S-32) with engine AL-7F-1

    Su-17M (S-32M) with AL-21F-3S

    export Su-20 (S-32MK) with AL-21F-3S

    Su-17M2 (S-32M2) with AL-21F-3S

    export Su-22 (S-32M2K) with R-29BS

    Su-17M3 (S-52) with AL-21F-3S

    export Su-22M (S-52K) with R-29BS

    export Su-22M3 (S-52M3K) with R-29BS

    Su-17UM (S-52U) with AL-21F-3S

    export Su-22UM (S-52UMK) with R-29BS

    Su-17UM3 (S-52UM3) with AL-21F-3S

    export Su-22UM3 (S-52UM3K) with R-29BS

    export Su-22UM3K with AL-21F-3S

    Su-17M4 (S-54) with AL-21F-3S

    export Su-22M4 (S-54K) with AL-21F-3S

  5. Edge

    I think that adding a pair of poligons near the right side of tail with 1 additional texture in first LODs will not be a big problem for your MOD. Can't understand why you are making hi-res textures (you won't notice that during gameplay) but can't correst this small bug...