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    Shadow NX Your Messenger box is full, clean some space for some more links.
  2. Peter_13

    Russian Federation Units V.1

    Skaven It's not a military PM, it is a commercial IZH-70 (look at sport rear sight) with US import markings on left side and set to SAFE mode. One of textures of the right side is a mirror of left side and have mirrored serial number and shadow of non existing part.
  3. Peter_13

    Russian Federation Units V.1

    Skaven! Please look again at picture from ramb0z post. There is a cover with ventilation holes over barrel, not a "fat" barrel.
  4. Peter_13

    My AK74

    Can I ask where you read this? Don't think that it could be done in Soviet Union. Too much parts need to be changed or reworked, it cheaper to make a new AK-74.
  5. Peter_13

    CSLA 2 Update1

    That's too bad, I'm still waiting for L-39, TU-154 and other great modells... Maybe you can give unfinished modells to team like RHS or some other if they promise to finish them? Very bad news, really.
  6. Peter_13

    VTE open beta 09-13-05

    Where can I read or see what units/vehicles are still placeholders?
  7. Peter_13

    ak101 and its family

    Don't use that pics as reference, they are US converted SAIGAs to look close to AK100 family - not the real military guns, even don't have folding stocks and some other correct parts.
  8. Peter_13

    Spetsnaz mod weapon pack

    Never saw something worse than this pack Really a piece of sh*t.
  9. Peter_13

    New Mi-24 Pack v1.0

    It looks like texture mapping in rear gear area is wrong.
  10. Peter_13

    New Mi-24 Pack v1.0

    Here you'll find all you need: http://racc.com.sapo.pt/Mi24_1/ http://racc.com.sapo.pt/Mi24_2/
  11. Peter_13

    Csla 2

    He-He... I know Tantal's pages and can understand why he writes PSO-series, PSO-type scope and don't showes real markings on them. Everybody know PSO, but who knows about PO and POSP scopes and who will buy them? Just a little trick...
  12. Peter_13

    Csla 2

    If you look better at 2nd picture you'll see markings POSP 8x42D Made in Belorussia s/n ..........
  13. Peter_13

    Csla 2

    Sorry, but all PSO-1 scopes are only 4x24. This scope is 8x42 so it can't be called PSO-1, it only can be Russian PO 8x42 or Belorussian POSP 8x42 (on your photo).
  14. Peter_13

    Csla 2

    Hi MAA! It's not PSO-1 (4x24) on your pics, maybe PSO-3, maybe something like PO 8x42 or POSP 8x42. BTW, nice pics and good idea to show new weapons
  15. Peter_13

    Csla 2

    Any chance to see some pictures of L-39? As I remember, there were pictures of all units long before release of CSLA I. Why now we can't have pictures of all CSLA II update 1 units?