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  1. funwithnitrologo2.jpg

    Hey guys!

    This is my first public mission ever (but far far far faaar from my first mission ever made).


    Fun with Nitro 2.8 (ssg-clan.se)


    Fun with Nitro 2.8 (armaholic)

    The mission is also up on Steam Workshop


    This mission is sort of a sandbox-fun-car-and-heli-racing-shooter-thing. You have the ability to super jump (the faster you move the higher you fly!). Most of the vehicles in the mission have nitro boost forward, and up. All players also have a few super abilities like PUSH! and ATTACH! where you can push anything. Buildings tend to get destroyed and explode when you push, vehicles fly away. While you are in the air, you can also attach stuff to you. You will automatically throw them away after a few seconds. This tend to create some awesome chaos! Everything respawns so no worries.

    Custom sounds by me Pelle (and some public domain stuff), music by Lazerhawk. (I have asked and got permission to use the song Overdrive).

    How to play the mission

    The game is best played in MP.

    It can be used in SP but then you will miss out on all the fun.



    Push stuff really hard!

    Attach them to you and then throw them away.

    Nitro on all vehicles in the mission.

    Awesome blow-off-some-steam-fun stuff!

    Addons needed

    CBA_A3 that can be found here on bistudio forums on SIX, or Armaholic.


    ssg-clan.se <- the guys

    Lazerhawk for the music (I have asked and got permission to use the song Overdrive. The song is © Lazerhawk).

    Killticker by Tuliq

  2. First of all really big thanks to you massi for those awesome units and weapons. Spetsnaz, NATO SF, AFR Rebels all of them, they are just plain awesome. Your weapon pack of course too. All those addons made me feel at home again in ArmA 3. :)

    I even got motivated to make a sandbox/domination like mission with all your awesome addons. See here for details.

    Regarding the sounds of the weapons, especially the AKs: I really like their sounds, but they are just too loud at a distance. If somebody shoots at you with a AKM at around 200 meters you think he is just a couple of meters away from you. It sometimes even gets hard to guesstimate the direction the fire is coming from. If you could change that, that would be absolutly awesome.

    Thanks again and take care!

    We feel the same way. We use the M16 and HK416. When sitting a few meters away from a unit with a gun you can't distinguish the point of origin of the weapon. It sounds like he is on top of you. Awesome sounds but they are waaay to high.

  3. Hey there, thanks all for making this, BUT is there any feedback about the at4cs not showing up when added to a unit via the addweapon command? Same as the previous post from Bl2ck Dog, no errors, just doesn't show up on unit. And yes the NLaw and other A3 vanilla launchers works fine.

    This happens for us as well! It is very veeery strange.

  4. TPW MODS v20130922:

    Working on the parachute stuff for fall has made me realise how annoying it is that there is no wind noise for freefalling. I'm having no luck playing any of the CfgEnvSounds wind entries using playmusic though. I can play them with playsound3d but the player just falls away from the sound. If anyone knows how to attach a sound to a moving object then I'm all ears (pun intended).

    If the sound is to be local to the unit only then use: playsound "theSound".

    If you are using CBA the you can use their say3d command. It should work just fine on a falling unit.

  5. I was using the mod yesterday, and when I reach speeds above 100 km/h the car sort of sliiiiiides around like it is on ice. There is no "the car is sliding" feel, it's just a feeling of "this car has no grip what so ever and I have no control". Like the car is moving above the ground a few millimeters.

  6. This is how we do it (via .bat file)

    set _ARMA3_PATH=D:\Arma 3

    set _ARMA1_PATH=

    set _ARMA2_PATH=D:\Arma 2

    set _ARMA2OA_PATH=D:\Arma 2

    set _TKOH_PATH=


    cd /D "%_ARMA3_PATH%"

    arma3.exe -server -port=2302 -cfg=CONFIG.cfg -config=SETUP.cfg -profiles=SERVER -name=SSG_4PREZ "-mod=%_CUSTOM_MODS%;@AllInArma\ProductDummies;%_ARMA1_PATH%\DBE1;%_ARMA1_PATH%;@AllInArma\A1Dummies;%_ARMA2_PATH%;%_ARMA2OA_PATH%;%_ARMA2OA_PATH%\Expansion;%_TKOH_PATH%;@A1A2ObjectMerge;%_ARMA3_PATH%;@AllInArma\Core;@AllInArma\PostA3"

  7. I have a nice bug that I find when using AiA and custom islands for ARMA 2. I will add a picture later today but here is what happens. You have the sea-level in height with your face, depending on what direction you look. For example, when I look north/north-east, I have a brown nice water wave in my face that moves up and down. But now when looking SE, S, SW.

    Will update with picture.

  8. Being a regular player of the ACE2 mod, which I guess throws me into the "Hardcore realism tacticool" group, I have no issue with a stamina system. I've never noticed a blur problem in any of the time that I've played A3A because I'm the most efficient inventory managing virtual soldier anyone could possibly be. With a loadout of: Primary assault rifle, sidearm, attachments for assault rifle, and some medkits/grenades, and all that default soldier stuff, I've had no problem. It's a hell of a lot more forgiving then ACE from what I've seen, which is fine.

    Someone on the second or third page of this thread mentioned that jogging isn't penalized enough, and I have to agree. In ACE2 (One of the most used Arma mods next to DayZ) if you get fatigued you'll trip over yourself, blink, hear a loud heartbeat, have blurred vision, sometimes pass out. Sometimes you'll have to crawl your way somewhere, or have a medic fix you up with morphine/epi-pens, etc.

    Compared to ACE this is cupcake stuff.

    If the blurring is a huge problem then maybe they should tone it down a tiny bit, but from what I've seen it's fine, and hasn't been intrusive. (I have post processing on low, if you're wondering).

    Personally I say bring it on. Make us HAVE to take a vehicle. Make all the soldiers 300lb donut eating slobs with heart problems and put drive through Burger Kings every few miles for all I care.

    The most immersive part of this game for me is playing with friends and hearing someone say "I gotta take a breather" and then maybe someone will offer to carry his mags/belts. Makes you feel like

    comrades when you have to manage stupid little things like that every now and then.

    +1 on this