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  1. PFC_Mike

    Invasion 1944 demo v1.2 + campaign

    In Mission 2, after I take the first town, what do I do? Do I really have to wait until 9:00?
  2. PFC_Mike

    Military dune buggy

    When our fearless troops liberated Panama from Pineapple-face during Operation Just Cuz, we used recoilless rifles. But that was late 80's, I think. They were brought back into service as part of a new plan of kinder, gentler warfare, where we only blow up the part of the building where the bad guys are rather than the whole thing.
  3. PFC_Mike

    Invasion 1944 demo v1.2 + campaign

    do more german troops keep spawning in the village or what? EDIT: Yes, that's why they tell you to fall back. YOu can score incredible points by taking the G43 with the sight.
  4. PFC_Mike

    Invasion 1944 demo v1.2 + campaign

    Well. The campaign so far has been brilliant. I can't judge whether that alone was worth the download, but it takes advantage of everything that OFP is good at. Can anyone offer advice on how to beat the first mission? I've found five friendlies max, 4 at Piano Lugo and one at the start. And how does one deal with the 3 dozen or so Nazis in the villiage?
  5. PFC_Mike

    High detail weaponpack v1.1 released!

    If you turn down visibility to 800m or less, it should work OK. My system is about the same as yours (4200 + P4 2.26ghz 512mb)
  6. PFC_Mike

    High detail weaponpack v1.1 released!

    didn't know they were that far along, I'd seen pictures of the newer version but not of someone actually holding it. Well, I suppose someone will make a CS skin for it just waiting for conversion?
  7. Ran, I never thought I'd say this but you are 100% right. That thing is so cool, I saw an ad for the action figure in a Dragon/DML catalog. Shame is costs like 60 bucks though... Anyone have a pic of the CS skins? Also, having this unit in splinter camouflage would be pretty cool too.
  8. PFC_Mike

    Opscifi  release - tau forces

    well, if you used almost transparent textures is that how you got the "stealth effect"
  9. PFC_Mike

    Joint ammo and mag project (jam)

    The sound for the M249 in the Inquisitor weapons pack is from America's Army...one hopes that it is accurate. Gollum or anyone who has fired an AK47/AKM comment on how the AK sounds from AA are? Please stop making one-word posts. You know who you are, noone cares about your postcount.
  10. PFC_Mike

    New york preparedness guide released

    My dad likes to tell a stroy about how in elementary school in the 50's they told the class to duck and cover...next to a wall of plate glass windows. Yeah that'll be fun when they all break and spray you with shrapnel.
  11. PFC_Mike

    High detail weaponpack v1.1 released!

    The popularity of CS comes from its ease of play, the ubiquitousness of servers for it, and the fact that it takes no brainpower. OFP takes too much thinking because the maps are big and there are vehicles. The lack of servers and JIP also makes it less popular.
  12. PFC_Mike

    High detail weapon pack released!

    the soldiers addon adds several units with the new weapons in the editor. Unfortunately, it doesn't affect the campaign at all. But if you make your own missions, or even just your own firefights you can easily access units with both the high detail weapons (including some you wouldn't see in just missions and campaign) and nice hi-res models and textures on the units.
  13. PFC_Mike

    The Iraq Thread 2

    You're forgetting the most important right of socialists- the right to be seperated from your money! If the US offends you so why visit? Is it worth the money? I know for sure I'm not visiting the ppl related to me in Sweden. As for my French relatives, they were all murdered by Papist swine or moved to England a long ass time ago.
  14. PFC_Mike

    Lost brothers mod recruiting...

    The IDF mod doesn't have to be about the intifada you know, although I would enjoy shooting Hamas/Al-Aqsa/PA/Fatah/Islamic Jihad almost as much as the combined military might of most of the Arab world. But an Israel Air Force mod for LO:MAC when it's released - now that would kick ass supremely.
  15. PFC_Mike

    Silesian's su-25

    Please include some nice scripts with it too. Our Weapons mod has set the standard for all vehicle addons. Just a short list of what would be good- 1. wreck script 2. engine start/stop 3. flames/smoke/fuel leak 4. random number generator I would balance the weapons with Sigma-6's tanks.