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  1. Peiper

    Multiple gunner stations?

    Yes plz, I want do use the AA-MG on my tank!
  2. Peiper


    Oh, nice to see, that our mod is also played by other European guys We got no sight for the MG3, but we`ll add it soon. I thought, no sight is better than the PK or M60 sight. Yes we got a few Bugs, but we will fix it in a few weeks.
  3. Peiper

    Problem with custom soldiers!

    Thats the problem: Pilot LOD and so got no head and there are no problems with the view out of vehicles, but in a jeep or so OFP is using the 0,5 LOD with a head.
  4. Ok, 2 Problems..... If I edit the Demo-soldier modells I can only use one face. Maybe I forgot an attribut or something? The second bug is, if I get in a vehicle I always can see the head of my figure from the viewpoint inside the head and that looks really strange. Maybe it`s a problem with MLOD or something like that?
  5. Could you maybe give us a list of all attributes, please??
  6. Peiper

    Crew positions

    1. How can I set the position of the Crew? 2. How can I define the direction the hatch is moving when I open it?
  7. Peiper

    More texturing problems

    I made a test file with 256x128 and RGB. I saved it under *.tga and *.gif, but O2 still can`t convert the texture!
  8. Peiper

    More texturing problems

    I have the problem, that O2 can`t convert my texturen from gif or tga. Is it recommend, that the drive where viewer is installed is empty, or is there another problem???
  9. Peiper

    Shadow lod?

    How can I make a shadow for my tank??? with a special LOD or so???
  10. Thnx fella!!! the dll-thing is working
  11. My O2 is in a folder on my desktop. I started O2 without the External Viewer with no probs and the Viewer is working fine without O2. Only together the programs are having probs and now I can`t start O2 without the Viewer too.
  12. When I start OË› the Viewer opens and OË› is crashing! No special error messages or so, it only gives me a windows error and OË› is closing and the external Viewer opens in a window.
  13. Yes I am joking a bit, because your nice 64 Bit Code would take a half year to break lol good work there I understand that the first-people-code is more important, and so: I wait until I`ll get the new codes next week/month. My posts, were the first wave of my frustration, because I had to reinstall my windows and so OË› were deleted as well. And yea, I`ll be patient
  14. Peiper

    The empire strikes back..

    LOL, nice idea and work!