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  1. PSC

    RHS Aerosan NKL-26

    This is actually indeed wanted. The whole vehicle (except for the front side) is made of plywood. And I doubt that plywood can stop any bullets. So I tried to simulate this vulnerability by making only the front part bullet resistend. In fact I know an even better way how to simulate this now. But it's a bit too late to change it. I'm not so keen to touch this addon anymore to be honest.
  2. PSC

    BB Fokker D.VII

    We had quite a few TV shows about WW1 in the last days. About the weak emperor Willhelm II, about the reasons why the war started and how Europe changed etc.
  3. PSC

    BB Fokker D.VII

    I guess they hoped that the lozenge pattern would disguise the outline of the planes. I think I've read that somewhere but I'm not absolutely sure. Anyways, even if it doesn't work lozenge looks quite cool
  4. PSC

    Name of a music video movie?

    You mean a video with a boy on a tricycle shooting a female puppet that had a knife in it's hand? Thats the only scene I remember from a Ken Ishii video. This is boy I mean: From what I found out it's from a song called Extra <span style='color:red'>*edit*</span> Maybe the video I'm looking for is the video from the song You're the Reason. I'm not sure though. I can't find any information about it.
  5. PSC

    Name of a music video movie?

    The video looks quite interesting as well, but it's not the video I'm looking for. I remember the heroine had black hair and looked a bit more like Major Kusanagi.
  6. Some time ago there was this song King Of My Castle by the Wamdue Project. The video for the song consited of scenes from the movie Ghost In The Shell. A couple of months later there was another music video with scenes from a similar movie. It had the same Masamune Shirow drawing/invention style. It looked pretty cool in fact, but I never found out what the name of the movie is. I can't even remember if the video was from a Wamdue Project song. At least it was the same music style. Hard house, progressive, whatever... Can somebody help me and tell me the name of the movie? I would really apreshiate that
  7. PSC

    The United States new attack jet!!

    What a pity the plane is powered by Micro$oft and runs amok...
  8. PSC

    What is...

    What is Deutschland?
  9. PSC

    Eurocopter's future heavy lift helicopter: the HTH

    I find the late Eurocopter designs (NH90 and this ARSCH concept) to be very boaring. Boaring but probably proven. Nontheless I wish they would experiment a bit more with new designs. Something that looks like the old Mil Mi 12 "Homer" but with a more up to date shape would be so damn cool
  10. Nice, but I recommend you look at some images of airships in other games to see how you can make the textures look even more realistic. For instacne on the BF 1918 Mod site: BF 1918 Site Screenshot
  11. Out of pure boredom (well, more correctly I should say out of an aversion to do the things I should do, causing in nothing to do which lead to boredome again) I did a "vintage" retexture of one of the two versions of the BIS Camel. You can download the PBO here in case you are interested: Retextured BIS Camel Be carefull, this overwrites your original PBO! Sebastian P.S.: I just love those colorful lozenge camouflages
  12. PSC

    Bi forum ofp summer olympics: 2004

    I would want to participate in some fun race maps. Depending on the time they take place. I could even ask if you can have the server where I play for a day.
  13. PSC

    Silent hunteriii

    It's a different trailer
  14. PSC

    Who hear uses headphones?

    <span style='font-family:georgia'><span style='font-size:10pt;line-height:100%'>I was able to acquire these headphones for half of the store price some years ago</span>: <span style='font-size:7.5pt;line-height:100%'>Sony MDR F1</span> <span style='font-size:10pt;line-height:100%'>Quality is good, and they are very comfortable to wear (you hardly notice that you wear headphones at all).</span></span>
  15. PSC

    International Politics Thread

    For the <span style='color:#000000'>Ger</span><span style='color:#ff0000'>ma</span><span style='color:#FFEA00'>ns</span>: here is a website where you can check which party fits best to you: http://www.wahl-o-mat.de Of course the party I was in most accordance with were the <span style='color:#00A651'>greens</span>