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  1. PowerHour

    Coc unified artillery 1.0 released

    Bloody awesome job guys:) I was killin myself laughin at the intro. Some of those Ruskies must have flown a quarter mile lol. I will read on and see how to make the Russians or whoever to be able to use this and make a mission to attack and disable a fire base (would be cool ambience to be sneakin up on them under the fire while their blasting away.). Really opens things up for some different missions. Thank you very much. Rossco (PowerHour)
  2. PowerHour

    Bas tonal-tango pack

    Really nice stuff. Finally got to try it out...:) About that 4th player bug on the Rebel Road mission...(I don't CTD it just freezes solid) Just a question..I'm wondering if were being allowed to load the men up a bit to much and then by the time you get to the 4th player (anyone over 3, I loaded the first 3 guys up with HMG ,RPG Launcher, 3 HMG 200 round boxes, 4 RPG's,Binoculars, and a S&W Hand gun. Instead of arrowing through the men left and right (I CTD'd 3 times doing this) I looked through the Group and tried to select the 5th soldier and same freeze up... SOLID. Just wondering if it might be a load out problem. Probably minor whatever it is. Great work once again BAS.. Powerhour Edit: I noticed something interesting when I was to play Rebel Road again. It said cannot load missing bis_weapon pack and it loaded anyways. I did a from scratch install today to get addons in order. Yep sure as shit I forgot to install that stupid little BIS weapons pack and Grenade launchers pack. That message never came up again.. I never tried to load the men up after that and check the 4th man bug out (didn't need a CTD) but It's got me wonderin now. Lata
  3. PowerHour

    Bas tonal-tango pack

    Hey all....(Thanks BAS for all your efforts,you are keepin this game #1 in my eyes...thought I'd let ya know before my question) Due to the awesome addons(my addons file was getting ridculously large) that have come about reciently I have backed up my addons file and done a complete uninstall and reinstall of OFP and Resistance(yes the whole codemasters file). I'm runnin a clean OFP/R complete with patches 1.46 and 1.91. First question. 1.92 beta worth it? Second,do you recommend a addons manager? These are the addons I play most and plan some good missions to come from. I44 demo FDF The bas tonal tango pack (dl in 10 mins )(I want this one to rock)!!!! Seb nam pack 2 several others of course do the addon managers work well or should a guy make seperate folders and make extention folders like in Avon Ladys faq. Bas rocks and thanx for your efforts.Just looking for some words of wisdom and what has been proven to work best. PowerHour www.actionallies.com
  4. PowerHour

    Normandy alpha

    Yes Joltan DAM I tried to position ww2demo HMG in the bunker. They are laying down and can shooot through the walls. I tried LMG and yes they will stand on and or in bunker but as soon as they hear a sound there down and will shoot ya through the walls. I tried mg nest I tried a few other variations but to no avail. I think the only use right now is to keep lmg standing up(looked for script). Other Ideas? maybe mg needs a crate,initialization to stand up only? I really want these bunks to be functional. (really deadly when your the only target)lol. I can place the HMG or LMG inside np. He is on solid ground but when he lays down he shoots throught the walls. Not sure who created the bunkers...I've heard of another creater GXT..GXD Can't remember dudes call sign.I know there are some solid bunker addons out there. Apologize I can't remember name. Trying to build a mission based on island but need to get past the first point. Powerhour
  5. PowerHour

    Has ofp gotten you into trouble?

    good topic. I'm a maintenance electrician at a major plant and it is a serious type of job. I started to push how late I could stay up and OFP it and still barely function at work. I found my absolute limit and beyond lol. I started to show up late every second day and drag my ass around but the really kicker is when I was on call (24hr) and I was looking deeply for an addon. The cell phone rang at around 1AM and I said I'd be right in. (serious troubles they were having) I found the addon just as I answered. I installed and continued to play for 2hrs before I realized "Holy shit, DOH"!!!! Talk about scrambling to get out the door. I got in weathered the storm but I have a 12:00am limit now for myself. Other than the near divorce thing thats about it.lol.Just kiddin.She doesn't care for the gamin but would rather me brew it up with OFP buds at home than be out pubbin.(another sport I rather enjoy lol) Avon Lady thats a very funny story by the way. Powerhour
  6. PowerHour

    Normandy alpha

    Yep she's a gooder. Lots of bridges ,nice beach, put a mg42 in those bunkers and that beach is dangerous... Gotto love it.lol. Flying around in a BAS TH-57 (nice and slow) to check out a WW2 map. dam good game. Thanx and look forward to the next level. PowerHour
  7. PowerHour

    Normandy alpha

    I'm downloading now. I have all the WW2 addons I need to make a great mission which I'm planning out. I tried the WW2 maldon just out and well the fact that I see a dishwasher in every second building I go in just doesn't impress me. I know I know ...quit complaining. Problem is if I start and make a decient mission am I screwed when when in a week a new version comes out? lol. I'm not a master mission maker and when I do one it takes a while.(Picky about the stupidous shit). From the picts it looks dam good..gonna make one and hopefully a base doesn't end up on top of my start point or something like that.. Thanx (love the beach picture,got me thinkin) Powerhour
  8. PowerHour

    What keep's you playing ofp

    MSMS_KDxer pretty much nailed what I was going to say.. At one time I was purchasing games left and right (I mean I have a shit load of games) almost all war related in one way or another(flight sims and FPS's... Rogue Spear for example).Still wasn't satisfied. Was always looking for THE ONE and then I heard about it from a soon to be released write up and followed it. The demo came out and I was at the store looking for it the next day, nope hold it,that afternoon lol. I had to wait months for it to come in but when it did.... I was blown away by it and still am. Almost limitless freedom. If you like tanks: It is a very good tank sim. If you like choppers : It is a great chopper sim.(forcefeed back yet) If you like shooters : This is the one. If you like some serious strategy and command mixed up in all this great stuff it's there. If you like editing and making missions to share or just like to set yourself up for a ass whoopin and still make it out alive it's there. If your alittle stressed from work or whatever nothing beats blowing the shit out of stuff to take your mind of things for a 1/2 hr or so. The community is second to none..Talk about ambitious talented people out there. Scripters,addon makers, mission makers. The game was great all by itself but by doing a small download all of a sudden I have a WW2 sim or a Modern day Special Op's sim or a Vietnam War sim with all the freedoms that came with the game and more all because of these generous people. I have only two sims on my hard drive now.OFP cold war crisis/Resistance and one other title that rocks and deserves mention.. IL-2 Sturmovick/Forgotten Battles. I have looked at alot of sims but have bought none other than IL2 for YEARS now..(truly amazing feat in itself). Soo.. What keeps me playing? How about this scenario. You get choppered to a LZ in the night,in the rain yet. You are to take the town which is loaded with heavily armed soldiers and armour. These guys see you and your dead. You order your team prone/holdfire and to find cover in the foilage outside of town. You get up closer and scan the town scoping as many enemies as you can for your unit. You delegate your targets accordingly amounst your unit. They are ready. Hit open fire and if you did it right it's over in 30 seconds...If not you always can hit retry. Thats what I'm talkin bout Thanks for listenin. Powerhour www.actionallies.com
  9. Thanx all And thanx [HS]LIS I just took the time after the download to see if I could get in. Kinda sad it took a google search to find it. If this mission rolls I'll set up a link on my site www.actionallies.com complete with addons etc. cuudo's PowerHour
  10. Thanx for replying BlackDog .. I DL'd the Digital Grenade addon you mentioned. (I had alot of the addons in the pack already) I read what was in there(couldn't see it) but I installed anyways to no avail. Help? lol..Dam GST_Pak36 PowerHour
  11. Howdy All.. I got the island and mp mission..Found the Red Devil British Para troopers but I'm having a hell of a time finding the GST_Pak 36.. I've looked very hard at @war and editing center but man can't find this addon... Can anyone help me out so I can try the MP mission.. Much appreciated. PowerHour
  12. PowerHour

    Deltas and rangers released!

    Wow..Just like to say thanx to BAS. Beautiful weps and skins as always. I luv that sopmod . And of course the snipe rifle. In the last little while we have been completely spoiled. Seb Nam pack 2 Bas little birds etc DKM Commanche And last but absolutely not least (best I've seen) the BAS DELTA and RANGERS mod. I used to attempt to make missions but you just can't compete with some of the work being done out there so what do you do? Play other guys missions and enjoy. The Demo missions intro's had me sitting there stunned. A guy could do it but the research to do some of the camera work and ani stuff would just take to much time.. BLAH BLAH.... Thanx guys for your hard work. I'f I can help by testing or what ever let me know. I will save you some bandwidth and post your lastest stuff for dl on my site asap. Lata Rossco Powerhour
  13. PowerHour

    Rah-66 comanche released

    WOW! Dam Good Job. Theres the odd glitch like mentioned above but that is expected from a bench mark addon like this. Thanx PowerHour
  14. PowerHour

    Best new unit models

    Just tons of great stuff out there. Â I'll have to try some of the ones I've missed listed above. Seb nam pack 2 units here.For now. Large selection for what ever type of mission your making plus the proper vehicles to go with in one dl. STT Desert soldiers are very good also. PowerHour
  15. PowerHour

    New vietnam mission!

    Always in for a good nam mission. If I dl from the past link will the fixed version be in? Going to get it right now PowerHour