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  1. Propain

    DoD2.0 in 24 hours

    sorry, link fixed
  2. Propain

    DoD2.0 in 24 hours

  3. Propain

    Medal of honor

    MOH is fun for a while. Blasting nazis is always fun, but after the part where you blasted nazi nr., it gets boring. The effects are great though, indeed germans throw back grenades and jump on them to save the life of others. When you shoot a german, most of the time he isnt dead. He falls to the ground (while still firing), looks around dizzy and tries to get up. Thats about around the point i bash his head in with a luger. The game indeed isnt foccused on realism. Just arcade shooting, which isnt all that bad in a gameworld where everything is concentrated on realism these days. Nice little by-the-side game. I wouldnt buy it though, it got it from w/a/r/e/z, cuz i lost interest after 5 days. Waiting for DoD2.0!!
  4. Propain

    Do You Believe In Ghosts & Aliens?

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">If we count everything organic life (like bacterias) as aliens, there are surely them. But there are surely much less (if any) intelligent aliens, but they might exist.<span id='postcolor'> i agree. I also think (and hope) theres live out there, but we seem to forget how incredible complicated human beings are. Most of our evolving and body construction are accidental. Some scientist even believe we shouldnt even be here...they say intelligent life is just an 'accident', wasnt supposed to happen. But trough pure luck life did happen and here we are! I also read that the atmosphere of the planet and distance to the sun are of great importance for life. The further from the sun, the bigger the eyes, and as for the atmosphere, there could be thousends of different shaped species. They showed some pictures of how species would look like. Big blue blobs floating around in the air. Little green men? neh.... so...i do believe theres live out there, but i doubt it will be extremely evolved, maybe organic live, or even some steps higher, but the pure luck and fortune that happened to us is very hard to find. If it wasnt for lady fortune we would all be crawling around in mud, covered in slime and be 2-sexual.
  5. Propain

    Leaked games

    got MOH-AA too (Warezzzz). Mindless blasting....FUN!!! when you hit the beach at Omaha, its like in SPR. They inserted short fragements of the movie in the game. Remember the part where Tom Hanks dragged his hurt buddy over the beach and a shell went of next to him? He was only dragging the upper part after that. I was playing MOH, the Omaha level (level3) and when i was hiding behind a object, i looked to my left and saw a guy dragging another guy the same way....guess what happened? BOOOOOM!! you also hear the stuff like: "all the tanks are at the bottom of the channel!", "Bangalores!", "There killing us, its not fair" in the background (and yes, thats from the movie ) im at level 5 now...still fun but mindless blasting gets boring
  6. Propain

    monkey, ruskie and other dod fans

    hmmm...im pretty sure it was last friday though (as i was there)...ah well, never mind. anyways, check it out!! its the Forum Fighters preview of B2.0!! they explain all the new stuff and it ROX!! spawncampers go to prison (for real!!) and aiming while running is almost impossible!!! hooorraaaaaaayy for dod!!! Forum Fighters B2.0 preview
  7. Propain

    monkey, ruskie and other dod fans

    did you go to the friday nights B2.0 party on IRC? they would give out links where you can download B2.0 before the masses. I was there almost all night....nothing well, maybe this week...when looking at the site, it HAS to be this week cant wait! MG42, MG34, .30...o brother!!
  8. Propain

    Im Leaving!

    im with Satchel 100%...post counts seems to be everything on these forums...kinda makes me sick.
  9. Propain

    Does Anybody Know If The

    everyone i talked to says the FF2 works perfectly fine for them. I have the stick too and i seem to be the exception. I dont feel the forces, havent got autocenter (when releasing the stick, it falls to the side...causing you too...well....CRASH! ) i have all the updates, patches, everything. It is my personal mistery why it wont work... but as i said, im the exception...99% sure it'll work for you
  10. Propain

    MARK IV AND THE RIB\'S !!!!!

    d*amn, its a game....a GAME!! why do you care which for which country you play? im from the Netherlands....I WANT A GAME IN WHICH I CAN PLAY A DUTCH SOLDIER!!! thats nonsense. i totally agree with Soon2B 2nd LT too. That guy in the beginning was just talking about Seals and all of a sudden it becomes a GB - US fight because a brit thinks it's necessary too mention that the SAS is better (which is true btw)...thats just idiotic. When i start talking about my house, what are you gonna do? say: 'hey! shut up!! my house is better and cooler!!' ??
  11. Propain

    OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    uhhhmmm....because when the SDK is finally released we'd have to wait another 3 years before the first mod's come out...any idea how much work that is?
  12. SDK, Join In Progress, better net code for multiplay, fix for my FF2 joystick (has no autocenter)
  13. this is REALLY the coolest sh*t i ever seen!! been waiting for an Artillery Gun too, and this one rocks!! Its a pitty though, that when you score kills with the gun, they dont show up in your after-mission statistics. But thats just a minor issue. Really, congrats, hope to see more in the future!! 2 thumbs up!!
  14. Propain

    Happy New Year All!!!

    Happy New Year to all!! now, go out and drink till you pass out drinks are on me!
  15. Propain

    New Expansion Mod **Beta 1 Released for February ???**

    LOL!! this REALLY sounds like nonsense! Huge naval battles? neh...i seriously doubt this is true!!