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  1. Hello. Last year I tried to make a port of this great mission using CWR2 mod. It works fairly well, but as I know nothing about scripting, I couldn´t solve that the reinforcements never arrive and some missions seem not to work. If anyone is interested, here is the download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/svgnf9fy69k335z/War_In_Everon_CWR2_16d1_base.eden.pbo?dl=0
  2. SavageCDN, thanks for the aswer. I´m making a DAC script test mission on Iron Front and already have a working camp with IF objects and enemy AI respawning normally. I'm trying to make the DAC script work with all of its features for future mission release if the author authorizes me. I´m also waiting for the IF Revival Project release thanks to teh wonderful job of IFR team.
  3. Hi. Anyone knows if authorized to use the script in other games like Iron Front? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi. I'm a huge fan of OFP since the beginning probably because of the atmosphere that the game creates. For the same reason, I play a lot using CWR2 mod. Thanks to the mod team for his efforts. I know nothing of scripting but, with the help of ZerXen, I made a resistance version of ZerXen's Domination on Nogova. I like a lot the additions and tweaks that he did over Demon Cleaner's CWR2 Everon Domination, especially the music player and the addition of zorilya’s Garrison Script. You can get his work here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?133218-CWR2-Domination-Malden-1985-Edition-(port-tweeks-of-Everon-version) Download CWR2 Domination 2 Resistance version on Nogova: http://www.mediafire.com/?mf1nvsmxxqlm2sm Required: Arma 2 CO and CWR2 Mod. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?152275-Cold-War-Rearmed%C2%B2-Public-Beta Any comments to improve the mission or fix any bug will be much appreciated. Credits Xeno - Domination missions creator. Thanks a lot for the amazing work. DemonCleaner -CWR2 Domination Everon 1985 Edition ZerXen -Malden and Nogova ports and tweaks :idea:
  5. Well, I never got the pm, but I send to you the download link. Thanks in advance for any comment or feedback.
  6. Hello. As I previously mentioned, I'm working on a port of the mission War In takistan to Everon using the CWR2 mod. The port is almost finished, but with a couple of issues yet. If someone wants to help testing the port to CWR2 Everon, I can send the file. Please send me a pm. You only need Arma 2 CO and CWR2 mod. Known issues: AA positions not created Flags not created in defend zone missions Thanks in advance.
  7. If someone wants to help testing the port to CWR2 Everon, I can send the file. Please send me a pm. You only need Arma 2 CO and CWR2 mod. Known issues: AA positions not created Flags not created in defend zone missions
  8. Ok, thanks for the answer. I don't want to bother you, but I already checked the script where the aa position is created. I have to change that script? Excuse me, but I know nothing about scripting and I´m trying to learn.
  9. I used the debuger, but I didn´t find any clue. About the AA position, the server RPT file shows this message: "WARCONTEXT: Not enough hill on this map to build AA SITE" Is there any way to change the height of hills in order to create the AA position?
  10. Thanks. Now its time to learn how to use the debuger :o
  11. The debuger console works on the editor right? Or is there any way that works when you are playing the mission on a server? I´m a little stuck with the the enemy AA position that does not appear and the "defend zone" missions because the flag doesn't appear. The rest of the side missions are working correctly.
  12. Well, I don´'t even know how to make it work.
  13. Yes. In the whole process I´ve been testing the missions using this parameter. The port is almost ready. Yesterday I manage to win the war playing only with AI as teammates without script errors, but still don´t see any resistance forces. The second detail is that I can´t found any AA site and the last one is about reinforcements. I think they are not coming. I´m close to finish and I like a lot the result. Thanks for your help.
  14. Thanks!!! I´ve been playing a lot with the objects before to ask and there are one building on east Everon that I can´t find. The mission engine of War In Takistan looks randomly for certain kind of structures to place some sidemissions and I want to define the right buildings to finish the port. I´ll keep trying. Thanks for your help.
  15. Hi. In first place an enormous thank you for this great mod. A lot of hours played with my friends is a direct consequence of your work. In second place a little request: I´m making a port of the mission War in Takistan to Everon with CWR2 content and I want to know if is possible to use one of your screenshots as a loading image of the mission. Another thing is that I need to know where I can find an objects classname list of the buildings/houses placed in CWR2 islands. Thanks in advance.