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  1. Hi guys, I'm trying to find a way to disable some of the ARMA 2 OA/CO HUD markers (a.k.a Difficulty settings in the game menus) with a little custom addon. I have figured out they are defined in ui.pbo -> config.bin -> class CfgInGameUI -> class Cursor. So, for those things that I wanted to hide, gave a value of 0,0,0,0, which supposedly made them zero size. That did the trick in singleplayer, but my main goal is to get it work in multiplayer - regardless of the server-side settings. Is there any way to locally "override" the server/host HUD markers? For example, if the host has selected Regular difficulty, I could load my game with this addon and play it with a Veteran look. Without the annoying HUD.
  2. (sorry for the wrong section. Please could moderators move this?) Yeah you're right, Rabidus. Overriding server settings for one player's advantage is generally bad thing. Just to rectify my intentions: The way I'm doing this doesn't give any chance to do it in reverse as far as I know. Making the values larger than original wouldn't create any new, non-existent markers, e.g. map markers or permanent group info on Veteran difficulty. Only the markers that are already there would get bigger in size.
  3. Osku

    A2WarMod Release

    Hi Gunter. Good job with the A2/OA version of WarMod! I see you have done lot of research on the addons. Have you ever ran into an addon that could disable the game HUD (unit markers, waypoints) on client-side? I noticed WarMod includes some Proper Addons by Kju, which are capable of disabling some small elements of the HUD, like the glowing target spheres.
  4. Osku

    Multiplayer (lobby) bugs

    Not only with Sander's missions. This happens with all missions that do not have a revive system. If any of the playable units are killed, they will disappear from the lobby. And #reassign/#restart doesn't restart the mission, those commands just bring you back to the lobby and shows the units that are still alive and selectable. Players joining in progress see the unit list exactly same way too.
  5. Osku

    CiA co-op night

    I'm using JSRS http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=104514
  6. Osku

    Trees makes this game unplayable

    Of course the trees are more demanding on hardware than plain desert and few boulders. So what's the point for desperately trying to run the game on Very high settings, when your computer clearly can't handle it and framerate drops to unplayable right at the moment when you run into couple of trees? I'm quite sure you can get decent performance (~30 FPS) by just lowering your gfx to medium/normal...
  7. Osku

    SLX Mod WIP

    You can use this pbo found in @SLX/Addons/Options -folder: SLX_NoGibs.pbo, so you don't need to disable the whole wounds system.
  8. Osku

    CiA co-op night

    Zwobot, the first video link is messed up in the quote, here's the correct one: PS. Lance Corporal Overlord? sounds nice! :)
  9. Osku

    CiA co-op night

    Yes, sunday is the primary coop night, but we also play every Tuesday and often Fridays/Saturdays too. At 20:00 CET. And Rundll, I have some video clips of that Bus mission... going to post them soon.
  10. Osku

    SLX Mod WIP

    Okay, I see. Yes I think that's what I've been witnessing, here's screenshot (could be disturbing for some people). Odd here is, that the picture's taki-army soldier was shot by a .50 cal rifle and his body looks like chunk of grilled meat (with all respect to his family), which is exactly same than my AI mate after the bombing incident, that I mentioned in my previous one. It seems they always rip apart and appear in the same manner. It doesn't look right to me... :confused:
  11. Osku

    SLX Mod WIP

    Phew, I've so far seen dismemberment once when one of my AI teammates got GBU bomb on his head (my little mistake transmitting airstrike coordinates :P). The body looked really disturbing, burned, limbs ripped off... Everything seems to be working fine for me. I'm using CO, latest official patch 1.57 and @CBA -folder. Only thing I did for SLX, was that I removed a some of the addons. I don't know could that have affected to the functionality. Anyway, here's the list what I'm NOT using: Hi Gunter, what do you mean with "gibbing" ?
  12. Osku

    PMC05 - Elimination

    Here's a summary, what happened when I was playing this mission with Group Link 4 AI enhancement: Our team was me and 2 AIs. I Recruited the 2nd one (GL4 feature). We started moving north-east from start position, to the highest wooded hill and shot couple of infantry and tank crews in far north-west. We also dropped the M113 gunner, ignoring the vehicle's ability to still drive around - it couldn't shoot anymore, right? This probably was huge mistake, because the driver must had been pinpointing our location, and reporting it to his fellows... Then after few minutes, all the hell broke loose; BMPs and T-72s started slowly rolling toward us. Not to mention of some lone infantry wandering in the area. We were highly outnumbered and surrounded on that hill. One BMP was coming up the hill in our rear. We desperately hid in the grass, bushes, tree trunks, anything we could find, hearing lots bullets land near us and whiz past ears. I somehow managed to blew them all by shooting the engine blocks (thru lots of savegames of course), and started retreating back towards the starting position. At the same time, the UH-1Y had been circling above us for while, randomly spraying it's MG at my feet - until it ran out of ammo, thank god. We followed the dried up river and reached the SUVs alive and well. I picked PKM from the trunk and shot down the chopper. Now only one more "small" problem; the task list was extended by a T-55 and T-34, and they were closing in on the road and I'm out of AS50 ammo. Crap. One of the SUVs caught a sabot round... the clients jumped out of the vehicles. They looked surprisingly calm, like they were having a sunday walk in a park. And my team is under heavy fire, we're doomed... arghhh. --- I suppose in vanilla those tanks won't come to you, or do they? You really need to search them, instead of them coming you? Great fun anyways, I just hate the continuous dying->loading save parts. :)
  13. Osku

    Hacking is getting worse

    I've thought that this game isn't playable online with pirated/changed IDs at all, unlike OFP was. If it really is so, then banning will be ineffective. Maybe it would be good to have some proper ID check everytime you go multiplayer. Just like in many other popular games, you have to create online account, verify product key, and so on.
  14. Osku

    WARMOD release

    Hi again Gunter and Thanks for the 1.4 update. I thought mentioning, the CWR-mod missions didn't work for me after 1.4 patch, they crashed to desktop after clicking Continue in briefing. The problem seemed to be the Red's Fix, removing that one file solved the problem. I have one suggestion for the future: You could make some kind of list of the addons that are included, and which PBO files belong to which one. That would make Warmod much easier to customizable. Now I often find myself wondering "what is that xxxx.PBO..?", although I'm starting to remember them... :P
  15. Yep, and there are websites that give full list of Arma2 servers, with their IPs: http://www.gametracker.com/search/arma/ OR http://arma2.swec.se/server/list
  16. Osku

    Which SSD for Arma2/OA?

    I would never put operating system and games/other stuff on same disk. In my opinion, it's always more logical to share the workload between different physical disks (regardless if it's HDD or SSD). Windows has a need to access his disk constantly, and reading/writing a disk in different locations simultaneously will drop the disk performance - more or less, depending on the situation. In example, you do NOT want Windows to take away any disk performance when you're on ArmA2, or some other demanding game/application. Also, by having more than one disk you are able to create backups both ways. If one disk fails, you still have the backups elsewhere. So I've came up with a setup of both HDDs and SSDs, where every disk has it's own "special" purpose. Basically, I'm saying that buy two smaller disks instead of single bigger one...
  17. Try with AI gunner present and then switch to manual fire. Should work then. I'm not sure if it's bug or a feature...
  18. Sigh.. what's the point for always debating which game is best? BI is not monotheistic religion, you'll get the redemption even if you play CM games once in a while. ;)
  19. I now created new profile - it worked. Then I tried again with my "Osku" profile and it worked as well. How?! I have no clue... but I'm happy this way. Thanks! :)
  20. Ok, I see. But then I don't understand why the profile selection in Addonsync won't work at all. It's like it won't tell my Arma2 to start with the profile I had selected... strange.
  21. The original download page works too. You just need to be registered/logged in. http://dev-heaven.net/projects/proper-projects/wiki/PROPER_projects Is it possible that some of these addons won't work with Arma2 v1.07? At least I couldn't get DisablePeripheralVision* addons work...
  22. Hello, and Thanks for this great tool, I've been using it as server browser/game launcher. I've had some problems with the profile selections: For some reason Addonsync always wants to create new profile called SYSTEM in "/My Documents/Arma 2 Other Profiles" - no matter which profile I select from the list. In the earlier versions I solved this by removing read/write access to that particular folder. But now, in the latest version 1.0.65, the problem is back. It creates the SYSTEM profile, but this time in "My Documents/ArmA 2". What should I do? :confused: EDIT: and I'm using Win7 x64, with UAC on. I run Addonsync with admin privileges. Currently all my Arma2/OA profiles are stored in "/My Documents/Arma 2"
  23. Osku

    WARMOD release

    I've been aware of the other AI enhancements as well, but they're definately much milder than GL3. About the DSAI, I'm going to try disable some of the voice addons (maybe EVA) because sometimes the voices get on a loop repeating same 2 or 3 phrases endlessly. Have you noticed this ever? Could there be some conflicts? Thanks for the kind offer. I meant I know the basics, but haven't done any missions in Arma. Only few unfinished ones in OFP. To be honest, I don't have proper interest for mission editing. :)
  24. Osku

    WARMOD release

    I wasn't sure how you were going to integrate it, but yes, moving GL3 addons to different folder afterwards is not a problem. One thing I was wondering, does GL3 use RUG_DSAI addons (found in warmod/addons)? There is option for DSAI in the config, but I also get the voices without even loading GL3... how do they work? I haven't done any own missions, I'm currently playing some unofficial campaigns and CWR in single player. I've had lots of problems with AI controlled vehicles getting lost, preventing objectives or extraction being done. Therefore I often end up unloading GL3. And not to mention that they also outnumber me. I'm mostly alone on the battlefields and when GL3 gives enemy ability to call in artillery, airstrikes, tanks, etc.. the hell breaks loose. ;) Plus they often exaggerate their needs (e.g. against 1 US soldier they need three T72s and SU-34). Sure that leads to interesting situations in single missions, but in a campaign you need to actually complete missions to progress forward.
  25. Osku

    WARMOD release

    I think it would be better to keep GL3 in separate folder, so it's easier to enable/disable. It has a tendency to break some mission designs by either making them impossibly hard to beat or messes up triggers/waypoints. And in Arma stock campaigns you get stuck in the mission selection screen with GL3 opening in the background.