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    Modular unit/weapons

    Gotta Bump the Modular weapons Idea. Its all I have wanted in a FPS since AA. Silencers can be taken off, overheated barrels changed (on MGs), broken optics removed, stocks folded and extended! I could go on but im preaching to the choir here
  2. OpforMaster

    CRIONYK's weapon pack and units

    Awesome! nice looking HK416 any chance of the 7.62 variant the almighty 417? I agree the MP5 looks tight, cool holo sight
  3. OpforMaster

    Sahrani Life

    Deus, the issue is more when a cop loads up a truck with a ton of guns and gear, then logs out after stashing it in the woods. Upon return as a civilian they retrieve this weapon stash and wreak havoc. Moda- As to cops at the hospital, what happens when a civ is spawn killing at the hospital? Then you need the cops to come in and take care of the spreekiller who is capping all the newly spawned unarmed civs. I try my best and avoid the hospital when I play cop or civ it is the easiest place in Sahrani to get killed.
  4. OpforMaster

    Sahrani Life

    @ IceBreaker check out Sahrani-life.com in the forums I started a poll/thread a few weeks a go to gauge the SL communities interest in a organized games. We have about 11 players who have stated interest in playing, availability is another question. The poll is done now but you can post in the thread:SL Organized gameplay thread.
  5. OpforMaster

    Sahrani Life

    Jana's server has been up running the same mission of V1.12 for over 24 hours right now frigging cool. Bagango is a lil tore up but still running smooth!
  6. OpforMaster

    Sahrani Life

    I played 1.12 for at least 4 hours last night and had a blast! Nice to see all the fixes to an already outstanding piece of work. Keep it up.
  7. OpforMaster

    Sahrani Life

    Half the fun is sneaking into the terro with 200K in cash tapped to your body after you robbed the bank with cops combing the surrounding country side. I also agree that deaths should carry a high penalty. It deters people from using suicide like a teleport system and it makes you very protective of your life. Is your life worth 10 kilos of grass if not you might as well surrender. But dont whine when the cop shoots you during pursuit (as long as they warned in global).
  8. OpforMaster

    Sahrani Life

    I want more places to rob and to have robbery be more of a group activity. I think this could be done by the counting the amount of robbers are in a zone and giving them loot by number of gang members in zone by how long. I also think that gangs should be different from guilds in that they cannot hold political power since they are outlaw by nature.
  9. OpforMaster

    Sahrani Life

    Ive been playing on Jana's server for the last 3 days and -ATM is @ hospital, Main Bank @ city Hall -No Markers outside towns -Very Manageable Food System. Food is priced decently and you don't starve out easily. restaurants have been added through out map. -Never Lacked cash as a copa -Dunno what to do about lost inventory -Never lacked a vehicle as a cop -Been with out a vehicle for to long as a civ -Add additional buildings around towns, especially Bagango. -I think if a civ kills anyone the killers respawn time should increase. Dieing should also bring a small cumulative increase in respawn time. Its my favorite version so far. Lag at the 5-6 hour mark is the issue currently but its still tons of fun. In 3-4 hrs I can usually make Mayor and start implementing my economic and social reforms for the Sahrani people!
  10. OpforMaster

    Sahrani Life

    Hey would it be possible to add a repair function at gas stations. I know you can buy a kit but you can also buy a can to refuel. It would be cool if you could get repair & refuel in one package.
  11. OpforMaster

    Sahrani Life

    Well the cops have plenty of other "tools" at their disposal to locate a crimnal it just takes a bit of teamwork on the cops part. One cop could always use the spycam to figure out where said criminal is and communicate it either Via TS or SideChat to their teammates. Thats just one example of using the system that is in place to capture criminals. But markers on all the time eliminates any work (Role playing) for the cops they merely hafta look on the map for the Magic Red marker and follow that. Even if they never saw the crime in progress or heard it reported! They might as well fly around in a BH and just MiniGun every red blip that comes up. On the other hand trying to smuggle drugs or sell weapons to unlicensed civs is more in line with what i see as legitimate criminal enterprise on Sahrani that are impossible with 24/7 tracking. Spreekillers cops and civs alike should just get the BOOT and possibly a Ban if thats how they wanna play.
  12. OpforMaster

    Sahrani Life

    Yeah for fairness markers should only appear in the city/towns and possibly in the wilderness when the cop is in a close proximity say 50m to a wanted crim. Otherwise they can just run you down and all the escape and evasion techniques in the world aren't worth a damn. Example the other night i made a daring getaway from a m2 hummer in a pickup overland sw of the drug den. I thought i had lost em in the canyons but they kept coming and telling me to surrender. After I had been arrest the guy told me he thought i had been in a helo cause i was moving so fast over such rough terrain. Point is I would have lost him had it not been for the constant tracking and although i may have been wanted i would have made some loot!
  13. OpforMaster

    Sahrani Life

    This sounds great cant wait to try it out tonight. What kind of laws can the govt set? Is there a set list or does this fall under the RPG aspect of SL? And how are guilds formed are they a Civ only entity or are the cops considered a guild as well (police state here we come). Again it sounds great im downloading it right now but I will have to check it out tonight when i have some time.
  14. OpforMaster

    Sahrani Life

    Thats why i think their should be more objectives cause there is only one road to the terror camp/ Drug area. I just stop and tell the police at the roadblock that im visiiting friends in Ixel with 20k in cash Anyway would be cool if a plane dropped drugs and then you delivered what you recovered.
  15. OpforMaster

    Sahrani Life

    So is it possible to add more objectives (Stores, delivery points, Banks, Drugs,Etc) to this mission or has it reached the limits of arma's capabilities? Would be great if there were more objectives that utilized more islands. the southern island and some more of N. Sahrani. I have been playing for the last 2 days and I am hooked!! So i guess I hafta get QB as well. I have trouble getting into about half of the servers listed. Oh well no biggie, I guess im in
  16. OpforMaster

    Sahrani Life

    Just checked this out after a month long hiatus from arma very nice!! - how sbout a job of recovering abandoned vehicles with a tow truck or something
  17. OpforMaster

    XP vs. Vista

    Whats your OS of choice for Playing ArmA? I use Xp Pro SP2
  18. OpforMaster

    Any ideas for higher FPS?

    You should usually get the best FPS from GFX card when you run it at your monitors native resolution.
  19. OpforMaster

    Any ideas for higher FPS?

    I second the XP dual boot if you want to keep vista. Everyone I know with the exception of a few has ditched Vista after a month. You will probably get better frames with XP since it uses less system resources. Checkout Toms hardware Xp vs Vista and dustoff your XP CD!
  20. OpforMaster

    Start Arma - Play 20 Min - get this

    If you are using a LCD I would try and run ArmA at your monitors native resolution with the GFX bells and whistles turned down to LOW. Also get your self FRAPS so you can monitor your FPS ingame. Also it sounds as if your system is running a little Hot maybe check to see that all your heatsinks are clean and all your fans are working. I know when i run ArmA for 5+ hours in the summer my CPU temp gets up there but it never breaks 50c. Did you overclock your GFX card? I just googled your card and its the low end of the 6800 series, I had a 6800 GT w/ 256 MB of Vram and 2 gigs of system Ram and I upgraded my card within a month of my ArmA purchase. You may need to bite the bullet and get your self a 7 series card (nice and cheap now) and some more Ram if you have the slots or go all out on a 8 series card.
  21. OpforMaster

    German NH90 Tactical Transport Heli

    I applaud for bigmike for doing what few others in the community are doing on an active basis which is figuring out how to get the large number of civil aviation models made for OFP into ArmA. Ive looked in to some old models and the readme links to a dead email or webpage so contacting the creator can be a pain in the butt. But I do think it appropriate to include credits for the creator of original model and notes made on what was changed to make it workable in ArmA in the readme.
  22. OpforMaster

    DDR vs. DDR2?

    if you have ddr RAM in your system currently you cannot just upgrade to ddr2 like that. DDRram has 184 pins and DDR2 has 240 pins in a difrent config. DDR2 ram does make a big dif in bench marks though, I built an matched pair of AM2 equivalents of my rig (fx60 w/ 2GB mushkin redline & 8800 GTS 640) except with an 8800 gts 320 and it scorched my rig in 3dmark 06. I never did run arma on them but im sure they would handle it pretty well. If you have a ddr based system I would get a matched pair of 1 gig sticks (if you can still find something decent at a reasonable price). But if you are looking for a real performance gain that you can rebuild a system around i would get an 8800 gts 640 or a gtx. Dont even look at the 8600 series the performance for the price isnt worth it (a 7950 beats a 8600) Good luck! ++Edit++ Oh cool never seen that one before and it has an AGP slot on it! Thats a really forward/backward compatible board huh? Leave it up to Via. I am a big fan of their nano and pico series of Mobos.
  23. OpforMaster

    Do You want PunkBuster in Armed Assault?

    I vote yes and here is my reason. I play in a tourney that uses mods and I have a bunch of mods installed. But I have different start buttons for the mods I use most plus a link to Stock ArmA as well. So if I wanted to play private servers it is usually prearranged and I know which mods I need. If I wanna pub i will just use my stock ArmA setup. In the end PB support is a bonus for the ArmA community because it will keep public servers accessible to noobs. Nothing is more discouraging to a noob than rampant TKing and cheating. ArmA needs more people to be successful.
  24. OpforMaster

    Mopar Madness!

    sweet, those are BOSS! what else have you got for us? Maybe the white charger from vanishing point?
  25. OpforMaster

    Addon or mod for kids

    ArmA: TONKA edition Teaches kids about construction equipment The next best thing to driving a tank has got to be a CAT D11 or a Liebherr T282B dump truck.