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  1. Omega9

    Happy new year!

    Exchange Family American celebrate of New Year Drink Alcohol, naked danced father in living room. Times of happy not
  2. Omega9

    European Politics Thread.

    Question of confusement "Monkies of French Surrenderment" "Monkies of Cheese Eatery" Apes not of France?
  3. Omega9

    Vehicle lights and engines ON/OFF

    Work time many! Ha Ha FUNNY! Daylight on light no light need Night on light light need much Found Any the key with happyness of much?
  4. Omega9

    Military Humor

    Makes of the apologies many. happy very times had. here tools many are.
  5. Omega9

    Military Humor

    LOL much very
  6. Styker far shoot predisposed ? Assault Armed Of easy not German learn. Play much, hardness Japanese.
  7. Omega9

    Every One Hello

    Easy is not Japanese learn. Easy in not English learn , not Japanese learn. Very much try English learn. have played Flash Point of Operation much very?
  8. Every One Hello, Excuse english please. Newest member of decent japanes. Play the game Flash Point of Operation for the long time before of today and very happy. Have been student of exchange the America now very happy. You thank much very Omega9