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  1. Hello I need a very experience Mission Maker for private Lessons.I have about 100 hours experience in mission making but need help to go further (Triggers,scripts,modules etc).I have a lot free time every day after 17.00 GMT.I can make payments via paypal.Contact me at Olympus@otenet.gr
  2. Squad name:Greek Operation Forces Timezone/location :GMT+2 Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp):Coop and PvP Contact email:admin@grof.gr Website address:www.grof.gr Short description:We are the Biger Greek Multigaming Clan with Military structure and Dedicated Servers. Language:Greek
  3. Greek Operation Forces recruit only Greek Players for Arma 3 www.grof.gr You can find our Dedicated 24h Server eas,just put in FILTER the word "grof".
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    EUROPEAN OPERATION FORCES biggest Clan in the World want Players for Armed Assault We are looking for simple members and staff to man the positions of Game Commander, Vice Game Commander, Training Game Commander,Squad Leaders. Strength and Honor Brothers. www.europeforces.org