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  1. Oeil2Lynx

    ww4 anims beta

    Thanx a lot man !
  2. Oeil2Lynx

    ww4 anims beta

    When I use your mod, RHS tanks doesn't work anymore : They can't be destroyed. I think it is because of the "destrType=DestructMan;" on their tanks. Any idea on how i can fix it ? this kind of destruction type works with BIS config, WGL5 and FDF one so far... but with yours doesn't work anymore ? dunno why. NB: happy new year all !
  3. Oeil2Lynx

    Operation Frenchpoint Release #6

    There's a grenade vest somewhere, check the weapon pack's read-me @RockIslandMarine : it's "Vive .."
  4. Oeil2Lynx

    RHS release 6

    Kyle forget about my PM... Thank you
  5. Oeil2Lynx

    RHS release 2

    i was talking about the exhaust smoke of the rockets.. i thought they looked like more like this (heavy black s**t ^^)
  6. Oeil2Lynx

    RHS release 2

    Thought the exhaust of rockets were black IRL
  7. Oeil2Lynx

    free RTS Spring 0.73b1 released

    jeez so many improvements since last time i tested it !
  8. Oeil2Lynx

    Tonal Update

    looks like tchad ¤some crazy 'wild fly' with F1 ct/cr...¤
  9. Oeil2Lynx

    OFP videography

    over pownage lol fuckin' great vid man
  10. Oeil2Lynx

    Football World Cup 2006 in Germany

    I wasn't disapointed, nice actors spending half of the time rolling, floating, crying, asking for a fault. football is gettin' worser and worser someday we'll have some vendetta on the football playground
  11. Oeil2Lynx

    OFP photography - Questions & comments

    Thank you
  12. Oeil2Lynx

    The Art thread

    herre's a few of my works Knight(just a copy of a da vinci draw..) One of my favourite singer (from a photo) Sasuke Uchiwa(for those who know Naruto manga ^^)
  13. my first attempt at editing with 'toshop FDF, NIM clouds
  14. Oeil2Lynx

    increase the terrain detail in MP?

    never thought this could be possible... thanx for the tips
  15. Oeil2Lynx


    Don't laugh too loud.. i made my best