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  1. great pack! i had a question/comment regarding animations. i recently reinstalled my ofp, so i dont have any mods installed, so im looking into finding an animation replacement pack. is there one that anyone can recommend to me? how about the RHS team? is there one you can recommend that any of you personally used to create this pack, or are you using your own? the way the soldier with the moded ak holds the gun is wierd, with the defaul bis animations the scope is going thru his head pretty much, or off to the side im also not getting any sound from the gp-25 grenade explosion. great work
  2. great work as always Laser! is there any possiblility in the future of adding some units carrying laser designators? i couldnt find any in the latest release, so maybe its something to consider. cheers
  3. i dont mean to be rude or anything like that, but i'll tell you that a Gulf War II mod could be made a 5 star mod (meaning good) with hardly any addon making whatsoever. you could use some mission and campaign makers, as well as an Iraq style map made, and the rest is pretty much done for ya if you look at the boys throwing together Operation Enduring Freedom (WAR in AFGANISTAN) they are using what appears to be currently existing addons(hint )
  4. One

    Y2K3 Version 7.3

    i usually use windows xp with sp1/sp2 but i got hooked up with windows xp mce 2005 for a while.... actually on a side note...it did do one thing for HL2, where it recomended me to use the high settings instead of the medium ones with no performance change the game ran just as fine on the high settings as it did before with 512mb
  5. One

    Y2K3 Version 7.3

    truth to be honest though....i upgraded from 512 to 1024 ram.....and it ditdnt do a damn thing for me. Biggest waste of money ever! honestly take the money you'd spend on ram(if u already have 512, and do something else with it. as great as the ofp engine is (expandability, customization, gameplay) the graphics are really shitty. and from what im collecting from others' posts, its not the fancy addons that cause slowdown. graphics/performance wise - the ofp engine boasts nothing impressive mabye when ofp 2 comes out it will use some of the new features of direct x ver. 12 or whatver and will run and look slick
  6. One

    Y2K3 Version 7.3

    for me, it lags pretty bad.....even though i have a *good* computer.... 4 years old, and the ofp engine will lag on even the newest of systems. so pretty much what i learned ----> you will not beable to play live reinactments of all the pretty pictures in the photography thread. i still get under 20fps from time to time.....on an x800 pro maybe ofp runs better on nvidia........... pappy will better explain performance issues for everyone
  7. I thought up this as a thread idea, and i'm not too sure if its a good idea yet. soon in the near future, I am upgrading my computer, and wondered lots about hardware and performance in the ofp world. This thread could be used as a resource for all users, to ask for help, tips, advice, and general system information regarding any hardware and  system performance issues related to the game. for instance, we can post about what systems run ofp the best, and how other hardware system configurations compare. post pc specs and ask questions! if this topic is "searchable" close 'er down....til then, tell me what you think! add comments, and brainstorm how a thread like this could be used
  8. One

    Good FREE Games

    i was just about to say "soldat" that game was pretty cool, you can play online. its kinda like the old "worms" games, but with more counter-strike type/real world weapons....good stuff
  9. One

    EECP - Enhanced ECP

    looks excellent! is there anyone out there with/ or willing to make a complete package for this mod (mod + all addon downloads)? that would be sweet
  10. One

    Airlines for OFP

    no one said Air Canada? wouldn't be complete without the Celine Dion flight attendant model
  11. ^^ I was thinkin something like that on these troops for the backpacks would be a great idea
  12. One

    Logitech mx 700 mouse problems

    i just picked up a MX duo combo last week. works fine works great actually. so far havent seen any downsides whatsoever compared to using a corded mouse. try replacing the batteries (RECHARABLE IN THE CRADLE), and recharg them three (3) whole times, for maximum performance
  13. One

    Community Performance/Hardware Thread

    wow seems you have a little bit better of a machine then i do, we got the same processor. you just got the better TI series card. is that the 8x Agp one? how much of a difference do you think the extra 512 ram makes?
  14. CLSA MOD had a Phat sub in their campaign.......
  15. One

    Something Extra

    cool, it looks like Laser let you use some of his stuff for this project! good stuff
  16. that picture is awsome.... are we gonna be able to airlift a chinook like that ingame?
  17. One

    Flashpoint Community Hardware Specs.

    im gonna go with web form, because the small app with the emaild .txt would probably be alot of work for bis to handle, so unless they have enough time money and manpower to sift through all the submissions, it would take too much work. give the boys at BIS a break, so they can focus on work for their game projects
  18. One

    Community Performance/Hardware Thread

    bah, pci-e is too new down the road. i didnt spend too much money on the cpu/motherboard combo, so its all old school stuff, so plain old AGP for me
  19. One

    Flashpoint Community Hardware Specs.

    decisions decisions, i can't decide. probably leaning towards the "small app", but if that works out we'll see when its done imo the web survey would be excruciatingly easy over the small app
  20. One

    Community Performance/Hardware Thread

    alrite! i just sucessfully upgraded my machine to a amd64 3200+. i reformated and everything and at first i was a lil dissapointed, but yesterday i fired up ofp and i guess the upgrade kicked in. i roughly doubled my fps i can acutally play the mission "Battlefields" with an average of 25fps. not only that i can play smootly with up'd view distances roughly up to 2000 now im thinkin about getting a beefier gfx card. any hardcore ofp'ers or gamers in general have suggestions? (im not on a budget, i wanna run wit the big dogs )
  21. One

    Community Performance/Hardware Thread

    is there alot of athalon 64 users here? i think im gonna upgrade to that instead of the p4 lookin at a athalon 64 3200+ does anyone know what runs flashpoint better?
  22. One

    CV-22 Osprey

    nice, downloading now. does it use any fancy scrpits?
  23. One

    Hunt the intruder - out-flank him

    hey footmunch....do you have any links handy for your latest F15's? the link someone just posted 2 pages back was no dice
  24. One

    Hunt the intruder - out-flank him

    does anyone have the latest links for Footmunch's F-15's? i think the latest one had both versions
  25. One

    Y2K3 - Updated Ofp Config.

    k i'll try that, i just take out the enitre line? i used an included cpp i know what im doing edit: nevermind, i don't know what ur talking about. i cant even find that line to delete it