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  1. Great my computer crashed yesterday but I would love to see a new video from an actual battle in the city. Please dont use Youtube try to upload it instead so we can see the beuaty of this map. Opteryx
  2. Will you create a greek island? It would be awesome.
  3. Im on vacation and i cant play the game so i guess it would be kind if someone uploaded some videos with the tracers and this pack functions. Youtube will do it .
  4. Hello Can you please update us about your mod? I hope you finish the mod , the reason i bought the game .
  5. OIK

    CSLA Studio

    Great stuff im in .
  6. OIK

    Patch 1.08 - Released!

    Any update?
  7. Any videos to watch from the latest version?
  8. OIK

    Realistic Tracers

    Well the previous video didnt show much i hope that someone will add a video in daylight and in dark so we could easily spot the real thing. Something like the VBS2 trailer so we can compare.
  9. Please correct me if Im wrong but isnt Lockon an old game? Looks amazing though .
  10. OIK


    Can anyone who can post a video of the tracers and how they look during the game? Thanx
  11. OIK

    Armed Assault videos

    I couldnt found a download link. Where did you get it ? Is it high resolution?
  12. OIK

    Armed Assault videos

    Anyone know how i can download the VBS2 trailer which is about 435 mb? I asked the creator Dslyecxi but he gave me no answer so i choosed to ask anyone of you. Ofcourse the admins will go in now and say no there is rules dont talk about VBS2 .
  13. OIK

    GameFaqs review

    What is your rig specs? Except the 7600 gt ofcourse..
  14. OIK

    Which to buy?

    VBS2 Love the tracers, love everything. It looks actual alot like Armed Assault the only thing is that Arma is a light version of VBS2.