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  1. Name: Helicopter Interaction Developer: Osmo Version: Beta 2 Credits: _neo_ for feedback and testing Download: Helicopter Interaction - Beta 2 Description: This script adds inspection and customization options to a helicopter. Inspection allows you to check the condition of different parts of the chopper and fuel level. Customization allows you to add and remove items such as mirrors, cameras, winch, etc. This script also adds actions for opening and closing the inspection panels and heavy helicopter's rear ramp. Usage: To use the new features, simply walk to the chopper and use the new actions. Some inspection actions are behind panels which you have to open first. To check hydraulics you must sit in pilot position. Light Helicopter Features Add / Remove Mirror Add / Remove Bottom Camera Add / Remove Side Camera (only possible to add it after holding frame is added) Add / Remove Holding Frame (only non-ION models) Add / Remove Long Steps (only possible if side camera is not attached, and shot steps are not attached) Add / Remove Shot Steps (only possible if long steps are not attached) Add / Remove Side Benches (only ION models) Open / Close Left Side Mainentance Panel Open / Close Right Side Mainentance Panel Inspect condition of: Engine, Main Rotor, Tail Rotor, Landing Light, Transmission, Landing Gear, Fuel Tank (+ Fuel Level), Left and Right Horizontal Stabilizers, Vertical Stabilizer, Pitot Tube, Static Port, Hydraulics Medium Helicopter Features Add / Remove Cargo Hook (only if it's not in use by _neo_'s Multiplayer Slingload) Add / Remove Camera Add / Remove Search Light Add / Remove Winch (only if it's not in use by _neo_'s Multiplayer Slingload) Open / Close Left Side Engine Panel Open / Close Right Side Engine Panel Inspect condition of: Engine #1, Engine #2, Main Rotor, Tail Rotor, Landing Light, Transmission, Landing Gear, Fuel Tank (+ Fuel Level), Left and Right Horizontal Stabilizers, Vertical Stabilizer, Pitot Tube, Static Port, Hydraulics Heavy Helicopter Features Add / Remove Winch (only if it's not in use by _neo_'s Multiplayer Slingload) Open / Close Left Side Engine Panel Open / Close Right Side Engine Panel Open / Close Front Maintenance Panel Open / Close Rear Ramp Inspect condition of: Engine #1, Engine #2, Main Rotor, Tail Rotor, Transmission, Avionics, Landing Gear, Fuel Tank (+ Fuel Level), Left and Right Horizontal Stabilizers, Vertical Stabilizer, Pitot Tube, Hydraulics Note If the mission uses Multiplayer Slingload by _neo_, this script will work with it. E.g. you can't remove winch when rope is in use, and you can't remove cargo hook if rope is attached to it. Installation - Unzip the file into your mission folder (scripts should automatically be in scripts\OSMO_interaction\) - Initiate the script for all choppers in the init.sqf init.sqf (Note this is just an example, adding all AIR objects to run the script) _choppers = allMissionObjects "Air"; { _x execVM "scripts\OSMO_interaction\OSMO_interaction_init.sqf" } forEach _choppers; Change Log
  2. Name: Helicopter Service Developer: Osmo Version: Beta 7 Credits: _neo_ and all Tour members for suggestions, feedback, scripting help and testing. Download: Helicopter Service - Beta 7 Description: This script will create a helicopter service for your mission. On request, servicemen will inspect, repair, refuel and rearm your helicopter. Usage: To use the helicopter service, park your helicopter on (or near) the service helipad, and then walk to the servicemen. Use your action menu and select the helicopter and fuel level to initiate the service. Features Servicemen will walk to the chopper and play animations while servicing. You will get a full detailed damage report of each damaged part, as well as fuel level. Default service time will be 0-5 minutes, depending on how much damage there is (and how much fuel needed). Service time can be adjusted by the mission maker. Designed to work in multiplayer, but should also work fine in single player. Supports all default light, medium and heavy helicopters of Take On Helicopters. Supports multiple instances (you can add as many service points as you want) Note Hinds are not supported in this version. Installation - Unzip the file into your mission folder (e.g. it should be in scripts\OSMO_service\) - Add helipad object - Add empty marker somewhere near the helipad (this is where the servicemen spawn and hang out) - Add following line to your init.sqf init.sqf [Helipad_name, "Marker_Name"] execVM "scripts\OSMO_service\OSMO_service_init.sqf"; - If you want to modify the default times it takes for each parts of the service, edit the first lines in the OSMO_service_init.sqf file: OSMO_service_init.sqf OSMO_SV_insptime = 30; // (seconds) The time it takes for service men to inspect vehicle OSMO_SV_fueltime = 60; // (seconds) The time it takes for for completely empty fueltank to be refueled into full OSMO_SV_hpfixtime = 20; // (seconds) The time it takes for service men to fix each fully damaged hitpoint OSMO_SV_maxtime = 5; // (minutes) Maximum time the service (not including inspection) can take Change Log
  3. Thanks for the feedback! I'm taking some break and haven't been active recently.. It should be possible to port these scripts to ArmA 3 as well, but needs some work (might need replacing animations, etc). The position for each repairman has to be manually configured for each vehicle class, which can be quite time consuming. I'm not sure if ArmA 3 has the hitpoints (for different parts of the vehicle), but most likely it does. I think ArmA 2 already had some hit points defined in some vehicles. Once I return from the break, I plan to get ArmA 3 and might port some scripts (including the service).
  4. I haven't got Take On Hinds yet so I haven't included it. I'll buy Take On Hinds sooner or later and add it in..
  5. Thanks! Try this one as well Multiplayer Slingload by _neo_. That script allows you to put down a rope from the bottom of your chopper to sling load different boxes and stuff from the ground. Hi! Sorry for replying so late. I see you got it working in the other thread here: Helicopter Interaction Question. Just added link here for reference in case others are struggling with same problem. :)
  6. Hi! Sorry for replying so late. Did you manage to fix the problem, or does it still exist in that mission? If you can upload the mission somewhere, I'd be glad to take a look. The script checks things such as the altitude of the helicopter, and whether it is moving (if I remember correctly). Sometimes you have to wait for some 10 seconds for the game to recognize the chopper is no longer moving. If it still doesn't work, you might want to try and turn on engine on the chopper, take off (just 10 cm is enough), then land back down and engine off. Basically what you do when you want multiple service points, is to create two different helipads on the ground, and two different markers on the side (to the location where you want the service men to hang out when not working on chopper). After that you put two lines in your init.sqf: [Helipad_name, "Marker_Name"] execVM "scripts\OSMO_service\OSMO_service_init.sqf"; [Helipad_name2, "Marker_Name2"] execVM "scripts\OSMO_service\OSMO_service_init.sqf"; The way this script is built, you should be able to make as many service points as you want, anywhere on the map.
  7. Yeah I would probably be a terrorist (or at least guerrilla) in that case :) I understand your point, that if someone would invade a country, it is very likely that the invaded will start guerrilla warfare / possible terrorism to drive them out. I just don't see this to be the case in Israel/Palestine, because no land was stolen from any country in the process of creation of the state of Israel in 1948. There were just a lot of people (Jews and Arabs) who moved into the area between 1880 and 1948, and the British mandate of Palestine was then divided in two, the larger portion in the east was given to Arabs (present day Jordan), and the smaller portion in the west was given to Jews (present day Israel). Between 1948 and 1967 the West Bank was occupied by Jordan, and Gaza was occupied by Egypt. Only after the 1967 six-day-war, when the surrounding arab countries once again tried to destroy Israel, the state of Israel started occupying Gaza and West Bank. Instead of giving the areas back to Egyptian and Jordanian control, the "palestinians" were given autonomy over the areas of gaza and west bank. Maybe returning back to 1967 borders (i.e. giving Gaza back to Egypt, and West Bank back to Jordan) would be the best solution. Egypt could integrate the Gazans and Jordan could integrate the people living in West Bank. Hamas and Fatah don't seem to get along anyways so it's better to have them belonging to different countries.
  8. When have I implied that? I was talking about the situation in the 1880s (that's what is relevant, since that's when Jewish emigration started). Don't you know that during the Turkish Ottoman rule (1516-1917), the area experienced an ecological catastrophe because of extensive felling of trees as a result of the Turkish tree taxation. The land turned desolate and barren, as well as, became sparsely inhabited, with very few Turkish feudal lords ruling over the land. By the way, I don't want to teach you the whole history of middle east here. Watch the videos I posted in the previous page about the history if you lack knowledge of it.
  9. The situation is so different between Finland and Israel/Palestine that it's really an extremely bad example. Finns have been known to have lived in this area for thousands of years. We have a long history in the area. The idea that Russia or any country would invade Finland is already absurd. However, if such attempt would be made, we would simply stop their invasion like we did in the WW2. Placing a Kurdish nation here is even more absurd, because Kurds have absolitely no historical presence or any other reason to be in Finland. Comparing the situation to Israel/Palestine. Israel/Jews have long history in the area (over 3000 years). During the time when majority of the Jews lived outside (100-1900), they were singing songs about going back to Jerusalem. When they finally started moving back to the area in the 1880s, the area was desolate and barren. Small settlements of Jews and Arabs lived there, but it was mainly empty. Thus, it is in no way comparable to a situation where Russia or any other country invades Finland, which is a sovereign country.
  10. First of all, majority of the land that is present day Israel, was pretty much barren and desolate in the 1880s when more and more Jews started moving in the area. However, there were a small presence of both Arabs and Jews in the area. Some land was indeed sold by Arabs to the Jews (so there is one example for you), but majority of it was simply empty (no one living in it). As I stated before, majority of the so called "palestinians" today are arabs who started moving into the area from neighbouring arab countries after Jewish emigration started.
  11. Your example doesn't fit in the middle east situation at all. The majority of the "Palestinians" who live in the area today are Arabs who at the end of 1800 and especially during the early 1900 emigrated to Palestine from the surrounding Arab countries.They were attracted to the area from the neighbouring countries by the organized Jewish emigration to Palestine that started in the 1880s. To learn more about the history of Israel and the region, I recommend you to watch the videos that I posted in the previous page. Particularly this one:
  12. You are forgetting that in this conflict there are no two nations that are on both sides. In this particular case, one side is a terrorist organization (hamas) whose stated goal is the total destruction and removal of the other side (State of Israel), and it's replacement with an islamic state. Negotiating with that is simply impossible. To have a negotiations, you would first need to at least recognize and acknowledge the right of the other side to exist (as PLO did back in the 90s). If it was up to Israel, there would already have been peace in the area for over 50 years.
  13. Here's some history for y'all: As long as the "palestinians" are being taught to hate the Jews and Israel since the childhood, it's really hard to see any actual peace happening in that area. Israel is the only civilized country in the area, surrounded mainly by barbaric/religious dictatorships. Any country will (and has right to) defend itself against a constant rocket attacks from neighbours. Imagine your hometown being under constant threat of rocket attacks. For those who are brainwashed by media and pallywood to think that Israel is the big devil: Israel's strikes are focused on military targets. Hamas terrorists are targetting mainly civilian towns, while using their own civilians as shields (there's evidence of hamas shooting rockets from hospitals and schools). Not only Israel warns the civilians living near the target beforehand with mobile phone / leaflets, but they also monitor the target area from air to ensure that civilian casualities are avoided as much as possible. Here are a few examples of that: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=931_1353386508 http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=612_1353364533 I agree. There have been a lot of rocket attacks into Israel all the time prior to the start of this conflict. Those attacks are completely ignored by the media.
  14. Is there any way to completely disable the STHUD for all players in a mission (script)?
  15. Everything you did looks right, except this: If you had spaces there, it is wrong. It should be like this: [Helipad_Service, "Marker_Service"] execVM "scripts\OSMO_service\OSMO_service_init.sqf";
  16. Hi Rickson! You can find installation instructions in the first post of this page, and also in the readme.txt file that is included with the script package. Installation 1) Unzip the file into your mission folder (e.g. it should be in scripts\OSMO_service\) 2) Add a helipad object to your mission (in the editor) 3) Add empty marker somewhere near the helipad object (this is where the servicemen spawn and hang out) 4) Add following line to your init.sqf (file in main folder of your mission) init.sqf [Helipad_name, "Marker_Name"] execVM "scripts\OSMO_service\OSMO_service_init.sqf"; Note: Helipad_name and "Marker_Name" are the names you gave to the objects that you placed in the editor.
  17. It would be possible, but maybe it would be better to integrate rearm script to the service script. E.g. after you select the fuel level, it would give you another list where you can select rearm options (if the chopper has weapons). I don't have Take On Hinds yet though, so this feature will have to wait until I have it.
  18. In ArmA 2, you can execute code remotely on other clients or server using Remote Execution. In Take On Helicopters, this was replaced by BIS_fnc_MP. There's one big problem with BIS_fnc_MP: It does not seem to execute at all on dedicated server. When running a multiplayer game with a listen (non-dedicated) server, BIS_fnc_MP can execute commands on all machines, including the server. However, when running a multiplayer game with a dedicated server, BIS_fnc_MP can execute commands on all machines except the server. Is this a feature or bug?
  19. I posted a new issue in dev-heaven regarding this problem: https://dev-heaven.net/issues/31145 Please vote!
  20. I'm working on a service script that repairs a helicopter, and it seems in Take On Helicopters simply setting damage with setDamage-command is not enough. We have commands setHitPointDamage and getHitPointDamage for this. However, there are a lot of different hit points. Is there a command to get list of all hitpoints of a helicopter? If I would want to completely fix the helicopter, I would need a command to get all available hitpoints so I can loop it through and set each of their damage to 0. I noticed a list of some known hitpoints. One way might be to create setHitPointDamage command for every known hitpoint, but isn't there any easier way to repair a helicopter completely?
  21. I've released a Beta version of the "Helicopter Service" script. It's nearly completed, next version will most likely be 1.0. This is actually conversion of a service script I've done for ArmA (never released it publicly, just used in my missions). The ArmA version is larger as it contains service for all kinds of vehicles. I'm going to update that script and release it publicly too in the future. You might also want to check out my other TKOH script (Helicopter Interaction). It is related to this one as it adds actions to inspect damage of helicopters. Helicopter Service Helicopter Interaction
  22. New version is out. The inspection actions have changed significantly (they are now proper 3D-actions with animations). Beta 2: - All inspection actions are overhauled and visually improved. - Helicopter customization (adding and removing parts) is now done through one action. - Renamed the init file into OSMO_interaction_init.sqf Download link in the first post. I made a little demonstration video showing the functionality of the script. Check it out at the first post.
  23. New version is out. Report looks much better now, and it should work on dedicated server too. Beta 7 - Maintenance report overhauled and improved - Fixed: Service did not work on dedicated server - New parameter OSMO_SV_radius added to the OSMO_service_init.sqf (defines the size of service area) - Icons added to actions - Code optimized + other minor fixes Download link in the first post. I made a little demonstration video showing the functionality of the script. Check it out at the first post.
  24. Thanks for the feedback! A new version will be released soon with some improvements. I'm looking into the dedicated server and try to fix it before next release. Thanks! It would be better to create a separate script which only makes the servicemen to play those animations around the chopper, without any other functionality of the script.