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  1. I came home after spending an entire month with my girlfriend and I decided to sit down and finally give retail ARMA 2 a whack. I joined the lowest latency server I could find. It was this Warfare Light server and it was awesome. The only problem was that everyone was slowly leaving just as I joined. Eventually it was myself and four other people. I decided to reconnect and switch teams to play with this one fellow, but eventually he disconnected. I figured I'd make my own LAN server with this mission I had just downloaded and try out artillery and such and practice being a commander. However, there is no mission or .pbo of the mission I downloaded from the server. :confused: I went into C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\ArmA 2 Other Profiles\OmniMax\Saved\mpmissions\Mission_Name\ and the folder is empty. Back in the OFP days, joining someone's server meant you got the file and could play with it. Am I looking in the wrong place or is this a bug? It's not like I want to de-pbo the thing, I just want to practice and perhaps get my friends into it, I really liked this mission and map\island (they somehow shrunk the big island into a quarter of it's size). So where is the .pbo of this mission? :confused: Thanks in advance. ---------- Post added at 11:55 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:48 AM ---------- nevermind: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=77683 :(
  2. ASL = above sea level (e.g.: collision detection?)
  3. OmniMax


    It's not a script, it is a fundamental part of the game. Anyway, you can compare groups. Look at logic, grp1 == grp2 also unitArray join group. You could see if they're in the same group as #1 but what if 1 is dead? Does his group status still remain or does he die? Does he ever leave the group? I don't know, I don't have much experience working with groups. So ultimately what you have to do is create a spawn somewhere (like the middle of nowhere) with triggers. Condition or if logic would be: if this group unit == group unitOne, setPos (getpos leader) Actually, it would be easier to use opposite logic since you have one group that has to spawn somewhere and three others that don't. If you can disprove that they are NOT the group to spawn on the carrier, you can assume they spawn on the airfield. As an aside, this type of logic has a name, I forget what it's called. Anyone help me out, here?
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    you need to setup respawn in description.ext. There are many different respawn types, although I cannot find them in the comref, which is a real shame. What you're looking for is something like this in your description.ext: respawn = 3; respawnDelay = 10; // respawn delay in seconds In addition to this code, you have to make a marker called respawn_West if you're respawning west troops, respawn_East, if you're doing OPFOR, respawn_Resistance if you're doing the independent faction. (This is how it was for OFP). You might have to change the position of the marker so they don't spawn under the carrier. setMarkerPos? Although I'm pretty sure setting marker position is 2d only, so you might have to spawn them in the middle of the ocean and have a trigger where on activation unit setPos on the carrier deck. I still have to refer back to the old FAQ thread back in the OFP editing forum because doing these things are not well documented anywhere, so don't feel bad for asking what you might presume to be "dumb questions" because there are no dumb questions. Oh, about that description.ext, you have to go to C:\My Documents\Other Profiles\ ... find out where the mission folder is and create this description.ext. Edit it with notepad or your favorite text editor.
  5. moveInCargo moveInDriver moveInGunner moveInCommander other than that, I don't know how to give commands to respawned AI. You could do it, but you'd have to code it.
  6. Ah, it isn't doing moveInGunner because it thinks the activation is the vehicle you're in and moveInGunner/moveIn series requires a soldier argument. What I'm trying to accomplish? Something like this: Ever since OFP and seeing the juicy VBS and VBS2 videos, people have wanted a way to either walk in vehicles or have multiple gun positions per vehicle. So I've attached these M2s on a C130 with attachTo and it works pretty well. I haven't tested it out in multiplayer yet, though. If it works, the implications are really good for modders and such. My game mode is simple: Two C-130s with their appropriate OPFOR/BLUFOR attached machine guns "dogfight" each other. The M2s are going to be invulnerable with an event handler, but the guys in the guns are not invulnerable (tested). If a pilot/gunner dies, he is respawned in the middle of the ocean with a corresponding trigger. That trigger moves him into his side's C130's cargo. I want the script to be able to put him on the guns outside while being in the C130's cargo. Whichever C130 dies\runs out of fuel\ammo\crashes first loses. Simple and mindless fun and proof-of-concept. However, I'm going to have a problem with this _activatingUnit, whoever is in the C130 and triggers the action is going to pass the C130 as the activating unit, unless you know of some work around? I appreciate your help thus far. I'm a computer science student and I dwell in C and C++ so the data types of ARMA's engine drive me nuts and I wasn't aware you could use C like braces; but the last time I coded any script I must have been 15 and had very little knowledge of such things. So, any work around ideas? :confused:
  7. Thank you, I skipped ARMA so I'm not sure when they abandoned the poor goto scheme of scripting or if you could always use C style braces. I never knew this and it will make life a lot easier. If I wanted to execute the command of the activating unit of the script (command added via AddAction) and as far as the OFP days go: _unitWithAction = _this select 0; _activatingUnit = _this select 1; _actionIndex = _this select 2; So why doesn't this line of code work? if (isNull assignedGunner pod) then { (_this select 1) moveInGunner pod; } else { hint format["This guy is gunning: %1", assignedGunner pod]; }; The pod is empty yet the activating unit doesn't get moved into the empty pod. _this select because the array is made when you invoke AddAction and _ActivatingUnit already exists, correct? EDIT: Okay, it works, but not when the action is invoked inside a vehicle, because the activating unit is whatever vehicle you're in. Wonder how to solve this one... any ideas?
  8. I'm having some problem with some code to check if a person is inside a static defense weapon. Whenever I run the script I crash with an error 7. Here is the code in question: #check if ((assignedGunner c130_nose) == 0): Hint format["Nobody inside!"] end I'm assuming a null object returns 0, I just don't know syntactically what is wrong with the code.
  9. Dunno if I have good advice to give as I cannot even get a squad of guys to sit down together without standing up and looking at their surroundings. addpoints works for the player (they shoot you if you if you teamkill) but just in the editor, make a squad and be the leader. Have one of your men shoot the rest of your team. Extend your team to 12 men if you have to. Do they turn around and shoot him? This is an interesting problem, I'm going to go investigate it myself. Would be interesting for a commissar vs. retreating infantry/Russia WWII thing. ---------- Post added at 06:10 AM ---------- Previous post was at 05:48 AM ---------- Alright, I tried making a ten man squad in the editor and told #2 to target his fellow soldiers and fire. They never retaliated and he killed all 9 of his squaddies, except myself. Maybe a script for each person... pseudo code: if knowsabout x attack; (if there is no attack routine, you'll have to make one) attackRoutine; target x; doFire; it might affect the behavior of how they run about and search for cover. X can be an array of all the characters named in the mission. There might be a better way, if there is a nearestPlayer\AI style command. if nearestLiving getside == west && this knowsabout _nearest && this getside west goto attackRoutine; Bit clumsy. Might work.
  10. It makes them stop, but they won't sit down. Instead they look around. Apparently action ["SitDown", this] doesn't work anymore, can anyone confirm? Instead switchMove "amovpsitmstpsraswrfldnon_weaponcheck1" works, but it's not the same. switchMove sits them down, but they do this animation where they check their weapon and wave it a bit. Any ideas?
  11. I can get an individual soldier to sit down, but when they're in a group the leader must tell them to do something, even on careless. I do this action ["sitDown", this] but they don't sit down, they get up and wander around no matter waypoint I use (dismissed, script, etc). Stupid question. Can't figure it out. :(
  12. Whoa, you guys beat me to it. Yeah the eventhandler 'handleDamage', set it to false. like so: this addEventHandler ["handleDamage", { false }]; even the player will be invulnerable to death (in the editor, anyway) Worked like a charm, I didn't want this AA fortification (Earthen Artillery Nest) destructible by itself or a LGB. Also, I never got into heavy scripting with OFP, so let this be a lesson for me (and everyone else reading). JamesF1, when you say this addeventhandler ["hit", {(_this select 0) setdamage 0;}]; _this select 0 is in reference to the eventhandler hit, in which case the comref says in short hand [unit, causedBy, damage]. select 0 being the unit the eventhandler is assigned to. Okay, one more dumb question. Why _this select as opposed to this? I forget, it's been awhile. :(
  13. Hi, I haven't played ARMA and I'm getting back just now into ARMA II. I browsed over the comref and I can't find a way to make a unit or object indestructible. I understand there is the old OFP method of [b]Condition:[/b] GetDammage objectName >= 1 [b]On Activation:[/b] objectName SetDammage 0 And it works, but graphically it doesn't look good (if the object in question that takes too much damage at once dies and the trigger doesn't activate fast enough, it will go to the destroy animation then back to the living animation) Is there a easier and more efficient way to do this in ARMA II? Thank you in advance.
  14. Are there any tutorials or guides? Making the models is pretty straight forward, but LOD placement and such for specific class of weapon/aircraft/car/etc...
  15. Still using Oxygen Lite? It's been about 4-5 years since I ever attempted to make an addon (this was OFP). What tools do you use to make models for vehicles\firearms\buildings\etc? What tools do you use to make new islands? I searched the Biki and nothing really informative is on there. Links to tutorials, downloads, etc... would be really helpful since the Biki lacks the proper information.