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  1. Voted yes, but I think that Arma-engine doesnt fit WW2 too good. Trench and foxholes is just something that Arma cant cope... maybe in Arma3 :bounce3:
  2. Disapearing ground also with Ati 5870 driver 10.2 and Win XP pro. Performance seems to be about same or little better :j:
  3. I get plenty CTDs with 5870 and latest 10.3 drivers. There is no error messages or anything game just shutdown. Does anyone else have same problems?
  4. As said earlier on other thread, ACEmod server support is s**t... always has been. Maybe you should look Dta-folder for config files there they were in arma1, but none will know for sure because there aint any info about serverhosting :j:
  5. First thank you for your effort to doing this great mod :) Then little whining... it's great that client has updaters and all, but you guys should think server maintaining more. This mod has always been real nightmare to keep updated (and i mean paid servers where you dont have direct access) and there is almost none serverside information about files and ect. stuff (example in arma1 ace there were no mention about files that goes inside Dta-folder) :(
  6. This exacly same kind of problem that i have. Very bad LOD problems from day one. It must be ati related thing. I have thought that it's more like an feature than problem, but if anybody know cure for that it would be great. Btw... I have tried PROPER texture mods. Very high propermod will cure problems for me, but fps goes way too low and it makes game unplayable. :j:
  7. Naku

    Patch 1.04 Stability Survey

    Graphical problems are still same as before and arma2 aint as stable as it was before. It never crashed before, but now i rarely get some CTDs or frozen screen which can only cured by booting again. I'm using Win xp pro 32bit, Q6600, Ati 4870 512mb mem, Intel ssd game hd and 4gb system memory.
  8. Naku

    Patch 1.03 Stability Survey

    For me game has been very stable whole time, but there are still serious bugs that havent fixed (bad LODs).
  9. Naku

    Patch 1.03 Satisfaction Survey

    Voted bad as LOD problems havent got any better. Brown bushes and trees have very bad LODs like those forget to change when u get closer. I wouldnt mind about bad gfx quality, but those problems prevent me to see behind foliage and that makes game unplayable :(
  10. Is there 1.03 server exe yet? And could some one tell me how to update server? First patch and then server exe right? But how about when you have moved gamefolder elsewhere and autopaching wont work?
  11. Not happy at all :(
  12. Naku

    Patch 1.02 Stability Survey

    I'm having terible LOD problems with latest patch. I have tried every tip, setting, drivers... no help :( Rig is: Win xp pro 32bit, 4gb memory, Intel Q6600 @ 3,2ghz and Ati 4870 512mem. Game is stable, but totally unplayable at moment.
  13. Naku

    Kyllikki Missions

    Finally, thank you very much! I have always enjoyed your missions from Ofp/fdf/arma times and now in Arma2 too. Jatkakaa samaan malliin :D
  14. Naku

    City Take Porto (co 08)

    Thanx! I really like all of your City take missions :D I would like to see updates for older ones, because I think there are revive problems in some of those missions (cant remember wich one).
  15. I'll have 4870 and I'm not having any problems here. I can put all settings to max and I still getting about 30-40fps average. I think that 4870 is very good card for Arma