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  1. Nick (SS)

    squad.xml confusion

    post a link to your squad XMLs and check to see if the game server has IE7 loaded, IE7 has some new XML security that does not allow the game server clients to see the XMLs
  2. Nick (SS)

    "Invalid CD Key"

    whats your ID it will show under your user name when you click it to edit your user I'll let you know if its fake or not
  3. Nick (SS)

    Ok now wth cheats still work online obviously

    lol yea brit sends me the odd forum link for laughs the last one they claimed linux servers are faster and they were sooo amazed and Brit and I were like huh and I was going to post actual proof windows walks over linux but was not allowed to lol they had posted 25FPS with 16 players where ours has 48FPS with 32 heh
  4. Nick (SS)

    JIP vs Server out put

    most of you will be in the 2nd chart, other CTF servers will use the top charts, while massive EVO/CTI/LIFE maps will use a mixture of 2nd and 3rd as not ever client will have max AI so adding 2 and 3 together will get a better average from some of you the next part is figuring the math BIS used for ban width settings
  5. Nick (SS)

    JIP vs Server out put

    I had a little time to start doing some math on the servers outputs these are in no way 100% but will show the differences between the amount of scripts/AI/Players can have on the server I do have some reports that 100 players have only used 4mbit out but i think thats a ban width setting I'm going to try and get more real world numbers and then produce a formula that will give us more precise ban width settings and then ask BIS to use the formula in the game so we do not as 2% of us even know how to really use them lol
  6. Nick (SS)

    Ok now wth cheats still work online obviously

    Brit and i never really discussed BE testing on that server but then I dont play S.Life and I all I ever saw was massive high FPS screen shots compared to other servers, I'll ask him when i get the chance, but I can say we dont run BE on thos servers as they well protected by our systems and Brits side scanning
  7. Nick (SS)

    Ok now wth cheats still work online obviously

    that's funny, thats what I say about linux there are lots of Window servers that still maintain 48fps with 32 players with or with out BE and the laggy JIP is ArmA problem and has nothing to do with BE If you see lower Server FPS I would loose the linux cause seriously its not ment for gaming and we can all ways compare screen shots, I know Brit's XR window server will walk over any linux server on the planet Also if your not locking the ArmA Server to one CPU on that linux box your screwing the virtual world which needs it to be more stable by running on a faster SINGLE core
  8. Nick (SS)

    Dedicated Server Problem

    you may need to turn the server off for a few minutes when this happens with gamespy, see if you can connect to your IP directy but not threw your local IP (192.168) but by your real world IP and see if it sees is, if not its not gamespy but mabey your router
  9. Nick (SS)

    Ok now wth cheats still work online obviously

    All our servers have BE installed, they are just not turned on by the clients (disabled in the cfg) as our anticheat systems are different are actual server side Apps We have also worked with the BE designer as well during the last few ArmA betas and it does work well but it does not detect all the trainers just like our systems dont catch every thing right away as well. but my posts were against pass wording the servers to keep cheaters out, theres nothing wrong with running BE
  10. Nick (SS)

    Dedicated Server Problem

    I noticed it on several servers today and from a test server from home and think gamespy was just having issues
  11. Nick (SS)

    Ok now wth cheats still work online obviously

    after re reading what I have posted made me think of what my message really should be Managing a Server is simply no longer some Icon you hit to turn the server on and then play on all day Its Work, and locking and hiding the server is just another way of avoiding that I think most here want to do that work and need help so they wont settle for that so telling them to lock every thing is not going to help them or ArmA
  12. Nick (SS)

    Ok now wth cheats still work online obviously

    I've been in the roughnecks for ten years plus and know allot about admin work but I cant see how you think a hidden private server that no one knows about is bigger and more successfully then public servers as there are simply no facts to support that I'm just saying that there are working anti cheat systems PPL don't need to hide their servers to have good games roughnecks would have died if it we had done that, but instead the members poured money into their own servers and put actual thinking into how the servers are run and had one of the only cheat free public servers in OFP and ArmA you're supposed to be playing ArmA and elite Realism FPshooter - so hiding while playing with limited players I simply think is counter to the whole point of the game but then anti cheating and coding is like a game to me now, I seem to play that more then ArmA like some PPL Map or Mod more then play ArmA PPL need to play with out fear and ask any of the Old members, I've called more PPL cheaters then any one hah (although I usually had proof)
  13. Nick (SS)

    Ok now wth cheats still work online obviously

    PPL tend to get pissy when you us their servers to recruit some times. what you are doing is cutting the traffic to your server, we have some 30 ArmA servers and have very little issues with cheaters, 95% of them don't even use battle eye or worry about unknown players but those servers use different anti cheat systems, no system is perfect but boxing up a server to TS and a password limits a server potential terribly
  14. Nick (SS)

    custom sounds

    A very good program with the best OGG compression is www.dbpoweramp.com/ and also get the new codec there for OGG http://www.dbpoweramp.com/codec-central.htm try and keep the files under or arround 40kb HMMM I wonder if I should depbo every thing and resample the OGG files, I bet that would make a few things run smoother in ArmA for some players
  15. Nick (SS)

    DediCated Servers Crash

    its not only addons and ArmA it self but poorly scripted formulas in the maps we're dealing with 5 issues not just one 1 Players with Addons connecting to the server 2 Missions with bad scripting 3 Servers with Mixed addons 4 ArmA it self 5 JIP every one who has posted problems with their server cant expect for a fix of any kind other then running stock and better maps, there is just no way fix every thing unless the MODders and Mappers get off their asses and do a better job and yes i think allot of them are car less and we have to put up with their end results so I will be hard on them, I've helped with MFCTI in OFP making it one of the most stable missions that can run for 9 hours with the same players, JIP is and issue tho that will make every thing harder ten fold I nice debug addition would be a formula failed on line ### of example.sqf