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  1. anyone figured out how to get the minigun on the armoured SUV to be folded down? Or even better, how to addaction to it so you can fold it up and down as needed?
  2. Noraf

    Best Sidearm in OA

    makarov sd, the uzi sd aswell ofcourse, but i'd prefer the makarov sd
  3. Noraf

    Your opinion: most realistic sim?

    if you want realism, i think you'd need to look at something like this...... ;)
  4. it might be because they are trying to follow the genewa conventions? you know, like not using .50 and up against humans :P
  5. Noraf

    New player. I need some help.

    yes, you're on the right path, just need one more thing, and you're set : patience! This game has an enormous learnigcurve, so try the training missions first ( oa's are better than the a2 ones btw, so start with them, but do them all )
  6. i think someone have tied their shoelaces around their neck ;)
  7. Noraf

    New player. I need some help.

    click on the banner on the top of the page there you can get combined ops + baf and pmc for 63,83 us$ (atleast i can, that lives outside of eu ) And by buying trhough sprocket, you'll support the developers more thasn buying it elswere That being said, you realy don't need baf + pmc, since "light" versions of them are released with the latest patches. lite ver = low res textures,low quality sounds and no campaing or missions
  8. yes, that should work without problems Just install arrowhead into the arma2 folder
  9. Noraf

    Has OFP/ARMA put you off the Army ?

    nope, and there are a couple of reasons why 1: i'm an airforce pjuke ;) 2: Served my time before the first game came out (97)
  10. well, if you got a dvd or br burner, put a blanck, recordable disk in it ( doh!) select the folder were the downloaded instalation files are stored, right click, select send to : dvd\br drive letter. Then select burn from the icon on the task bar, that apperars, saying you got new files waiting to be burned \ prosseced. This is ofcourse in windows. And it ain't harder than that. There are ofcourse other ways to do it too, but this i would think is the easiest way. ohh, and, yes, it's legal. just don't go selling it to other ppl.
  11. "b" :eek: <---- for anough caracthers for the post to get trough
  12. Noraf

    A great little fight!

    I'd set my guys up in cover, for overwatch, and, afther a quick check of the area, i'd set a democharge on the truck, with a timer on, and moved away. When in "safety" of the trees again, i'd recall the rest, and set course out of the area.
  13. Noraf

    What is Battleeye?

    Battleeye is an anty cheating sort of software you can read more about it in the multiplayer part of the forums
  14. Noraf

    Expansions ? fpr you

    well, sprocket is bis own store, so you'd support them more whith buying from their store ( link on the top of the forum pages )
  15. Noraf

    ARMA 2 1.09 vs ARMA CO

    I'm pretty sure the 1.09 patch, doesn't change anything oa related, since it's an arma2 patch only.... And, i'm also pretty sure, that the next oa patch will contain the 1.09 for arma2 also. Shouldn't be any problem installing the 1.09, but don't expect savegames to work aftherwards ( they usualy don't )
  16. Noraf

    Want to get in to ArmA 2.

    bohemia is a bit tifferent than other developers, so, no, you don't need baf and pmc, since you got light versions in the patches. lite versions is like a preview, downgraded in quality, but compatible wit the full versions. i'd go fot the combined operations. and, later, if you find that you want to, you can get the dlc's hmmm, 3 times the charm :p beaten by both flaterman and j_frost ;)
  17. Well, if it's a human player, he can use it to mark were to shoot, and, i think you can order ai to engage it aswell
  18. Noraf

    Advice for a new player?

    best advice(s ) must be : have patience, the learningcure IS enormous... See if you find a friendly groop of people to play with, and use voice coms
  19. Noraf

    FDFmod 1.0

    like this mod alto. Did some mp campaign yesterday, and a few of the missions shows a scripterror at start ( not running beta, but running co @ 1.57 ) One of those missions is "made in germany" fyi other than that, greate work, as usual, and wouldn't expect less from you lot!
  20. i haven't testet that seneario myself, but you do have both marker strobe, and target strobe ingame, have you tried them both?
  21. Noraf

    A10 GBU-12 bombs unpractical

    the one in the venum can be used for it, i if i recal correctly, we've done a mission were we did use the wildcat for the same purpose
  22. But you forgott one thing though. The jav needs time to lock on aswell :p
  23. Noraf

    Bullet velocity - inaccurate ?

    I would think that silenced weaponds are rearly used by regular forces, special forces on the otherhand do frequently use them. same goes for suppressed weaponds. in a combat situation, i think i'd prefer the suppressed one over a silenced one, since you keep stoppingpower and range quite well, and it's range surpasses the supressed ones. The difference in the ammo is usualy the amount of gunpowder in it. supressed rounds aren't different from regular ammo, but silenced needs to be subsonic
  24. Noraf

    A10 GBU-12 bombs unpractical

    thats pretty close to an over the shoulder toss
  25. Noraf

    A10 GBU-12 bombs unpractical

    you could always toss it in there. Thats used ( or, was used ) for long range bomb release. You release the bomb wile moving your stick backwards, thus slinging the bomb towards target. with anough practise, you can be pretty accurate. though, if you got fae \ cluster or nuclear munitions, you don't, on the other hand, need to be that precise ;)