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  1. Nephris

    Massive desyncs?

    ArmA III - Alpha ;-) You bought a game in development, I am sure it will be fixxed at least when it is going gold. Or maybe it is your inet connection, but my guess would be the alpha character of the game.
  2. After I noticed already released misisons I feel a bit stupid to ask ...but... where can I start the game from the editor, I mean where is the "play" button we have in OFP to ArmA2 in the editor to check the created missions? Or maybe a bit more precise: How do I play missions I created in the editor? ---------- Post added at 17:22 ---------- Previous post was at 15:27 ---------- Is there noone who enterd the game via the editor? How do I load the edited misison form the editor? Or is that feature deactivated in the Alpha?
  3. Nephris

    Do you want Laaagdoll Physics in ArmA 3?

    Good Point! Any "off." statement would be great.
  4. Oh FFS .... please not ! Boring Westfront , I guess that DLC wont find my home. Inv44 provides the same stuff for free and for sure a bunch of more units. I think it is a bad decision.
  5. Thx for your advices !
  6. Hi folks, I am still a noob in scripting but i am useless in MP scripting conditions. So since OFP i am suffering to decide if sth has to be local or global. Each time I ve to rethink again. Right now I want to execute just a simple call within the init.sqf, but I ve no clue what condition it has to be ,if the map would run on a dedicated. So maybe you can give me hint. call compile format [" pad2 setpos [(getmarkerpos ""mkpos%1"" select 0),(getmarkerpos ""mkpos%1"" select 1),0] ",ceil(random 5)]; A simple object shall be moved by chance. So global or local?
  7. Thx for that release and your effort updateing it! As Iron Front is getting on track again, you can imagine an AI observer offers several features for a mission aswell. Would it be possible to release a version as script version only, as we cant load mods into IF44.
  8. Great you like it! Are ya playing it in Coop or SP?
  9. Still works fine on my end. Did u dl via uploaded.to before? Renew your IP and ya should be fine again.
  10. I am pretty sure if things would have been sorted behind the scenes, we were already at Version 1.04 including the "face glow" fix. I mean this is really a gamebreaking issue, so realeasing at least a small hotfix adressing to that issue only would make the game playable again. It is ashame that the paying customer is once again the stupid one. Reverting back to 1.02 is just an option for Singleplayer and so ... no option. Well i hope the best, but i expect nothing to come anymore....
  11. As some of you asked me to release the DAC files for IF44 I finally found time to upload them. Sorry for the long delay, and sorry for not answering several pns. Besides I added a mission called Stosstrupp, which can be played in Singleplayer or Multiplayer as coop (1-10). I tested the map a few times on my dedicated server but dont expect it to be bug free, neverthrless up to patch 1.02 we had fun playing it. I would like to keep on working on it, as I got also several other DAC maps already done, but as far as the game keeps at Version 1.03 I don´t see any sense in updating the mission. Nevertheless feel free to post feedback for future enhancements. The briefing is in german and english. All DAC Credits belong to Silola of course! Maybe we can have a coop round together sooner or later. co1-10 DAC Stosstrup v0.1
  12. Some of you already mailed me, just checked it now or noticed the pn now. I will release a small DAC map to run on dedicated envirenment and as singleplayer aswell of course. So you willl have DAC as script verison ready to implement into your maps. All credits etc will always belong to Silola, as creator of DAC.
  13. Hi folks, I discovered a grafic glitch in the latest IF version. I attached a screesnhot below. In night times the skin of units in certain distances start to glow. I can remember sth similar in ArmA1 regarding certian stones in an early version. However, glowing skins make night misisons almost useless, as u can imagine. I hope the bug can be forwarded to a dev or they r reading here. klick the image to enlarge just as note my system: I7 920 / HD6970/High settings
  14. Got it working now by the following EH player addeventhandler ["fired",{ _player = _this select 0; _ammo = _this select 4; if (_ammo == "F_40mm_White") then { hint "Whity fired" } else {hint "me fired a shit";}; }];