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  1. Nilz

    Mafia 2

    Shakycam & shttysound trailer
  2. Nilz

    CiA co-op night

    Makin' a comeback tonight
  3. Nilz

    Too difficult even on Easy Setting ?

    I have no complaints about the AI's shooting abilities, but I kinda agree with Captain Data about that grass part. It is stupid that you can't see thru the grass while in prone position but the AI can.
  4. Nilz

    ArmA Photography

  5. Double check if ur still playing as the same player as with who you started the campaign. Left side up at the start of the game you can click your player name and see if you have more characters by accident. Please check the Campaigns folder in your ArmA folder, and make sure there is only 1 file in, named ca.pbo and no other files. Goodluck! Oh yeah right.. I just changed my ingame name. I'll change it back, one sec... EDIT: Worked, thanks
  6. Hmm.. with all this patching my campaign progress was lost. Any chance to get it back?
  7. Nilz

    ArmA Photography

    Nice pics bör Hi-Res Hi-Res IMHO, the game still looks great even on low settings
  8. Nilz

    First ARMA impressions

    I agree with RedStorm in every aspect. The bugs that are currently present are minor and don't really affect (at least my) gaming experience.
  9. Awesome work Sickboy and the translation team! The campaign is great.
  10. Nilz

    ArmA Photography

    Yes. Antialiasing with shadows. That's a shader model 2 issue isn't it ?
  11. Nilz

    ArmA Photography

    Hi-Res Hi-Res Sorry about that "6: Waiting" in that Littlebird picture Oh yea, does anyone know what is causing those white stripes on the edges of the models as you can see in those 2 pictures?
  12. Nilz

    ArmA Photography

    Hi-Res Hi-Res Hi-Res More later
  13. Nilz

    ArmA Photography

    Some random ish. Hi-Res Hi-Res Hi-Res Hi-Res
  14. Nilz

    ArmA Photography

    How do you remove the black borders? showcinemaborder=false doesn't work for me :/ EDIT: nevermind, Google helped me
  15. Nilz

    ArmA testing...

    Thanks for pointing that out. -nomap didn't really help to be honest. -nosplash works though I can use the editor well, no lag there. I could even play one of the single missions (where you clear a small town with an SF squad) with pretty high settings and FPS was around 20. The first campaign mission is a real pain in the arse though So i'm not quite sure what exactly is causing these graphical bugs and performance drops. Took another screenshot, everything as high as possible with my CPU.