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  1. I have a question - What's with the whole thing with planes not exploding when hitting the ground? Seems a little... (fuzzy?) to me. Other than that, extraordinary work on this mod.
  2. Nemesis6

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    RalphWiggum, did you read the article I've posted a few times now? Just curious.
  3. Nemesis6

    The Middle East part 2

    Again, source pls. The same, source pls. Blabla. Maybe check the internal israeli opposition to the war when number of dead israelis rose daily without noticeable achievements on the ground ? You don´t know much about the nature of cluster ammunition and incendiary ammunition, right ? Maybe that´s why there is an israeli investigation on it ? Even using capitals doesn´t make it true. There are numerous reports that there was no hesbollah presence in districts bombed. It was collective punishment and the investigations are all pointing into the same direction now, except of course the IDF ones. By your logic the bombing of UN person was justified aswell ? I´m curious on your version, oh wait, no I´m not. I will collect some reliable source if I have time today, but it´s still a waste of time as you are so fanatic that you´ve lost your objectivity long ago. Edit: Oh, almost forgot: What about your claim again that the soldiers were kidnapped on israeli soil ? In fact israeli forces have violated Lebanon territorial boundaries and got caught. Speeking of self-defence in that context is a joke. Here's one among many - http://www.mosnews.com/news/2006/08/15/syriaarmhezbollah.shtml Next one - Iranian soldiers in Lebanon. Take your pick. http://www.google.com/search?....g&meta= Google is your friend if you actually have the will to use it. Next - How about the fact that HizbAllah were using the U.N outpost as a launch site? Oh wait, I forgot, you don't care. Dumbass. See? I can be rude, too. Ah yes, numerous evidence. I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that the majority of civilians killed in the crisis were being used by HizbAllah as human shields, willingly or not. Don't make me bring out that one example where HizbAllah forcibly prevented civilians from leaving the area Qassam rockets were fired from. Me? Lost my objectivity? I try as much to back up my statements with facts, like the ambulance incident you brung up. And speaking of objectivity, you blindly follow one side of the story, with neither having been proven(as far as I know).
  4. Nemesis6

    CSLA 2 Update2

    How's the fix coming?
  5. Nemesis6

    The Middle East part 2

    Official sources pls. I remember a display of iranian weapons captured by IDF forces, but it turned out the weapons were russian but not iranian. Great response. Use cluster bombs on civillians, attack Red Cross, attack refugee convois, do not fulfill your mission objectives and pull out without having freed the soldiers in question. Sounds like a solid G.W. Mission accomplished to me. The only thing the war achieved is a massive support for Hesbollah among the citizens today. If the abduction took place within the country of Lebanon it somehow reverts your argumentation: AFP: www.VoltaireNet.org AP Hindustan Times The official israeli version contradicts all these reports. Those weapons you're referring to were Russian weapons given to the Syrian Defence Ministry. Now we've involved another player. About Iran: During the war and/or before the war, Iran actually had an Iranian Revolutionary Guard regiment of about 100 men in Lebanon aiding HizbAllah, training them how to use the Iranian donated equipment. I knew you were gonna question the methods... Israel had to withdraw because of international pressure. You think they would have stopped if the U.N and all the other whiners had sat in silence? Cluster bombs on civilians... The interesting detail here is that you seem to imply that Israel finds a group of civilians, bombs the shit out of them, and laughs maniacally afterwards. Civilians die in wars, ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY'RE USED AS HUMAN SHIELDS BY THE ENEMY! Ooooohh yes, the ambulence that was attacked. How about reading this about this tiny incident - http://www.zombietime.com/fraud/ambulance/ To sum up, the Red Cross intentionally removed a high resolution picture showing the true extent of the damage. Does this look like a something that has been "blasted with rockets"? But I'm sure you're not interested in learning that this was indeed a hoax, so I'll leave it at that.
  6. Nemesis6

    The Middle East part 2

    You're comparing the Army Cadet Force to Hamas summercamps where children learn to kill Jews and hate America? You're either A: A socialist/marxist/RESPECT voter, or someone pretty oblivious to what happens there. And there IS evidence Iran had something to do with that war. Iran helps HizbAllah directly with manpower and equipment on the ground. Just like Syria. We aren't aren't talking shady deals that one has to suspect is happening, there's physical evidence. And lastly, how is attacking a foreign country by killing several of its citizens and abducting is NOT an act of war? Israel's response, no matter how you argue for it, against or for, was a neccesary lesson to Lebanon that they can't pull this shit with no consequences like they hope they can with the help of the U.N and the other tools in the West. The Palestinian and other local death cults need to learn that actions have consequences. That lesson has to be taught by the Israelis because their native governments love all who kill Jews.
  7. Nemesis6

    The Middle East part 2

    But, look who was celebrating horrible death just a few hours earlier: Indeed, it's quite sick when some guy in Denmark celebrates the violent deaths of desperate refugees from half a world away. Prove it!! According to MEMRI's translated excerpt, Ahmadinejad merely referred to the possibility of others saying it: MEMRI probably didn't consider the rest of his statement inflamatory enough to translate. I guess that's a paradoxal statement. People who carry out stuff like that deserve it. "Desperate refugees"... I guess they're only "Desperate refugees" when they voluntarily live in refugee camps like rats with the help of their pathetic "government". How about insane death cult maniacs looking for pity among stupid Westerners and leftists? About the clip - It exists. I've seen it myself. Oh, by the way, now that we're poking tongues at one another, you smell like butt!
  8. Nemesis6

    The Middle East part 2

    Ahmadinejad also said the following - Marg bar Izrail! That's hard to interpret in more than one way. By the way, I know calling Hamas, the Palestinian government, etc, death cults seems zealous, but they have summer camps where they train their children to use guns, for Christ sake! And when the children are not in summercamp, they're taught jihadist poetry. They're a society that largely evolves around death, evil, and malice. As if those cosy Friday sermons with Sheikh Ibrahim Mudayris aren't enough. A little Broadly spoken, they're a sick society that celebrates violent death.
  9. Nemesis6

    The Middle East part 2

    That's the dangerous part - An old holocaust survivor said this: "If someone tells you they want to kill you, believe them." Now that counts anywhere in my opinion. Iran's intentions with this is unclear, now let's assume Israel has nuclear weapons? What would it do with them? It has never stated a flat out "Death to Iran" or "We'll drink the blood of the Arabs!", etc. Iran, however, has. Substitute 'Iran' and 'Arabs' with "The Zionist entity" and 'Jews'. And remember that to this day, Iran is still fighting Israel along with several of the Arab states by funding terror organizations. Oh yeah, the death cult Hamas sent a suicide bomber to kill jews for the first time in 2 years, lightly wounding 3 soldiers. As I usually think when the death cult sends people, including children to blow themselves up - Praise be that the horrible people who manage to carry these attacks out die a horrible death.
  10. Nemesis6

    The Middle East part 2

    Now here's the strange thing.... Iran says it has no intentions of making weapons. If it's not making weapons, why is it defying the IAEA? The U.N has been misled by the Iranians. The Iranian nuclear negotiator, Hassan Rowhani admitted this.
  11. Nemesis6

    The Middle East part 2

    You try so hard, like many others, to paint me a racist/whatever, and I shrug it off because I've heard it so many times before and I know it's bull. Anyway - You really think Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and Iraq are enemies of Iran? An example would be Saudi Arabia - Their only reason for cooperating with the U.S is for financial purposes and possibly for spreading Wahhabi Islamist ideologies to U.S mosques. And note that I said LOCAL enemies, the U.S is far away, alledged proxies be damned, it'd be way too hard. Israel STILL needs nukes. Iran doesn't. Israel is the most likely target of any attack. To be honest, I find it strangely pacifistic that no one has touched Iran even when it attacked Israel a few months back with its proxy HizbAllah. Speaking of HizbAllah and the whole "we beat Izrail Azrail! Allah'u akbar!" attitude that many Westerners have bought into... I remember how many times HizbAllah asked Israel for Hudna during the fighting, and to this day, they're still doing the thing they started doing after Israel attacked them - Resupplying, with Syria's direct help I might add. The fact is that Israel has enemies all around it and even within, and nukes is a pretty nice detergent from messing with it. You could turn it around and say that Iran could need it for that very same reason. Only problems is that they have a maniac dictator who has purged the government of all reformers and openly declared will to destroy Israel.
  12. Nemesis6

    To the people who are playing ArmA, how is it?

    Quicksand, you sure you're ready to starforce your system? I would wait if I were you and get the extra bonus of not having your system infected with malware.
  13. Nemesis6

    The Middle East part 2

    Semantics man to the rescue! I don't know if Israel had nukes during the Yom Kippur war, but I'd bet that if they had them, they didn't use them because their goal is different from their enemies... Their goal is to defend themselves. The enemies' goal is to expand. No, that's actually too moderate. The Arab goal for a war with Israel would be, and I quote, to "Drive the Jews into the sea."
  14. Nemesis6

    The Middle East part 2

    What does Israel need them for? What does the West need them for? We have no enemies. What would happen if the Arab world of today went against Israel? There's really no telling, but it's better to know that if they did, Mecca will be smoking crater. That's the whole idea - Mess with Israel, and you're gonna get your ass handed to you 10 times harder than the last few times you tried. Nuke Mecca? Just using that as an example. You could go for any other target to be honest. Israel needs nukes. Iran doesn't. Iran has no local enemies while Israel has them on every single side of its tiny borders.
  15. Nemesis6

    The Middle East part 2

    5 wars have been started against Israel - The war of Independance in 1948, the Yom Kippur war of 1967/1973, the first Lebanon war, and then the first and second Intifada. The first two were not simple terror like the 3 after them. The war of Independance was an attempt to crush Israel, and so was Yom Kippur, and you want Israel to give up the only defence it has against enemies who have on numerous occasions tried to destroy it and kill every single Jew, and is still to this day funding those who are active in trying to achieve this goal, for example, the Palestinian government? I'm confused.