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  1. Necromancer-

    The death of freedom

    Freedom of speech ends where violence is insited. Wilders does not insite violence. Of course Wilders is very controversial in his words, because it's politically incorrect and that attracts a lot of attention. If anyone murders Wilders, then Wilders practically becomes a martyr for Freedom of Speech. Nuance is what it's all about. Not every Dutch person supports Wilders ideology, but every Dutch person does fully support freedom of speech. The Arabic League is planning to make a protest-movie against "Fitna". Which is very good in my opinion, because it starts discussion. This issue is just a collision of old culture with modern culture. It will end in probably 5 years and modern culture will prevail.
  2. Necromancer-

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    P35 chipsets don't support PCI-express 2.0.. Nvidia 750i (that come at the price of P35 mobo's) support PCI-express 2.0 ... Future graphics cards support PCI-express 2.0 ..
  3. Necromancer-

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    Don't forget the nvidia 750i motherboards. They're half the price of a 780i, support over-clocking, and fully support one PCI-E 2.0 gfx card.
  4. Necromancer-

    416 vs G36

    Well in that case I'd choose the cheapest one...
  5. Necromancer-

    International Politics Thread

    Imo in the long term, it won't work if the banks only "inject" money into the US economy. I believe (YES I DO NOT BASE THIS OPINION ON ECONOMIC RESEARCH) that the US economy will only permanently recover if foreign investors decide to invest in the US more than somewhere else (-> China).
  6. Necromancer-

    Music Recommendations

    I found another composer a bit similar like Nine Inch Nails.. He used to play with Curve.. http://profile.myspace.com/index.c....1544829
  7. Necromancer-

    International Politics Thread

    Spokesperson; you're such a laugh.. The FART eh.. FARC is nothing more than a bunch of criminals getting their income from abduction, drug trafficing and blackmailing. They're not fighting for a cause at all, they even butcher innocent neutral sided civillians who don't support them, even pillaging whole villages. Want proof? Go to Colombia and join the FARC. You will probably be abducted and hold for ransom. I know I will even if I'm telling them the best lies about how much socialist I am.
  8. Necromancer-

    International Politics Thread

    I just blame that to the greed of mankind... It's unstoppable unless the greed destroys ourselves. All we can do is adapt to that situation.
  9. Necromancer-

    International Politics Thread

    Russia has always been a dictatorship even before the age of the socalled "communism", although it was labeled a Kingdom because it was ruled by a "Tsaar" which is nothing more than a king. Russia has never been a product of the West. It has never been a colony of any West-European country in the past 600. I disagree, capitalists were needed to start those companies from 0 (initiative bee-otch). The workers basically started with free facilities left by capitalists. Woow.. stealing someone else's facility and make profit from it..
  10. Necromancer-

    Prince Harry IS in Afganistan

    That is also very plausible.. There are tons of these things on ebay.
  11. Necromancer-

    International Politics Thread

    Any goods and service transfer where there is currency involved is a form of capitalism. Of course it is your own decision that if you start your own company, that you share the profits with all the workers in the company. Next.. Lets say there is an initiave for 200 people to start a company. They all have to have the same thoughts on how to run that company. That is practically impossible to do as there will always be one to disagree with something in the end.
  12. Necromancer-

    International Politics Thread

    In this world (YES! REALITY! your theory would not work... I (and probably everyone else except for the minority called "you") am never going to start a company if I have to share the profit with other people I don't really know. In the beginning the profit would be so bloody low, that it wouldn't be interesting at all to start with. Second.. It would be MY initiative.. my bloody idea to start with. No effect without cause. Perhaps I would have started it with SOME FRIENDS and share the profit with them NOT everyone else who come in later and profit as much for doing LESS initiative than that was done before. Perhaps that person would get a good bonus if that person came with a refreshing idea to turn more profit... other than that NO. If a cleaner gets in the company later on, just for the 19 other workers not to have to waste their time throwing the trash out, I am not going to give that person 5% of the 80.000 Euro revenue a month. No no no.. that doesn't work.. The only fairly working social states are in Western Europe. Income comes from taxes and are spend on subsidies for blablabla. So yeah.. I am a capitalist... and a damn lucky one as well. ..bite me.. I like it.
  13. Necromancer-

    Prince Harry IS in Afganistan

    Well a bigger problem is the "tribal" mentality of the Afghans.. The average Mujahideen desire to be in power of a whole region. You can't put them all in prison, as you need them for support against the Taliban. But in the long term, it will be a pain in the arse. As for Harry.. I have the utter respect for that. A royalty fighting a long the men on the front line. You don't see a presidents son/daughter of the USA doing that. (but if he did, they would probably have to get secret service on a much bigger budget of which isn't really small at the moment)
  14. Necromancer-

    International Politics Thread

    Ah yes you are completely right!!! They can live from an "uitkering" (subsidy for workless people)! (Which is social enough in my opinion)
  15. Necromancer-

    Police and Unjustified Murders

    Nice statistics... But in my opinion useless as they aren't localised and are undiscriminated from non-structural nuanced events. (no intent to flame though) "You have lies" "You have damn lies" "..and you have statistics" Guess they're all useless in this case.