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  1. NavyEEL

    The Iraq thread 4

    I disagree. The last thing needed is for more troops to be deployed. In fact, there should be even less troops than there already are. It's an insurgency, not an all-out war. Because of that, increasing the number of troops would not contribute to achieving victory--in fact, it would more likely be detrimental. What needs to be done is get the Iraqi government and population more involved. Their increased support is the only way to kill the insurgency for good. Sending more troops would only increase the amount of cannon fodder. In addition, it would give the insurgents a feeling that they are winning because we had to deploy more troops into the area. That would turn even more people over to their cause.
  2. NavyEEL

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    Tell you what... I'm gonna wear a shirt like that.. and I promise I won't force you to wear it. I'm gonna buy 10 of those T-shirts. Simply because people are complaining. Uptight little pricks might try and stop me, but I say the hell with them. I see people wearing crap I don't like every day. Even if they aren't 'swear' words I might find them offensive.. like the Confederate flag and what not (example only - don't stray off into a tizzy over it). I may say I won't like it.. I may even try and persuade why, but the hell if I am going to force them not to wear it. How about the Christian Cross? how about the Jewish Star? better yet... how about the US flag? Â are those going to be banned from airlines too? I am me and I'll wear anything that that I feel represents me. I am not disregarding anyone's right. They are disregarding mine. Saying they have no choice 'not' to look at it is utter BS. They can request a different seat, a different flight, etc... but no.. instead they'd rather play 'higher than thou' and force these people to do what they feel otherwise is inconvenient for them. Screw social 'norms'. It's not a matter of people being "uptight little pricks..." I think it's just a matter of being tactful. While it personally does not offend me, I know if I had younger kids around that I would not want them to see such things. I wouldn't take kids to see an R-rated movie, so why should they be exposed to the same foul language elsewhere?
  3. NavyEEL

    OFP2 and "armed assault" - what's up?

    USMC uses UH-1Ns, but dunno if they still call them dustoffs dust-off = aerial medevac. they are still used. anyway, back on topic--the pictures look AWESOME! can't wait to see what else they have in store for us.
  4. NavyEEL

    The Iraq thread 4

    I agree. If they went through all the trouble to coordinate her release, you would think they would have told US forces at some point? I'm sure someone was told, and the message probably got lost along the way. Not an uncommon occurrance, since the Italians probably didn't speak directly to that little checkpoint. Aside from a communication error, speeding toward a checkpoint doesn't seem like a smart idea. Even here in the states I don't drive fast when going on post through the gate. I mean I'm not afraid that they will shoot me, but you know you're going to have to stop and show identification anyway, so why drive fast? Regardless, I'm glad that she was able to be rescued and make it to safety. The fact that a captive was freed will be a morale booster for those in the area, in spite of the loss associated with it.
  5. NavyEEL

    CAT's Afghanistan Revisited

    ditto. looks great, but ofp.info never works for me unfortunately.
  6. NavyEEL

    realtime 3D in a real place !

    wow... really interesting. i don't even know what to say, i'm just kinda amazed
  7. NavyEEL

    A New AH-64 Pack

    Not sure if this question's been asked, or if it's even possible in-game, but have you considered making the rocket pods able to tilt up and down? it would make hitting things on the ground from a hover much easier, and add another touch of realism to set itself apart from other apache packs... like i said i'm not sure if it's possible in-game, but just thought i would throw that out there. thanks
  8. NavyEEL

    The Iraq thread 4

    plus, in the picture it shows a camouflaged m4 being pointed at him... a small detail, but didn't all the other videos feature ak-47/74's, or at least some type of Soviet weapon? i've not once seen a friendly prisoner threatened with an American weapon, maybe it's just me though.
  9. NavyEEL

    Gunner Palace

    They'll show all the good and none of the bad? Sounds like the exact opposite of what the rest of the media does...
  10. NavyEEL

    A New AH-64 Pack

    engine can be on without having the rotors on, but the aircraft cannot taxi like that because there is no transmission that drives to the wheels. sometimes they do a takeoff (i can't remember what it's called) where they put the engine on full power but the rotor is disengaged. then while the engine is going full power, they suddenly engage the rotor, causing the helicopter to instantly surge upward. a lot of fun, but slightly damaging to the helicopter anyway, just thought i would share.
  11. NavyEEL

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    Believe me, I won't. Then again, I also won't kick them out of my school just because they're trying to recruit for a job.
  12. NavyEEL

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    It's about recruiters targeting young college and even high school students to go die in Iraq :| Oh. And the FOX "ambush" was nothing like that. Sure, just take it out on the military, we don't mind... People recruit for other jobs, why should a recruiter for an ALL-VOLUNTEER Army be any different? Â I'm sure those college students protesting really understand the values of duty and sacrifice. Â Oh wait...
  13. NavyEEL

    Submarine hits mountain!

    was she ever gone? Was AWOL for most of 2 weeks and I've been dabbling lately with VBS1. There was one off of Greece last year, I think. The US sub scraped bottom. No major damage or injuries but I think the sub's commander is now on bathtub duty. And then there was that sub off of Hawaii that came up fast and plowed right into a Japanese touring ship a few years ago. of all the space in the world's oceans... (and there is a LOT of space), you would think they could avoid hitting mountains, the bottom of the ocean, or even worse a japanese fishing boat.
  14. NavyEEL

    EECP - Enhanced ECP

    Here you go: temp download Thanks a bunch!
  15. NavyEEL

    EECP - Enhanced ECP

    does anybody have a mirror up for this? for some reason i can never download anything from ofp.gamezone.cz...