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  1. N.o.R.S.u

    Ofp combat photography. No pics over 100kb.

    One more, Good night folks.
  2. N.o.R.S.u

    Ofp combat photography. No pics over 100kb.

    Mind if I join you guys (hope these work)
  3. N.o.R.S.u

    Joint ammo and magazines (jam)

    Crews and pilots are missing . And while you're at it could it be possible to make vehicles that use these JAM crews or pilots. It's not good when enemy soldiers are using hd weapons and then some bailed out enemy crew members cause havoc with their normal weapons. *edit* typos
  4. N.o.R.S.u

    Ofp combat photography. No pics over 100kb.

    Too bad those evac choppers arrived a bit too late (http://members.lycos.nl/warriorx/shot2.jpg). Some nice coops we had this night.
  5. N.o.R.S.u


    Click here Vespa scooter .
  6. N.o.R.S.u

    What militaria do you own?

    My grandad's old army greatcoat from mid 30s, reeaally nice. I still use it in winter , beats new winter coats easily. I also have this big US (?) army coat that can be made into white winter camo suit by turning it around.
  7. N.o.R.S.u

    Bas blackhawks

    But the model is actually the 12.7mm gatling version .
  8. N.o.R.S.u

    Bas blackhawks

    Some small things. Looks like there isn't (A) version of V-80 . Sometimes the flares are used when the chopper comes under fire from explosive bullets. I tried shooting one of these things down with a ZU-23 from Lavos and there was one pack of flares released for each bullet, just imagine the lag . Great work though, finally I can complete my Depot Raid mission .
  9. N.o.R.S.u

    Akm74 released beta of bmd3,btr80,bmp3

    Now that AKM74 has joined DKM I started wondering will all DKM's apcs come in one big PBO? I hope all AKM74's apcs will stay in their original PBO (VITAPC.pbo) as I read that there will be apc pack by DKM. Any progress btw. ?
  10. N.o.R.S.u

    Favorite videogame music

    Quake 2. Oh and Thief series had IMO best ambient sounds ever.
  11. N.o.R.S.u

    Band of brothers sequel in the works

    I wonder when they make similar series about Germans or Russians, it gets a bit boring to see the same things all over again by different directors. I liked BoB and I will nevertheless watch these new ones, but still it would be nice to see something else for a change .
  12. N.o.R.S.u

    Akm74 released beta of bmd3,btr80,bmp3

    Scary Toy And if you're going to make it, Col. Klink's proxy tutorial will be handy when making those Kornet launchers ;).
  13. Benchmark: 5639 AMD Athlon XP 2600 (2.08Ghz) 512Mb DDR 333Mhz RAM Geforce 4 Ti 4800 SE (43.45 detonators) Windows XP *EDIT* Wrong benchmark number
  14. N.o.R.S.u

    Question about hawks mi-26

    Really? Anyway it would be great if "Our Weapons" would make a new version of thier Mi-26 addon.
  15. N.o.R.S.u

    Favorite (non-flashpoint) picture

    I like scenery, or this (182kb) http://eno.joensuu.fi/photos/koli.jpg