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    Football World Cup 2006 in Germany

    This game was a thriller, both teams played on a high level. In the end it came down to Germany being lucky, but both teams would have deserved it to advance.
  2. NurEinMensch

    The Iraq thread 4

    I can't tell whether or not their action was justified in this particular situation. They may have acted quite reasonable, according to a threat. Who knows. What I feel is disgusting is that they put themselves in this position in the first place, without need, and fully aware that things like this are indeed going to happen. They are not soldiers, they are not there because they had to go, they are not defending their country, their families. It's not even sure if they do the Iraqis a favour by being there. Yet they went there, knowing they will probably end up shooting other people, for what again? This is the origin of my disgust.
  3. NurEinMensch

    The Iraq thread 4

    I don't expect you to argue. I expressed my feeling towards it, and nothing you had said before made me feel less disgusted. If people feel the need to go to Iraq that's their decision. When they don't feel nice and comfy there, they should get back home, instead of making the whole deal worse. Whatever the reason for that shootout was, it shouldn't have happened in the first place, and it surely didn't make the situation better. If you have to take such drastic measures to insure your safety, you're in the wrong spot.
  4. NurEinMensch

    The Iraq thread 4

    Disgusting really! Let me come to your country, put a sign at the back of my car and start shooting people who get too close. Wonder how long it takes your people to learn...
  5. NurEinMensch

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    I will never accept the death penalty as something that is even worth debating much about. There is no justification for killing even the worst serial killer in cold blood. Self defense is one thing, execution a whole different matter. Lock them up, never let them out again, but don't kill them.
  6. NurEinMensch

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    What makes you think so? That he says he doesn't like your government? Many Americans don't, either. And they showed they aren't trustworthy, that is a fact. Apart from that I see nothing that even remotly suggests he likes or likes not someone. He just doesn't agree with the official US position. Yes, his posts are not US friendly. So what, that's reason enough to ignore someone?
  7. NurEinMensch

    Urban Dead

    I'm back amongst the living!
  8. NurEinMensch

    Urban Dead

    Actually I don't mind you hitting me a little for XP. I'm not that good at roleplaying a Zombie I guess. edit: Cracking barricades gives no XP.
  9. NurEinMensch

    Urban Dead

    I'm a Zombie and I don't like that fact. So I'm now standing just outside the Maine building hoping for a revival.
  10. NurEinMensch

    Urban Dead

    I'm back inside our FoF. There are about 50 others inside and it's now quite strongly barricaded again. I also made a short trip down to check Fennessy. What I saw there was... not nice. 21 zombies outside and 125 inside Fennessy.
  11. NurEinMensch

    Urban Dead

    I left Marshment PD before making sure I could back in so I relocated to Wallis PD which is very close, 3 blocks N 2 blocks E. After I got back some APs there I went to check Marshment barricade status, but it was still heavy. So I went to a lone zombie and smacked it with my axe, go Axe Proficiency for 25% to-hit total! It had only 9 hitpoints left so I "killed" it quickly without losing too many APs. I noticed we get a little extra XP bonus for "killing" them instead of just injuring them. With my leftover points I went back to Wallis where I'm now medding together with about 30 other people. So what's up in Marshment, now?
  12. NurEinMensch

    Urban Dead

    Site is back. I made a trip 5 blocks south to Fennessy Place since someone said the zombies are gathering there. I saw 20 zombies outside and maye another dozen of them in the surrounding blocks. I didn't check the inside, though since I'm low on AP now.
  13. NurEinMensch

    Urban Dead

    I can't access the site right now so I have no idea of what is going on. Should we need to relocate, any ideas where a good place is? If there are really 90+ zombies inc I doubt we will be able to hold them off for long. I'm not going to be the one who runs away and if everyone stays so will I, but as of now I don't even know whether or not we are still alive at all. I think what we need now is a leader, someone willing to take the responsibility and make some quick decisions. Anyone interested? Harnu maybe? Who would have thought a simple game like this having such depth.
  14. NurEinMensch

    Urban Dead

    Yes Daddl that's how I got that name. If you traval that far try to plan ahead as good as possible. If you find a well protected place with some people inside try and rest there, even if you still have quite some action points left. You never know how long you need to travel to find the next safe spot. Spending the night alone and unprotected meant waking up as a zombie every time for me.
  15. NurEinMensch

    Urban Dead

    So here's my main: Name: Grisuu Class: Civilian (Firefighter) Level: 1 Skills: Axe Proficiency (An extra +15% when attacking with an axe.) Location: Marshment Place Police Dept.(Peppardville) Inventory: Fire axe (1) Pair of wirecutters (1) Flack jacket (1) Shotgun shell (1) Shotgun (2) Bottle of beer (1) It was a 2 day journey to that place. I traveled from safeplace to safeplace, carefully not to end up in the middle of a zombie crowd without action points. This was my 3rd try at it. As far as the other 2 are concerned... Hehe. I'm now medding for action points and wait for someone to come up with some kind of plan. About that talking needing action points, sure this is inconveniant,but if you think about it there really is no other way. Imagine this if everyone could talk for free. You log in after work and first have to read through like half a day worth of spam to filter out the important stuff. At least with the current rule people concentrate on the important things. Less spam, less d00d-sp34k is a good thing imo.
  16. NurEinMensch

    European Politics Thread.

    Don't mention the food! While this isn't exactly very diplomatic it's now blown out of proportion. Come on, it's a joke.
  17. NurEinMensch

    Guild Wars

    When it comes to massive battles and raids with fantasy theme there is only one way to go: Dark Age of Camelot Watch the movie
  18. NurEinMensch

    real moon or deathstar?

    philcommando how come in the original picture only the bright right side of the moon appears to have edges and not the left side, but in your model we can can (of course) see the edges on both sides of the low-poly model? Shouldn't the "constructed" nature of the moon be even more obvious on the left side? Since it is not I think we can safely say the edges come from the overexposure.
  19. NurEinMensch

    "Mars pictures reveal frozen sea"

    Mars pictures reveal frozen sea We already were pretty sure there is water on Mars, but now there are pictures available of what could actually be a frozen sea on Mars. I don't quite see the implications of this yet, so what do you people think? Btw I know there is already one Mars thread but it appeared to be rather dated and I didn't want to dig it up.
  20. NurEinMensch

    "Mars pictures reveal frozen sea"

    As far as I know the methan emissions have been verified. I can't provide a link, tho. I think the latest Mars-mission was a huge success, this becomes more obvious every time they find something new. And Mars seems to be more attractive. I hope for a manned expedition to Mars within the next 30 years.
  21. NurEinMensch

    Half-life 2 is out (and CS:Source)

    HL2 has issues with international keyboard layouts, edit the \half-life 2\hl2\config.cfg and bind toggleconsole to the key you want.
  22. NurEinMensch

    International Politics Thread

    I voted liberal, but I would not do that in national elections, as the FDP is indeed some kind of joke.
  23. NurEinMensch

    Eu expands

    Welcome! Part of my family is living in Hungary close to the border to Austria and they are having quite a party there this night, they told me.
  24. NurEinMensch


    I think that's a rather biased point of view. One could argue those smgs are not made to kill but rather to move a small piece of lead at high velocity where the user wants it to be. You see it is a matter of what you yourself think about weapons, it's not in the weapon itself. If someone wants to have a full auto smg and has proven he's responsible enough why not let him have one? Does it matter if he needs one? I think not. Since when is that a requirement to get something? I could argue there is not really a need for everybody to have lets say cars with HP beyond a certain limit, or why do we need cars that go faster than lets say 100km/h? Does one really need one? Most people hardly. And there are probably even lots of lives saved if we had a special permit for cars that can go faster. Still a stupid idea, don't you agree? And even implying a questionable morale of people who like to talk about their guns, on a military sim forum... I don't know, a bit hypocritical to me.
  25. NurEinMensch

    Moscow attack kills 40

    Torturing of enemy soldiers surely is a fact of war, but that still doen't make it any better or more just than any other form of terrorism.