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  1. yuTkgi7scKo Designers say the new game explores the endless paperwork, routine patrolling a modern day soldier endures in photorealistic detail.
  2. That's stupid, in real life if a soldier was wounded or died would they put in extra resources just to remove his body?
  3. I want to let every gun have tracers, so: class B_556x45_Ball : BulletBase { nvgOnly = 0; model = "????"; }; What should I put in "????"?
  4. Mudkip

    WarFX Particles

    Nah, it isn't powered in flight, it follows a ballistic flight path like an ordinary bullet.
  5. Mudkip

    New Behavior Mode: CHARGE

    ArmA isn't like WW2 where there were heroic soldiers fighting for their country. ArmA is today's soldiers who are pussies who would just call in an air-strike instead.
  6. Mudkip

    WarFX Particles

    M136 shouldn't have the incoming 'whoosh' sound, it's not a rocket.
  7. Mudkip

    Head Bob...how many use?

    Yeah but A2 riflemen only carry 5 kg of stuff.
  8. Mudkip

    Head Bob...how many use?

    Combat gear doesn't make your head move more. The characters in A2 hardly carry anything anyway, the rifleman carries an assault rifle, some magazines and a few grenades, that weighs like 50N?
  9. Mudkip

    Mounted machine gun accuracy

    Is dynamic dispersion possible in the game? In some games as you hold down the trigger dispersion increases. If this was possible then short bursts would be accurate but sustained fire would go all over the place.
  10. So a small 20kg tripod can keep an M2 perfectly on target while spitting out 500 .50 BMG rounds a minute. Same with every other mounted machine gun, notice how even at 1000m you can hold down the trigger and put every round on target. I don't think mounted machine guns can have proper recoil (engine limitation) so instead they should have artificial dispersion. Like the M134 on the AH-6J.
  11. Actually, in the ArmAverse, the Takistani militia have tracers than can't be seen from the front.
  12. I don't want AI to be as good as I am, that would be stupid and not fun, it's like having a 1:1 K/D ratio in a CoD match, not fun.
  13. Mudkip

    WarFX Particles

    Will Blastcore and CSM2 be like 'companion' mods?
  14. It can be fired from windows.
  15. Mudkip

    TWS Sights on M110-Reticle pattern?

    Just press the spacebar to determine range and set it to whatever using page up/page down.