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  1. Did not work so I uninstalled and am installing the game clean.. then will try again... But, I am also having issues in Windows 10... Game seems to just CTD randomly now for now reason... Not related to your excellent mod... Hope they consider fixing the game for Windows 10...
  2. First time user of your mod but I am having some issues. First, how do I make the units go backward? I am in a walrus and the S key moves forward with the W key going faster.. I cannot seem to find the key to go backward.. Next, How do I get the original camera back? I do not like the first person view all the time... When I hit the old camera change key it does not change the view back to 3rd person like it used to...
  3. I was able to get it working.... I ended up re-installing STEAM to my main C: drive. Then I re-installed Carrier Command to the same location and it now runs.... In other words, allowing STEAM to install Carrier Command to ANY other drive, causes the above error without fault! You MUST install Carrier Command to the C:.
  4. Do devs read and reply to these help requests? Still waiting on reply...
  5. ummm... no, it says 3.3/3.3 completed. I did that to show the update was complete. I am not a novice computer user. I am also a dev myself. Besides, you cannot launch a game until downloading is complete on STEAM. It pops up a requester if a download is in progress. This error is IDENTICAL to the errors being reported by others from day one. I finally gave up. Last night I decided to try again, make sure all updates were applied and see if the problem was fixed. Obviously it has not been. And in case anyone asks again... yes the system is up to date on all drivers, directX and so on and so on. The specs are: Intel I-7 3770s core 4/8, 16 gbyte memory, Sabertooth Z77 mainboard with 7.1 surround audio, NVideo GTX 580 video, and approx 10 terabytes of HD space.
  6. Ok I have waited and waited to see if any fixes would come along for this issue.. I have installed the latest 1.03 patch and still get the same exact crash right when I click play from Steam. I have included a screenshot of the dialog error box that pops up. I have also tried deleting the config files etc etc... no change. http://s1057.beta.photobucket.com/user/MalakieUSN/media/carriercommanderror.jpg.html
  7. Will do that.. Steam already as Admin.. my default for everything. But will initiate a reboot and see what happens... ---------- Post added at 08:43 ---------- Previous post was at 07:18 ---------- Well tried the reboot.. No go.. same error.
  8. malakie

    Two Monitors

    Only Two monitors? I have three! How about all three monitors in use.. that would be real awesome in this game... at least I think it would be... Have not yet been able to run the game... :(
  9. I have just purchased the game. On running I get an immediate dialog requester with the following CTD information: * and before someone chimes in and says to check drivers, dx etc etc.. they are all up to date and current. I have ALSO verified files, redownloaded twice AND logged out and back in to steam. Error dialog is as follows: Unhandled Exception Program: ...... carrier.exe Reason: Access Violation, Illegal Read by 1018eb74 at 18 [enf::TiXmlNode::FirstChild]: ??? addr:0x1018eb74 [enf::TiXmlNode::FirstChild]: ??? addr:0x1018eb74 (press retry to debug application - JIT must be enabled) Would love to play this Amiga classic... but cannot for this reason. System Specs: Thermaltake Level 10 Tower Asus Sabertooth motherboard Processor Intel® Core i7-3770S CPU @ 3.10GHz, 3101 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s) 16gb ram 10 terabytes HD space Nvidia GTX 580 Video 7.1 Surround (board based) Logitech G19 Keyboard and G5 mouse Windows 7 Professional, ALL drivers updated and installed. ** Note: Just noticed others reporting same EXACT error on Steam now too..