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  1. MiniGunDad

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    This is a great scenario and i cant stop playing it. I have one request to Rydygier can you put in the options screen choices for the independants/opfor/blufor units. I only say this as i was playing on Lingor and came across Takistani's - my fault for still having various CUP MOD's loaded but i have also noticed other unnatural units. I appreciate that you are not responsible for 'ports' to other maps but if this option was in the CORE of the Pilgimage i think it would ensure a more realistic feel to what is one of the best scenarios that ArmA 3 has had. Many thanks for a great scenario!
  2. MiniGunDad

    ACE for OA 1.13

    SavageCDN thank you for your reply. Many thanks for your info. From my research the 'version info' you supplied is correct and all works well on my Server and PC (v 1.63 CBA_CO). The order of MOD's is how it is in my shortcut so i've got that right! The issues i've had are most likely scenario based or from me 'sleeping' the Server.
  3. MiniGunDad

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Er... i don't understand? ---------- Post added at 16:57 ---------- Previous post was at 16:51 ---------- "CBA_CO" ah ha! I wasn't aware of that MOD :o Will download and give it a go. Many thanks! Any ideas on the command line order preference?
  4. MiniGunDad

    ACE for OA 1.13

    I've come back to ArmA2 as i cant find a decent Warfare scenario for ArmA3 - well one that doesn't lag so bad!! Still onto my issues; After moving to Steam :rolleyes: i decided to ensure all ACE MODS were correct and reading through all the documentation i have found this conflicting information; I have Combined OPS so i must use @CBA, @CBA_A2 and @CBA_OA or do I? As below tells me not to use CBA_OA :confused: Also further down that page; So my questions are; 1. CBA_OA - use it or not? 2. Does the order of the MODS really matter? (Been using Tophe's Server Tool (2.4) which seems to put the MODS alphabetically in the command line) I have been running an ACE Warfare Scenario (ACE WF BE 2.071) on my home LAN Server - there are some issues but i'm not sure if they are related to problems within the scenario. The issues are; On re-spawning, sometimes my call-sign is changed to something other than No 1 position. Sometimes when re-spawning at a town Camps, all of my units are moved from their various map positions to my position. Salvage truck does not work if i disconnect from game and connect later - I can still get in truck but it does not salvage wrecks.
  5. Indeed there are restrictions however, you can use 'forceaddUniform' Also i think this needs work... this unassignItem "NVGoggles"; this removeItem "NVGoggles"; I believe it needs to be; this unassignItem "NVGoggles_OPFOR"; this removeItem "NVGoggles_OPFOR";
  6. MiniGunDad

    [MP] WASP Warfare CTI

    Firstly i must say that in the two hours i've played this version of Warfare i have been blown away at how good it is (Stratis map). I love the Warfare Menu - just so simple and easy to use. But on to my question which is about the "Commander" - in other warfare scenarios there has been an option for an 'AI Commander'. Is this in the pipeline for WASP Warfare? Thank you and keep up the good work.
  7. MiniGunDad

    AI Commander

    I keep doing this - stupid idiot that i am - admin please delete.
  8. MiniGunDad

    Domination Redux by Champy and Tankbuster

    I'm having a problem when running the latest Domination (1.22) on a LAN Server - the lift choppers do not give the option to lift any vehicles. If i load the same pbo on standalone and play, the option to lift appears. Anyone hazard a guess as to why this is? (probbaly me being a noob!!) :D Yup me being a noob - hadn't selected correct mission ... what a plonker!! :a:
  9. MiniGunDad

    Arma3 - AGGRESSORS

    You are a star! I was shuffling through the Editor Cfg list before i found your list! Many Thanks!!
  10. MiniGunDad

    Enemy occupation system (eos)

    Having problems with Bastion Zone - or maybe i don't understand the operation of it?! Ok my 'player' enters the Bastion zone and the first of 2 waves start. If the 'player' exits the zone the AI despawn, and the Hint says 'Zone lost need to recapture' (or similar). However on re-entering the zone no AI appear because the parameter in the call is set to 'False'. So the zone goes red and no units present. My call line; null = [["MKR_03"],[2,1],[0,0],[0,0],[0,0],[0,0,EAST,TRUE,TRUE],[5,2,120,FALSE,TRUE]] call Bastion_Spawn; If i change it to; null = [["MKR_03"],[2,1],[0,0],[0,0],[0,0],[0,0,EAST,TRUE,TRUE],[5,2,120,TRUE,TRUE]] call Bastion_Spawn; The included instructions say that area should go to an EOS type zone once the 'player' leaves the zone. So my big question is when the 'player' re-enters the zone, what should happen as it is now an EOS zone? Currently in the simple scenario i have, nothing happens. I was hoping enemy units would spawn but they don't.
  11. Clicked wrong button again!! What a numpty!! FPDR
  12. MiniGunDad

    Enemy occupation system (eos)

    My recent testing has shown that the Kill Counter works great when you host a game on your own machine, but it does not seem to work when the scenario is running on a Server. Is it just me or is this a known issue? For info; I have exported the EOS_1_98.Altis example to a multiplayer scenario and then run it on my PC. Kill Counter works great. I copied the file to my LAN Server PC and run the Server. Connected to the game and started the scenario but the kill counter doesn't show in the hints. Interestingly enough neither does the unit spawning hint show. Any ideas anyone?
  13. Disregard - Any Admin please remove. :icon_redface:
  14. Yeah i can get the editor to run just not that mission. Oh well maybe it will be updated at somepoint. Trying to find a Domination Scenario that works 100% - which is proving difficult!! :p
  15. Tried last year and just recently but i cannot get any scenario going. I have enabled mods in the shortcut (@tacops;@CBA_A3;@sthud). Tried to run the Domination scenario but i get this errorr; You cannot Play/Edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.zeos_vehicle_lionheart Any idea why this is?