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  1. So far this mod is AWESOME Only one thing, how can I man the LCM boats? I've tried using the "In Cargo" option but it's not working.
  2. Well I don't know in which part of Omaha Beach the allied forces accually landed, becuase the Omaha Beach coast strip is huge, but the beach itself where they landed sepose to be much larger, like this: The other three pictures are from the Invasion 1944 dday mod.
  3. One thing that bothers me is Omaha Beach. What are those Ortego-like wierd buldings on the beach? The beach should be empty. And why the beach is green with grass? It's sepose to be just sand, the hills are ok though. BTW, everything else is awesome, the units, vehicle etc... and one more thing, how do I get the bots into the landing crafts?
  4. Mayhem_210

    31st Normandy mod -WW2

    When the beta is gonna get released? I remember something about the 15...
  5. Mayhem_210

    WW2 Addons?

    That sounds awesome. The Invasion 1944 DDAY mod looks amazing as well.
  6. Mayhem_210

    WW2 Addons?

    Hi I was wondering if there is ANY addon that has been released, that contains any WW2 tanks and vehicles, except FFS WW2 Vehicle Pack which have been released recently. With this opportunity, can we use this thread to gather up ALL the WW2 Addons, what so ever, that are out there? I'm sure Im not the only one who need that. Thanks alot Â
  7. Mayhem_210

    Jonny´s Army Special Forces

    The other "funny" gloves are only for training. The most common, law-enforcment gloves, which military man takes to the field - are the Nomex flight gloves.
  8. Mayhem_210

    Jonny´s Army Special Forces

    Hey Johnny, damn good job. The best addon I ever seen. BTW, if it's already so realistic, the gear and so on... so why does they have funny gloves? why aren't they just all have Nomex Flight gloves like in reality?
  9. Mayhem_210

    1st Infantry Division

    Hi, Any chance that someone will re-upload the replacement pack? The Armaholic mirrors doesn't work. Thanks.
  10. Mayhem_210

    Nomex Gloves

    got any idea where can I find a unit with full nomex gloves?
  11. Mayhem_210

    Nomex Gloves

    I was woundering if there's an addon which gives nomex gloves to ALL US units(sniper,rifleman,medic etc...) ? I searched everywhere and didn't find anything.
  12. Mayhem_210

    ArmA Addon request thread

    Can anyone make an addon which adds nomex gloves to ALL US units(Medic, Sniper, Rifleman etc...)? Addon which will be a replacement and will work in MP. Thanks
  13. Mayhem_210

    ArmA Custom Faces For Free

    Hi Can anyone please make a face without camo, but with those nomex gloves: http://images.onlypolicegloves.com/mgen/master:MNZ010.jpg And how do I install and use faces?
  14. Mayhem_210

    UNA Field of View Replacement Addon

    Thanks alot for this! Much needed and much appriciated!
  15. Mayhem_210

    Arma feedback thread - based on 1.14

    I Hate the new FOV