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  1. Mavericko

    Doors Off

    Ah yes in the medium heli, I've only tried it in the light and there it doesn't work.
  2. Mavericko

    Doors Off

    As far as I know, you can't just jump into the chopper and use the camera. It only triggers when it is near an object linked to a waypoint. I might be wrong, but that is the only way I've used it.
  3. Mavericko

    Doors Off

    Ah thank you! This ought to keep my occupied =)
  4. Mavericko

    I want this game, should I?

    In my opinion, the OFP/Arma series and Take On caters to a specific group of gamers - you really have to try it to see if you like it.
  5. Mavericko

    Doors Off

    Ah thank you! Is there a list of animations anywhere, so we can modify them to have FLIR, Mirror, Camera and so on as we see fit? Okay after experimenten, the same command with logical names work, like "addMirror" "addBenches" though "addCamera" did not work
  6. So does anyone know how to add one of your missions to the career mode? I've never scripted missions outside the game before, except doing modifications to scripts created by others, but all my missions are made within the confines of the editor except mabye adding a html file and some music or w/e.
  7. for example, put the following in the init field of whatever unit you are tryin to change the altitude for: this setPos [getPos this select 0,getPos this select 1,10] where 10 is the altitude - just experiment with that value until you get it right.
  8. Mavericko

    Fire fighting

    Oh simcopter.. I can still hear the sound the water makes when you drop it from the bambi bucket <3 I was actually expecting possible fire fighting in the final version of the game, but as Bohemia relies too heavily on their community, we just have to wait for the community to do it. They did it for Arma.. 1 I think, so shouldn't be too long.
  9. Mavericko

    Doors Off

    bump? Also does anyone know if you can do the same but with like the camera, the flir camera and so on?
  10. Uh, or you could press F7 in the editor and add the Heliport module, and sync it to a helicopter and voila :P The only problem though is that the helicopter will spawn on the helipad right outside the hangar, and the player will spawn in the helicopter. Which is only a problem if you wanted them somewhere else, which I actually do in my mission, which means I will have use of your script! Thank you. =) 1st Edit: Is there a way to change what helicopter spawns inside the hangar? 2nd Edit: Apperantly it does not work to press F7 for me in the editor, but you can still click on the modules button.
  11. <3 I've wanted to become a helicopter pilot my entire life, although I've only had a chance to be in a helicopter twice - the first time I flew as a passanger in the left seat of a EC120, the second time was this summer where I flew in the right-hand seat in an Schweizer 300, on a trial lesson. It was awesome, but my point is that wether it's a turbine or piston powered engine, it's pure love for any real pilot, and/or aviation fan.
  12. Mavericko

    Using special equipment

    I'm wondering this too, but I'm also wondering how to use the camera and FLIR on my light helicopter in the campaign? I've tried pressing num 0 while in the copilot seat, since that's what you did in the Arma series. I also just noticed that if you fly the medium air ambulance, they have a spotlight that you can use as copilot by pressing num 0, but it did not work on my light heli in the career mode. Is it because I have both the camera and flir mounted at the same time, and it is causing some kind of conflict? I also have the internal monitor that does not work.. Do I need some special setting in the video options for that? I'm running everything at low except my resolution, and I have PiP enabled.
  13. I had that error the first time, I reinstalled the TKOH preview, and then found a shortcut to start it in the Arma 2 folder - worked like a charm.
  14. You need to counter-act with your rudder controls, same buttons as in Arma. It was poorly done in my opinion, because unless you have pressure based buttons/axis and not just a "normal" button, the rudder won't be perfectly controlled. I did not check to see if there was any setting to change this however. The first thing I noticed when I started the preview scenario, was that the pilot is in the wrong seat. Yes, you can fly choppers from both seats, but if there is only one pilot, they are flown from the right-hand seat. I never understood why in Arma, Black Hawks were flown from the right-hand seat, but little birds from the left for example. The flight-model was.. interesting, it felt a bit sluggish, and you need a pretty sensitiv joystick to fly it well, my joystick has fairly big dead-zone, for my taste anyway. I fly helicopters in FSX so I'm fairly demanding when it comes to my joystick. I did not actually try the trim, but the real-life trim does not trim the rudder, it trims the cyclic. I was also a bit disappointed that the start-up procedure was so automated.. This said, I will try the final version before deciding wether it is worth it.
  15. Yeah I just saw your earlier post, I'll do that for him.