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  1. I'd love to see stats tracking for the new Firing Range, so that you can compare yourself to other players! :)
  2. How about adding gears while we're at it? Would definately make driving more fun :)
  3. MoS

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Seems like there is a new Dev build out: 0.51.103048 (13.3MB) Any idea what it changes?
  4. MoS

    Operation E3

    So it's THIS time of the year again? http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?120310-E3-Arma-3&p=1948658#post1948658 Oh the good old days of glory and you guys made it again! :D I love the ArmA community! Best of all is that it is again Colin who got to see the tour *g*
  5. Same applies to the M14... what a gun! High rate of fire, accurate and raw penetration power combined in this beauty of wood and metal!
  6. MoS

    More accessible mission design

    You come here to unload your huge pile of **** and then wonder why people rage? Bottom line: Troll somewhere else cause you can´t be serious!
  7. I´d go for the Air Force. I dont mind if fighter pilot or just transport. If this wouldnt work I´d go for the Army, either as artillery operator or tracked anti aircraft.
  8. MoS

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    Although I have to admit that this is the coolest looking helicopter of all time... it can´t possibly be that effective when a girl can throw a spear at it and kill the crew inside :laugh:
  9. I´m just throwing in some points. Feel free to ignore or not: - Don´t we already have a grass mesh layer in the distance since ArmA I? - Wouldn´t shadows in the distance put a huge stress on performance? - Aren´t there far more important things than foxholes that need fixing before adding more features that only have little effect on overall gameplay - like fixing the netcode for example? No offense, no irony, no sarcasm.. just simple questions!
  10. MoS

    Island Lemnos

    Of course Chernarus is BIS finest "island" yet made, but only from a graphical point of view. I bought a new PC specifically for ArmA II just before release. The recommended (not the minimum specs) were: My PC has a 3.0 Ghz quad, 4GB DDR2+ RAM and a Nvidia GTX260 with 896MB. And I tell you I can´t play in those dense forrests without heavy frame rate drop! I´m not satisfied with playing max 20 fps. Now add godmode AI who sees you through bushes + grass and voila you get your own unplayable forrest experience. I tried to overcome this problem with lowering my medium settings to low but you´ll always spot enemies after they spotted you (thanks to disabled AA and 3d resolution of 100%, btw don´t even bother going lower than that cause you´ll see through the eyes of an 80 year old). For a PC that is above the recommended specs it is just not acceptable to have such a hard time in forrests, but as I said before, the same thing happened on Sahrani and many complaint about this. I played ArmA I again yesterday with max settings and it was a joy walking through the forrest. I don´t know why BIS kept insisting on raising the poly models for the trees in ArmA II. The tree model from ArmA I are just as beautiful...
  11. MoS

    Island Lemnos

    Chernarus doesn´t look so clean when played in full detail and high viewdistance (especially with grass enabled). Just today I bothered installing Armed Assault I (one) again to see how my graphics card would perform with high details enabled. I managed to play everything on very high including a 10km viewdistance and yes with perfectly acceptable framerates. THIS is an unbelievable atmosphere! You can tell every neat little detail and together with no LOD switching, no warping of far away units whatsoever it feels af it you were actually there. :eek: The bad performance, with medium and lower high-end PCs most of us have, on Chernarus is one of the many reasons why they dont like playing on this island (including myself). It is still a pain in the ass to fight in a forrest with those uber-high-poly model of a tree. The same applied to Sahrani´s nothern part, where the PCs of that time had the same problems with the vegetation. Guess thats like a curse for this series. Once the PCs are capable enough to play the game in full detail, the successor is already released and it starts all over again... But hey in case of Lemnos I´m not so sure. As far as I can tell it is mostly free from larger forrest and could actually be really enjoyable for most of us. And btw: there is no such thing as "war-scenery". Wars can break out everywhere in the world. It is all about the atmosphere that makes you believe that you are in a war and that is by far not an issue of the island choice. ;)
  12. MoS

    Tanks with TROPHY?!

    Guess you never stop learning things about ArmA... thanks for the hint with the AS50! Going to try that some time :D
  13. MoS

    Tanks with TROPHY?!

    I just put a T90 100m in front of me, shot a single SMAW on one of its tracks and... crew bailed out. Any questions? ;)
  14. MoS

    Tanks with TROPHY?!

    Thats rather a rare event. Most of the time a single SMAW can damage one of the tracks and we all know that the AI immediately jumps out of the tank after it realizes that they are immobilized (that happens instantly)...