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  1. Mehmehmeh

    Interview with Ondrej Spanel ( Suma )

    Ask these communist bastards if I can get refund for my game. Ask if they realize that the game has become too big for them and should be done by professionals. Ask if unstabe game is a feature. And finally if they are looking for new jobs since ArmA 2 must suck too since ArmA 1 is not even done yet and the BI will fold. Oh, cheaters..... Are they meant to be a part of this game, a feature too?
  2. Mehmehmeh

    Instant viewdistance

    I love you Radical.Ghost!!! Finally I can play with a view setting I find fit and not some 1200m preset setting because of some ppl using mid end PC's :):) This mod beats all mods so far. @Matt.... pfff
  3. Mehmehmeh

    Fog / no fog

    Yes, 1.09 it is. So it is a server setting then. And there is no way to override that setting I would guess with a public mod? Meaning I have to play with fog just like back in 1.08... It kind of sucks.
  4. Mehmehmeh

    Fog / no fog

    See image links. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/Johanea/a09e015f.jpg Above, an Aussie OGN server Operation Sahrani. View distance 10k set in options but can only see about...a few meters. Which server does not seem to matter anyway, Aussie or not. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/Johanea/388cc477.jpg Above, Evo with in-game view distance settings set to 10k land/air distance. No fog. Why is it so? Some specs: Windows XP Pro SP3 v.3244 (closed beta) 2x 8800GTX in SLI Res 2560x1600x32 at 60Hz 31" 2GB RAM Intel Q6650 Board Evga 122-CK-NF68 2 PSU 1.1kW
  5. Mehmehmeh

    Arma beta patch 1.09 - released

    1.09, about bloody time! Pffff
  6. Mehmehmeh

    Let's talk about VOIP in 1.09

    To hell with VOIP. I can chat on the phone if I need to.... Get the 1.09 out already. And get rid of the damn crashes and fog.
  7. Mehmehmeh

    TrackIR Pros & Cons???

    I have not used webcam or such to compare with TIR that I have. So i will say nothing much about that. However, the support that NP has in place is truly A class compared to other hardware companies. Swift and fast response plus solution. Btw, no ArmA without TIR for me anymore.
  8. Mehmehmeh

    The Cause Campaign

    Awesome SP mission. No doubts the best SP mission so far and time has been spent on doing it into what it is. So far has been running it without any problems. And it gives me a fuzzy feeling to kill the true terrorists, even though only pixel war.
  9. Mehmehmeh

    Weird error on startup

    or copy this to your config file. 3D_Performance=6849.000000;
  10. Mehmehmeh

    Weird error on startup

    Had the same, did copy a arma.cfg from a friend and away it went.
  11. Mehmehmeh

    reloading and changing weapons in Arma

    Guess I should have said magazines, not AT4 or rpgs, but then I figured you might have been able to deduce that, silly me. Nope, was a sarcasm simply aimed towards the game. Not you....
  12. Mehmehmeh

    reloading and changing weapons in Arma

    Bet you never used to reload your AT4's either during your 35 years? And stand still while doing so while being fired at....
  13. Mehmehmeh

    Arma 1.09  news

    Could not agree more.
  14. Mehmehmeh

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    That's why there's such things as reviews. Most of ArmA's major faults and bugs were in many reviews out before the game went on sale or shortly after. And $30 isn't all that much considering most games retail at the $50 mark. You are very much right about that. Saying that, this game is far different from the common FPS game and even America's Army. And therefore I did not really bother about reviews at the most common sites. ArmA, QG and I guess ArmA 2 can be the greatest game I have ever played, and to be honest I do still play ArmA on a daily basis. But the way it is heading now, I find it more and more hard to enjoy. It is not about money either since I can with ease spend 30USD on whatever without any worry. It is more about that no one who's responsible for this game care about the same. In my own exp. with other games made by large developers you would have a constant stream of patches or updates. At times you'd have to install a patch right after you have purchased the game. But with ArmA? No one seems to care really too much. On top of that, and i do not really care about who's doing what, ArmA 2 is in development. In my opinion ArmA 1 should be finished first before doing a 2nd ArmA. Because of that, I do feel ripped of. I did not intend to buy a beta release of a game, but to buy a full working game with support if needed as problem arise. Beside the bugs and crashes I do have, cheaters are another issue. Even if I do manage to find a server to play on with ppl on it, and i do not crash for hours. Sure as hell many times someone will come in and spoil the fun no matter. What is being done about that? Yeah, 1.09 is supposed to have some anti cheats protection according to BIS. How long time will it take before that is broken? And when that happens, then what? Back to where we are now. As far as I know anti cheat is a continues task, not a one-time-fix. I would rather fork out 100USD on this game if that is what it would take to have someone to at least care about the game from the Dev's side. This game made by America's Army ppl, that would be something great.
  15. Mehmehmeh

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    Lesson learned is for me for sure to see the general opinion about ArmA 2 before believing all false propaganda, and just buy it. Propaganda which I did believe when I bough ArmA 1. I should have done so when I bought QG as well.... Either way, I have learned my ~30USD lesson already the hard way.