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    I neeeeeed this!

    I´m sorry but http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lbsf1rSz8RQ is the best arma video ever.... its ARMA 1... but its stunning. Afghan Village was a map for ARMA 1.... pretty small though but quite fun to play. BTW ... any news of ACE Mod for ARMA II?? Me and my clanmates are waiting anxiously for what was a masterpiece of Mod in ARMA I to experience in ARMA II. For what regards me Im a die hard tank sim gamer (almost to the point of buying Steel Beasts Pro PE) and Im willing to see more complexty and proper display of the true capacities of a modern tank in ARMA II. Best regards and merry xmas :)
  2. I totally agree the hitpoints system turns the armor aspect of the game completely arcade. It also happens when it comes into what regards aircrafts... the missile tab and fire take us away from a LOMAC/BLACK SHARK game alike and put us closer of a HALO game alike. Given the size of the map its also ridicolous that they included the JSF-35 and the SU-35 in the game as the engaging ranges of these aircrafts are on more than 50km for long range engagements, more than 30 for medium range and more than 10 for short range. I think that the problem of armor ballistics in this game is related to the phisics of the game (still poor) and the decission BIS made of not taking advantage of the PhyshX or Havoc technology.
  3. Michael_Wittman

    GPU Random Shutdown

    Well... Happy to say I found the solution by a multi-purpose device. Until the weather chills I´ll leave the chasis open and set the device at full speed beside the chasis. It´s rough, its noisy but it works...played arma for an hour without issues and awesome fps. The device.
  4. Michael_Wittman

    GPU Random Shutdown

    Definey it looks like a overhaeting problem... It also happens with ARMA 1.. I have open the case and check..the GPU fans work until the bank screen..then they stop blowing. I´m trying to figure out how to improve the cooling without great expenses etc.. As far as I´ve seen the air comes from the outer side of the case by the DVI connector side and then its expelled inside the case by the upper and side of the card. Other thing I give no credit is that I´ve forced alternate frame rendering 2 for ARMA 2 in the driver and I experience the HDRI flash again as in ARMA 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really dont understand how can they make a game asking for ultra powerfull GPU and not testing the game for them properly! It´s like building a ferrari and delivering it 1000km away from any paved road.
  5. Michael_Wittman

    GPU Random Shutdown

    Well, titles says it.... when I´m playing after a whyle (15-20 min) my GPU stops sending signal to the screen... the computer itself is still running the game as I can hear by the headphones but the GPU goes completely down... I cannot exit the aplication whatsoever. I´m thinking its something about overheating but the curious thing is that I can reset the computer and it runs agains perfectly and that very moment (not giving it time to chill). My GPU is Geforce 9800 GX2 with the latest drivers.
  6. Michael_Wittman

    Mission Editor in Console?

    I think Codemaster guys did commit a huge mistake when they released CG trailer... now the in-game video must have been like freezing water down the pants for a large number of fans. All the hype on OPF:DR is going to hurt now... And yet I would like OPF:DR to stay along with ARMAII in the realistic battlefield sims for the shake of competence...if not we will still have the inconvinients of ARMAII being monopolistic on the this maket segment. Hope they release any of them soon...
  7. Michael_Wittman

    Arma2 AI the most advanced in the world?

    That is absolutely not true. As mission developer I HARDLY ENCOURAGE YOU to play Combat Mission Barbarrosa to Berlin of CMAK for a few month just to check out how many things in your thoughts are WRONG. Most people dont play the game the right way...but also most of the mission makers dont have a clue of how to set strongholds....AT gun positions...MG positions...and so on,,, So yes...we not only need a micro AI...we need tactical AI and strategic level AI. It´s sad that we are in the hands of the comunity for developing maps and missions.... well if they would all think like ACE mod devs. i´d never have a problem...but that´s not the case. So message for all that mission developers that want the player to pass through a bottleneck were they did set the ambush......... dont try to turn this into COD2012... although you could be a great worker for Valve making extra levels for Half -Life 2012 this game is not that way. So as far as Ive seen how map devolopers set their maps I strongly recommend that they play tactical level games like Combat Mission (BB, AK) and only then start making map with some sense....just that. Some people find that map developers try harder to be amateur movie directors than anything else.
  8. Michael_Wittman

    Ai thread

    Posted this elsewhere... just wanted you to see what can be achieved
  9. Michael_Wittman

    The importance of well made Tutorials

    I truly think that this is a must not only for casual gamers ... and specially regarding tank warfare and vehicles. People still pick tanks and charge alone inside towns .. wth .. just today I was driving the M1 and the gunner didnt knew what ammo to use according to the target. People just want to rush into action and this game is not that way. BTW: For the shake of cooperation this game should come with a built-in Teamspeak with the features to create channels and use the channel commander. It´s a fact that most people dont use the current ingame audio chat.
  10. Michael_Wittman


    Corrent me if I´m wrong but does the moon currently affect night illuminaiton? if not...it could be cool if they set a good illumination for a full moon night so its possible to play without night vision.
  11. Michael_Wittman

    Hands are still static

  12. Michael_Wittman

    Red Orchestra OstFront 41-45 new update

    The first time you shoot the superstructure of a Su76 from a tiger and see it going forward and fightting back or crash your IS-2 on a wooded fence halting the tank all the "realism" will go directly out of the window. REALISM??
  13. Michael_Wittman

    Arma2 AI the most advanced in the world?

    I think it happens in all levels ... its quite tricky to teach I.A. the basics of common sense. Like watching a bunch of comrades killed on the same spot and not avoiding the ambush.
  14. Michael_Wittman

    [TRANSLATION] Interview about ArmA 2

    Agree but a moving bush is clearly visible ( distance dependant ) but no matter if you crush the entire bush with a tank of just pass through it as infantry... It will neither move or make a sound. So true why a human player is uncapable of perceibing that whyle a bot is capable?
  15. Michael_Wittman

    Change of order

    I think it could be a good think this time the mission briefing apears prior to the soldiers slot so we can choose acordingly to mission requirements. I think its more reasonable.