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    [MP][CTI] WASP Warfare (RHS Edition)

    Hey Guys, Nice work on the Mission, i've been looking for a CTI mission file for me to host on my private Dedicated Server for myself and friends.. would you be happy for me to host this mission on the dedicated server? Virtually nothing will be changed, i might look to add a Save progress feature to the missions so that should we decide to switch mission's were not having to start from scratch every time, as i am not seeing the option for this as being included. I wont host until i hear you are happy with this.
  2. morgarth

    How one installs the server

    I know this seems like a crazy idea but sensible.. is there a way to have a dedicated server that dosen't require 5GB of harddrvie space? I can get the Server to run up using only 24mb of space but every time you connect (via web or lan) to it, it sits on waiting for host. The only reason i ask this is because i don't see why the server needs all the game files as the users have their own data files which should be up to date to enable them to play on the server in the first place. Call me stupid or something but i just can't understand the reasons behind it.. I am a network administrator and database administrator before you demean me or belittle me.