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  1. Nice KT there. If you guyz need information how to force the tanks to make a slow turn: just pm me. Monk.
  2. Monkwarrior

    AI not running all events ?

    Thats exactly what I did. I disabled AI in the beginning of my script and enabled it right after the moment I ignite the engine. I now understand that these scripts influence the clients and server, not the AI units. These need separate instructions. Thanks, Monk.
  3. Monkwarrior

    AI not running all events ?

    And it did :) Works like a shine, thank you gentlemen. Monk.
  4. Monkwarrior

    AI not running all events ?

    Merci. The problem is that the script is not run by the AI. In the beginning of the script there is a sleep 10 (line 24). When I am commander and order the AI to drive the tank starts moving right away. So the AI driver ignores the sleep 10 (and the rest of the script). When I am driver myself the sleep 10 is run and after that the rest of the script. Here is the script: http://www.pastebin.org/50009 Thanks, Monk. ps ah there is Dengibtsesschon, I will investigate your suggestions gentlemen
  5. Gents, My goal is adding a delayed startengine effect for our vehicles. I defined the following eventhandler for that: (_this select 0) addEventHandler ["engine", {_this execVM "\I44_base_scripts\EH\tank_start.sqf";}]; In the tank_start.sqf we coded the timedelay and the startingsounds for some vehicles. The problem is when I'm in a tank as a commander and I order the AI driver to move forward the tank starts moving right away. The tank_start.sqf is only played at my client, the AI seems to ignore it. How can I make sure the AI has to wait too a certain time before they are able to move the tank ? I'm sure I'm overlooking something, but what ? Thanks for your time gentlemen, Monk.
  6. Monkwarrior

    Binarized models

    It depends on the mod. Some are binarized for certain reasons, others are not. Monk.
  7. Monkwarrior

    Anyone play WWIIONLINE?

    There is 1 area tho where WW2OL seems to shine: the damage modeling for tanks. It's superb and I would love to have it available in a2 too. Our mod (i44) would benefit a lot from it. Monk.
  8. Monkwarrior

    Vehicle towing script

    Totally agree. Monk.
  9. Monkwarrior

    Vehicle towing script

    Thank you very much. We would sure love to use it to tow our AT-guns with it :) Greetingz, Monk.
  10. Monkwarrior

    Ok, this is an alarming discovery.

    Sorry, that one doesnt fly. In fact its the other way around. In this forum you will mostly see the people having troubles with the game. The thousands without any serious problems are not voicing anything in here. They are playing the game ...... Monk.
  11. Monkwarrior

    Ok, this is an alarming discovery.

    Let me guess: Vista 64bit ? Which OS are you running, I hope its not Vista and I hope its a 32bit one. Monk.
  12. Monkwarrior

    Cryengine 3 Beauty Speed Interaction Trailer

    Well, we switched from the crysis engine to the arma2 engine for our modding. Tho I must admit that the tools they provide are superb. Their physics engine is also unmatched and of course it looks very pretty. Their scale is still not large enough for our needs. Monk.
  13. The convenience of steam is very large. The overhead it gives is not so good. I allready have many games through steam, that could become a problem if they go out of business. Only open-source could counter that problem in the long run. Monk.
  14. Our dedicated server seems to crash a lot too with warfare. It also displays the "out-of-memory" message. If BIS seriously wants to investigate this error then we can always provide details, specs etc. Monk.
  15. Monkwarrior

    Dragon Rising has been released

    You could try gamecam, I use it often. Not sure whether it works with DR tho. Monk.