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  1. MaceUK71

    Stance indicator

    Couldn't reset so had to create a new profile but now can't delete the other one with the profile name I want.... Worked though, thanks.
  2. MaceUK71

    Stance indicator

    New patch applied and sniper/spotter in there (only the Cheytac looking rifle though, can't find the other one) but no stance indicator. Looked in options in case I had to turn it on, but not there.
  3. MaceUK71

    Arma 3 Alpha - First Impressions

    God, leave him be! He is playing the game and made a video to promote it so just stop being so aggressive!
  4. The MX is not the ACR Bushmaster, it has 'design elements borrowed from the Remington ACR and Robinson Armament XCR' though.
  5. Why would they change? There is nothing wrong with them...
  6. Just think how much worse it would be if jump were to be implemented like these CODtards want, they would be bunny hopping all over too........
  7. MaceUK71

    Soldiers appearance. Important!

    I have read many accounts of the SAS (normally skinny, normal looking men) cross-training with huge, muscle-bound US special forces and the US forces not being able to last for long tabs and not keeping up with the SAS lads. Muscles aren't everything.
  8. MaceUK71

    JUMP please!!

    All you people wanting jump, you know you will bunny hop the first chance you get so stop lying and deceiving yourselves saying otherwise. There is no other reason for wanting jump.
  9. MaceUK71

    3rd person view and difficulty levels

    Right now I love seeing the animations and stances so I use 3rd person a lot and not up to you when I use it thanks.
  10. MaceUK71

    JUMP please!!

    Firstly, I think you need to understand words before you type them (xenophobic) and secondly loads of people bunny hop in COD and BF3.# SAY NO TO JUMP IN ARMA3!!!
  11. MaceUK71

    JUMP please!!

    Day jump gets added is the day I stop playing Arma. Why can't the COD players stay with COD instead of trying to ruin the only milsim we have left.
  12. MaceUK71

    The Giant Alpha Media Thread

    Contemplation http://i611.photobucket.com/albums/tt192/MaceUK/7715bf9e-4bf7-4018-a487-a37efbf943fa_zps8ae324d9.jpg (116 kB) (why can't I embed it?)
  13. MaceUK71

    Take Downs.

    What about throwing them too? So at the start of the 'round' we can all throw them in the air and see who we hit! Actually I think the maps are too big for this, so if we could have really small maps where we can run around like nutters and when the jumping gets added I can do kewl, leet 360 no scopes with my sniper. Pew, pew. FFS seriously........
  14. MaceUK71

    JUMP please!!

    Please god no.....
  15. MaceUK71

    7.4 mb update?

    I don't have an update either.