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    ArmA on Steam

    http://www.steampowered.com/v/index.php?area=game&AppId=2780&cc=US Atari released a bunch of their games via Steam and ArmA just happened to be one of them. I think that it's about time, Steam is a great way to distribute the game to others and I generally get around 700KB/s to 1.2MB/s when I download from their servers. Hopefully Queen's Gambit will show up on here as well, that'll make it much easier to get for everyone. (I know sprocket and another site offer it, but I've heard nothing but problems with them, specifically if you reinstall Windows/format your drive and have to reinstall).
  2. Mabes

    ArmA photography - Questions&Comments

    @ezechiel That "Help Me" picture is fucking amazing. Nice work. How'd you do that?
  3. Sorry to be kind off topic, but is it just me or is that magazine look weird as hell?
  4. You should probably have posted this in the thread dedicated to Evolution in the User Mission section of the forums but... 1) You're correct about the 24hrs or 4Hrs, and the MH-6 R is respawn being turned on for the MH-6 "Little Bird" transport helicopters that are there. Either they respawn after a period of time of not being used or whenever they're destroyed you have to get a Repair Truck and a Fuel Truck and drive them all the way to where the downed helo is to get it back up. 2) I'm not sure about this, but I think it just means that players can longer recruit AI troops to help them. 3) I've never seen this, maybe I just haven't paid attention or it could be that I just never play Evo any more.
  5. Mabes

    March 6th Update on Patch Status

    What features where announced that weren't working, maybe it's been so long that I've forgotten. Also, I never saw anything about the 8000-series nVidia cards being in the requirements/recommended specs or anywhere else AFAIK. I don't think that having another beta patch come out will split off any more of the community, all I see happening is those that are playing on the beta just upgrade to the new one and those playing on 1.08 continue (or maybe more will switch over when they see how awesome the next beta is going to be). I know on our server all we'll do is upgrade cause 1.09 makes ArmA much, much better.
  6. Mabes

    March 6th Update on Patch Status

    The new fixes sound pretty nice, so I'm looking forward to getting my hands on this new beta patch.
  7. Mabes

    Wip-m4a1's pack v1.0

    From what I can tell that seems to have fixed it. Thanks
  8. Mabes

    ArmA Grahpics Going Bonkers

    Possible driver issue? I'm running an 8800GTS and I've never seen that happen (I've never had any LOD errors either though).
  9. Mabes

    Wip-m4a1's pack v1.0

    We're still getting that error, works fine on missions that actually use the weapon, but on certain missions (for example: Quarantine) that don't use the weapons, it starts to load up the mission, it gets to were its about to load into the briefing screen and then it bumps us back to the mission selection screen with an error stating that we've edited or deleted the wipman's m4/m16 pack, despite the fact that the mission doesn't use them at all. We also get the "click-away" error message when in game, generally when you go to the gear menu, that states the same thing. We didn't get it with your first version, any thoughts?
  10. We now have a 32-Player server running on 1.09. We generally play cooperative missions but will also load up Berserk and other PvP missions to have some variety. We're always looking for mature and moderately serious players, hop in our server and join our teamspeak ( if you're interested in joining (PM me for our TS password). Provided By GameTracker.com -1st Lt. Mabes 2/4 E Co, 1st Rifle Plt Com 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit
  11. Mabes

    RACS Uniforms

    Nope, all US Army members (Active/Reserve/Guard) are given the ACUs.
  12. I think a release over Steam would be much better rather than releasing it over Sprocket or one of the other online sources. The main reason being is that MANY, MANY people have had problems with Sprocket (and the like). Steam has also just either upgraded their lines or fixed their coding and downloads are MUCH faster.
  13. Mabes

    Patch 1.12 coming soon?

    1.12 is just the name that they're going to give the v1.09beta when it gets finalized, so it'll have all of those fixes and I'm guessing a few more.
  14. Mabes

    ArmA photography - Questions&Comments

    @eddyD I really like that F-16, looks sweet, specially with the Spangdahlem AB code on the tail. Does it say "Fighting Hawks" on the top? (I was at Spangdahlem for five years).