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  1. Megahurt

    Anybody feel like playing?

    I love playing the VTE mod and have some great missions for it. Message me on msn at bigarms41@hotmail.com. I can put up a server as well. Love chopper missions in VTE. Its the best.
  2. Megahurt

    Fix ArmA choppers now!

    Im not a licenced chopper pilot, i shoulda said that. Im a licenced fixed wing pilot. Cessnas etc. I just flew all over Cape Town SA with a helo pilot (in a cessna) from Austrailia and i grilled the guy on when the rudder cuts out etc. He told me he could get it to turn sideways and slew up to 80 mph. I know most of the guys like infantry but you gotta get to the fight some how. Im really pretty surprised about how good some guys claim to be able to fly these Arma choppers and id like one of them to take me for a ride. Id like to see it for myself and then shut up about it. I think there is a few great suggestions made in this thread: 1) have 2 FM options, easy like ofp or hard like Arma or 2)increase the speed at which the rudder negates and toughen the airframe for landings. If any body knows how to tinker with the .cfg to get those things happening, please let me know. As for Arma not being a flight sim, if its available as part of the game, it should be the best it can be shouldn't it?
  3. Megahurt

    Fix ArmA choppers now!

    Every time i see a new patch for Arma i look to see in the change log "improved rudder controls". I fly the darn thing and the helos are still terrible. Why cant they just make the flight model like OFP. They had it so perfect there and you could perform all the manouvers and flight ops fantastically. I watch the world abandon flashpoint for Arma AND I TRY AND TRY to get into this game, but for me, helo insertions and dustoff rescues are everything. I get angry every time i play this dam game and im getting really frustrated. Does anybody know how to modify the flight.cfg or whatever to make Arma choppers fly like ofp choppers. -------- And please spare me the crap how Arma is realistic and ofp isnt. Im a licenced pilot and if you push the rudder at over 50 k it certainly will turn the chopper sideways. This arma flight model for choppers stinks. I cant express how angry it makes me. I keep going back to flashpoint with my VTE, FDF, FFUR and other mods to enjoy a good game by myself. Is anyone else out there experiencing the same frustration? Does anybody know how to modify the flight.cfg or whatever to make Arma choppers fly like ofp choppers? Please help.
  4. Megahurt

    Helicopter CONTROL? please help

    After hours and hours of trying to master this crazy helo flight model, i went back to flashpont to fly choppers where you can control them and actually fly them like a pro. In arma ill stick to walking. I play this for fun, and choppers in this game arent fun, they stink. Sad but true.
  5. Megahurt

    Helicopter CONTROL? please help

    Sorry about the whining It is what it is, we are where we are. Ive decided to start intense chopper flight training on Arma and i would appreciate your best tips please.
  6. Megahurt

    Helicopter CONTROL? please help

    Well, i liked flying OFP choppers. My friend has just reinstalled OFP after getting a new pc to play Arma. He's strictly a chopper guy. I know theres the realism factor and all that, but with an OFP chopper i could come into an LZ and spray the bushes all around me with machine gun fire, and turn around to zap a tank i just overflew with great accuracy. With Arma by the time i see a target im past it and turning around takes me in such a wide circle ive lost it. If i hit autohover to slow down and use the rudder im ussually toast by the time i can turn. Isn't there some way to put the flightcontrol.cfg or whatever its called, from flashpoint into Arma? The chopper flying was fun and fabulous in OFP, and dismally disappointing for me in Arma. I actually hate flying in Arma. Realism is great and all that, but fun is great too. There must be some thinkers out there that alter the flight model to fly like OFP. Can anybody help?
  7. As a former flashpoint fanatic, nothing was more fun than flying choppers. The flashpoint heos were so controllable i could hit anything anywhere and land with ease. The rudder control was amazing and i loved it. Arma helos on the other hand, fly like a fixed wing plane and i cant get a hold of the darn thing. I am a licenced pilot in real life (fixed wing) and i love Arma, but i keep going back to flashpoint to fly. Does anyone else have this problem? Are there any fixes for this? Will it be fixed? Am i the only one that is mad about this?
  8. Megahurt

    FFUR'85 (2008 edition)

    Im running this FFUR on two puters, one a 2ghz intel with a g of ram, 256 ati x1300 vid the other 2.2 ghz AMD 1 g ram 512 mb x1300 ati vid They both lock up after about 10 min- not playing together - when ive beeen playing this mod. Great effects and i love the work, but id like to fix this. 2007 2.5 works great on both. Any ideas?
  9. Megahurt

    OFP with VTE Vietnam

    7am, January 31st 1968. "Later they called it the begining of the Tet offensive, we called it Hell." We were called in to surround the downed crew of a 'dustoff down' north of the Ar river. Charlie was popping up everywhere and the chopper dropped us and went to work lighting up the tree lines around us. When another dustoff came in to medivac the wounded we watched our ride out get shot down defending it. We made a hasty retreat east to the river where pbrs were racing up and down to the supply depot with scores of wounded and dazed troops. We jumped into the boat with  a T34 and a couple of VC infantry squads hot on our trail. We made it down river to the supply depot dodging fire from the river banks from NVA regulars that were launching boats to join the offensive. We were ordered to protect the depot by moving east and halting the hordes of VC that had just over run our previous position and were heading south to threaten the supply depot that was a lifeline to operations up and down the river. Some armour, two Centurions, joined us when we got to the road east of the depot and fell under my command. Charlie was dug in on the north side of a small stream that had washed out the road and we traded fire spiradically for a while. Then came their big push....... The VTE addon is great. Get it here. http://tactical.nekromantix.com/vte/ For those who arent ready for Arma (runs slow here) message me if youd like to try this mission or play one of yours. I have FDF, VTE, Jungle Fever, FFUR, and WW2 mods and great missions for all. Read more on my website http://81.servebeer.com Megahurt
  10. Megahurt

    Addon-free cti missions?

    http://tactical.nekromantix.com/vte/ Thats the best standalone addon there is. Vietnam at its finest. All you need. For lan play download Hamachi. It allows you to us an internet comnnection as a lan and hook youtr home puters to others on the net flawlessly.
  11. Megahurt

    Ofp with vte vietnam

    Does any body play Flashpoint with "the Vietnam Experience: (VTE mod)? Salute Im a flashpoint fanatic. I have Arma but prefer Flashpoint and love it with VTE.(Vietnam upgrade) http://tactical.nekromantix.com/vte/ The greatest mod yet-- i have 4 gigs of mods, if you like Vietnam, this is it. It looks, and runs fantastic. I spend about 30 hours building a mission typically. The last one i did with actual Helicopter radio traffic from Vietnam that describes a Dustoff down and the efforts to protect and rescue the crew. It is great to listen to it direct you threw the mission. I recreated the mission as it unfolded . Insertion of two squads in a village with gooks converging, wounded is picked up by another Dustoff after a wild firefight, but your ride out is shot down. ' Bop your way back to Coney" fighting all the way back to the base. Theres even an Apocalypse Now type river ride river along the way. Mist and music and all the trimmings. I play Flashpoint on my three puters with friends i invite over, that ive trained. I cant find anyone to pay it online. . Im 48, a licenced pilot and a sim fan for 25 years. I love Flashpoint because Arma helicopters are terrible. They fix that, i guess maybe ill give it more play. But Flashpoint is still a favorite because on my puters it runs so great. Please tell me how i can join you guys in multiplayer. Message me if you want a game. Megahurt.
  12. Megahurt

    looking for players

    I have 3 gigs of addons and play all the time by myself. I design missions, love vietnam helo insertions and afghanistan /iraq missions in FDF mod. Looking for a group that would play on teamspeak. Add me on msn messenger at bigarms41@hotmail.com or drop in my teamspeak server address= megahurt.serveftp.com Its hard to find anybody to play this games. btw, I HAVE A TORRENT THAT GOES TO MY 3.5 GIGS OF ADDONS IF ANYBODY WANTS THEM.
  13. Megahurt

    Helicopters in AA

    Just spent the evening flying chopper threw afgahnistan in ofp. Tried AA again with patch. Im back to ofp. Too bad they just couldnt give you the fight model from ofp as an option. I hate the new bird.
  14. Megahurt

    Helicopters in AA

    select left peddle and twist your joystick. Right, do the same. I still find that rudder control is ineffective when moving forward with any speed at all nd it flys like an airplane. The throttle control is very slow to react also. Any tips on getting this AA chopper to fly beautifully like in OFP?
  15. Megahurt

    Helicopter CONTROL?

    For a game that is covered in photos in its promo and art work throughout with helicopters, i am absolutely disgusted with the helo flight model that has no rudder control and flies like an airplane. Helo insertions and support, medivac missions and all the great things i dreamed about when purchasing this game flew right out the window when i stepped into the cockpit. Is there something i'm missing? No rudder control in helicopter They can't be serious.