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  1. http://www.army.mil/-news/2009/01/15/15815-virtual-reality-system-lets-army-leaders-practice-integrating-joint-fires-into-opera tions/ I guess they hadn't upgraded to the new engine, yeah?
  2. MAA3057

    Vilas' addons

    There wouldn't be a bogus difference either way, me thinks. 1985 looks and sounds cool.
  3. MAA3057

    Modern Combat Mod - SLX Released

    Wow, nice lists, Universal. Good to see a community member actively pursuing a brighter future for a MOD. Keep up the great work, Rooney. Look forward to the next release.
  4. MAA3057

    Queens gambit?

    $16, the price of two meals. Just do it.
  5. MAA3057

    Spacemod landunits

    Nice collection of units, burner! Looking forward to seeing a semi-to-complete form.
  6. MAA3057

    Do the Bis Team hate Russia?

    Well said, Plaintiff1.
  7. MAA3057

    Modern Combat Mod - SLX Released

    Great modification! Is there a possibility that someone can put the download back up on Filefront?
  8. MAA3057

    Do the Bis Team hate Russia?

    Personally, I will never grow tired of the American - Russian theme.
  9. MAA3057

    OFrP WIP

    Good job, OFrP team! I have been enjoying your stuff on OFP, this will be no different!
  10. MAA3057

    Modern Combat Mod - SLX Released

    Whoa! Where did I go?! Anyways, let me have a looksie! Yes? Also, thank you for your contribution to our small society. You have now been initiated.
  11. MAA3057

    ArmA photography - Questions&Comments

    BIS fanboys...lol
  12. MAA3057

    Men & Entities not visible through windows

    This has been around since OFP1.
  13. MAA3057

    New, Tiny Duke Nukem Forever Screen

    They need to just drop it...
  14. MAA3057

    Microsoft Surface

    I was about to say, remember that fictional interactive panel that was used in the movie Minority Report? Looks like (oops, edit) reality keeps up with science fiction quicker then we think.
  15. MAA3057

    TOP2 GOD - RTE

    I wish I were a talented scriptor...