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    Script optimization

    hi all sry for my english i search here because no find AddEventHandler ["init", <-- dunno if work but prefere the action added on FlagCarrier:Strategic or Danger:FlagCarrier named "take flag" STR_ACTION_TAKEFLAG easy to create an over one on flagcarrier or danger; but can't removeaction "take flag" or put an script on plz help me thx alrease when search can't find; but i realy do... P.S.: remember me too, that exactily publicvariable can pass on OFP and the variable for reveal obj. Arf sry think little mistake on bad topic! can't move or remove is for an skeletor CTF missions.
  2. Mygale

    ascii letters

    plz plz help me, was for a league Best programmer help me.
  3. Mygale

    ascii letters

    salut, for addons; really thx if you have solution.
  4. Mygale

    ascii letters

    i try to find but no found ; my english was bad. i want to know, think was easy, was if the last letters and police (the last one, the begest, ascii or not) that ofp understand; thx. this is this one? € really thx for help.