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    High-resolution map of Sahrani

    Thanks, Two Sahrani posters? Huh? And by the way: Could you please fix the threadname? I didn't expect that blank character to be there in that "map".
  2. mondkalb

    Armed Assault is GOLD !!!

    I've never heard of a ArmA TV-Spot contest...
  3. The fall of Fidel Castro - 467 Kb
  4. mondkalb


    Nice idea, but you should place 10-12 Windmills, and don't place high voltage transmission lines in desert, the dunes can get up to ~45/50 meters. Try to get some dunes on the Island... and if you want, you could build something like a base on a concrete foundation...
  5. mondkalb

    OFP photography - Questions & comments

    Here's the deckchair. Before using, keep that in mind: So if you want to make a Picture of that chair, do it like Scruffy's pic and get a Seagull infront of that unlucky injury or like me, make the pic from behind... If you want to hold an awesome Vopa Vola in your hands, addweapon "MBG_Trinkbox". There are also Chinese Foodboxes in variant A, "Chop Suey" (MBG_EssBoxChop), or Variant B, "Eight Suprises" (MBG_EssBoxAcht) for one of my missions with a Chinese Fooddeliverythingie using a Lambro...
  6. mondkalb


    Really good work! High detailed island and a lot of innovations. What sowjet commander ordered to use Win98 on the computers used to nuke the world. Huh?! It was the first time after 3 years that i got a Bluescreen in OFP. Keep it up!
  7. mondkalb

    Fernau island

    Fernau island is an Island located in Northern Germany with a Sowjet Sector. Fernau Island is optimized for missionbuilders. That means there are Lanscapes offering many possibilities to attack, for example, a convoi, or Infiltrate a Sowjet Radiotelescope used for espionage. Yes, you guessed it, i've done new Buildings and Objects. The Island was at first dedicatet for our Closed Community around Armed-Tactics, but then, after more and More new Ideas and Buildings were added, i thought why not release that Island?!? Here we are! Whats on the map? A new bridge A radiotelescope (Closed) Oremines New buildings Other smaller things In addition ive envolved a Game-Logic, that makes Fountains working and places usable benches. And here are the Pictures: Every Pic is worth to see. http://home.arcor.de/armed-tactics/ofp/addonbild/Insel1.jpg http://home.arcor.de/armed-tactics/ofp/addonbild/Insel2.jpg http://home.arcor.de/armed-tactics/ofp/addonbild/Insel3.jpg http://home.arcor.de/armed-tactics/ofp/addonbild/Insel4.jpg http://home.arcor.de/armed-tactics/ofp/addonbild/Insel5.jpg http://home.arcor.de/armed-tactics/ofp/addonbild/Insel6.jpg http://home.arcor.de/armed-tactics/ofp/addonbild/Insel7.jpg http://home.arcor.de/armed-tactics/ofp/addonbild/Insel8.jpg http://home.arcor.de/armed-tactics/ofp/addonbild/Insel9.jpg http://home.arcor.de/armed-tactics/ofp/addonbild/Insel10.jpg And here is a detailed list of the structures i've made: 4 Houses a Radiotelescope 2 Garages Place name signs a Brige new Docks Streetlamps Sowjet Propaganda Usable Benches (2 different Anims ) A lot of the Config-work is based on Others. I used the configs of: AEF_Reallights Zwadar Bench To get mine working. IF I forgot someone to credit, Sorry  And here's the download: Fernau Island Needed Addon: WW3 Mod Russian Object Pack Nearly everything from Mapfact edit: Here's a specop-WGL5-Mission. Nordheimclou
  8. mondkalb

    Fernau island

    Many thanks! I thought a big port with Cranes and etc. is just something for Cities with 50.000Inhabitants and more. And that Island has, in high season with tourists an average Population of 1200 And yes, I'm from germany.
  9. mondkalb

    Vice City Addon

    Im right now testing this mission, so here's my first report: On start, i'm getting an Error-Message. No entry Cfg.vehicles tree5...however. Then, at first I was shooting around and testing what the Weapons can. I stopped messing around when I heard the "screams" of the gangmembers. They are a bit...urgh. I dont want to shoot anymore... The City-Hall could be "setposed" -0.5 into the ground. The next point is, where are the Vehicles? No civil traffc and so on.. The symbols and hidden packages could be rotating like the real ones do (i've only played GTA3), and this funny Sound after cashing the symbol in is missing, i really liked it . Where is the briefing? My tests are going on. You should implement respawn and announce that the missions can only be played in Multiplayermode to get the respawn Working. But the first impression on is: OFP is better for War and Death and suffer, but nothing for Drugs, money and fast cars. Anyway I want to honor your engagement to model things. And Last but not Least, where's my Del-Key? Â Â
  10. mondkalb

    Golf War 1-3

    Yes, Multiplayer Skodagolf is quite fun. We've done right now a round with 4 people, the first ones needed 22 shots, and our round took 1hour and 23 minutes... And if you count all killed people together you would get something between 220 and 300...
  11. mondkalb

    Golf War 1-3

    I've done the third part, 33 turns.. But the Super-Duper Clipping had some fine suprises for me... Dont ask me how i've shot that Å koda into Mr. Troska's neightbour office.