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  1. If it instantly goes back to wait for host with no error message at all then that is what happens when you're trying to load a mission that requires addons that aren't being loaded on the server. If you check the server's .rpt file just after you try to load a mission it'll say 'blah blah cannot load, missing addons: uns_blah, uns_blah, uns_blah'. If this is what's happening double check you're actually loading the mod [server startup line, double check folder structure etc] and that you're not missing any unsung files on the server by comparing them to the files in the unsung installer.
  2. Mr. Cheese

    Zeus Gaming Nights

    For the gaming nights [Thursday & Sunday 19:30 BST] all you need is combined operations vanilla. When we're not on a gaming night sometimes a few of us will pop onto server #2 and play some addon games. Anyone's free to join us then, just pop on TS3 and we'll get you sorted.
  3. Hello. Symptoms: -Game will install fine and startup correctly from the grey 'run game' box right after installation. -Game will not start if I run from the shortcut/.exe either straight after installation or after already running the game. The game (without nosplash) hangs on the bohemia interactive splash screen at 0fps and when I bring up task manager it is using ~95-99% CPU and about 200mb RAM. Here is my RPT: ---------------------------------- Gamersgate version of arrowhead with 1.52 auto included. Same with both OA standalone and Combined Arms. In CA arma2 will start just fine but OA/CA will have the above symptoms. Windows 7 64bit, Q9550, 4GB Ram, 8800GT I have tried reboots, running in windowed/toggling splash screen etc and the only thing that gets OA to start is reinstalling it and running straight from the end menu. The game authenticated itself successfully online after the 1st install and hasn't asked to be authed again - when running from the install menu I can play online etc just fine. Can't see anything else that can be causing it and the rpt is pretty useless.
  4. Mr. Cheese

    OA Hangs on Startup

    Yep, it's DRM. Doing the thing that if I mentioned it would get me banned solved my problem, e-mail sent to securom.
  5. This has been the case for ages it's like shooting the loudest gun in the universe and instantly all AI pinpoint your position.
  6. Mr. Cheese

    Zeus Gaming Nights

    blaming you for tonight hund. your forewarning was one of doom and disaster.
  7. Mr. Cheese


    TacticalGamer have adopted this addon entirely and with player numbers of 20+ are giving it a very robust test. I've noticed that when playing with a larger amount of people, you'll tend to 'slip into' another person's net for about 30 seconds. You'll be talking on your own and all of a sudden will hear someone in a different squad/on a different frequency in your ear, you can't hear the comms of anyone close to you nor can anyone close to you hear you speaking on radio or normal chatter. This has happened to various people but only with larger player counts. The new features lined up seem pretty damn cool but ironing out these kind of bugs especially with larger scale player numbers is something that I'd love to see.
  8. Mr. Cheese


    Gotta say this is great, played a few missions with it and it really adds to the game. We did find a bug though. If someone dies and then respawns into the same group his voice will be coming from his corpse and not his new unit.
  9. Mr. Cheese

    Zeus Gaming Nights

    The best endorsement I could have hoped for.
  10. Mr. Cheese

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    If AI is in a player's group then that AI is local to the player, so if the player doesn't have the addon and the server does his AI will be dumber than the server's.
  11. The default marker you place in the mission editor is of the type 'empty', which is invisible everywhere except the mission editor.
  12. At a glance I don't think there's any easy way of telling who's who. However if you put: this setgroupid ["BUTTS"]; in the init line of the group leader of one of your groups, when you mouse over the group symbol in HC it will show the name of the unit in the popup box. You can also attach each squad to a separate high command subordinate module and they will show as a different colour in the selection menu. The only alternative for quick 'at a glance' map identification, as far as I know, is shoving in a separate group marker system with the squad name attached. If you do a small enough marker it might not look like arse due to marker clutter.
  13. Usually I put it in the init field of every commander module I want to have the multi tier functionality: this setvariable ["chainofcommand",true]; Just copy that line in and it'll work, needs to be in every HC Commander module. The only thing is if you're a company commander and want to order an entire platoon and only have command over the platoon hq unit, he'll move his entire platoon onto your move order exactly and will form a giant platoon sized blob around a single spot.
  14. Mr. Cheese

    Tactics beat Technology

    mine is 12 inches and i am a tactical master
  15. Mr. Cheese

    Briefing screen - Load out

    An 'allow player to access weapon pool' function would be nice. Possibly not for public coops, but for coops within clans/communities who you'd know would equip themselves with their assigned loadout. i.e. SL says what role/equipment they need, allows them to access pool and they take it.
  16. Mr. Cheese

    Funny Cartoons

    Warning: Somewhat sick, but hilarious: <Link Removed>
  17. Mr. Cheese

    OT: I need to set up a small business server

    It be this one: http://www.cpanel.net/ And of course, InstallShield - d'oh. No Linux installers?
  18. Mr. Cheese

    OT: I need to set up a small business server

    As a shameless plug, looking on the Cpanel of my site, there are auto-installers for: http://phpwiki.sourceforge.net/ http://www.tikiwiki.org/tiki-forums.php [Tiki Wiki] And it runs off a Linux/Apache server so you can put MediaWiki etc there as well. If it runs off InstallShield, it'll be no problem to ask the guy to install it for you. There's also a php support ticket auto-installer along with heaps of other stuff there - very good CPanel. As for CHModding, it's just a case of right clicking on an FTP program :P Sounds more complicated than it is. If you're interested, I can look into further details with the hosting company I'm with. [specifically price, all your other needs are fairly well covered]
  19. Mr. Cheese

    Shouting Orders

    If a nice voip was included and people were tempted to use it. [works in channels - if you're on 'Side' and speak, it goes to side. 'Squad' to squad etc] With this, you could do a 'Halo' type system in which if you're near to anyone [especially enemy units on side chat :P] whom is currently speaking through their microphone, you can hear them in 'Direct Chat', so to speak. But then this might be slightly marred by use of Teamspeak/Vent etc Edit: Speaking in a multiplayer environment here, of course. Although the same system could be used for AI in single player.
  20. Mr. Cheese

    how about this.

    *cough* mods *cough*
  21. Mr. Cheese

    This Russian kid needs to join Spetsnaz

    Ahh, free running :P
  22. Mr. Cheese

    Modifying Game and Mission Builder UI

    All of that kind of stuff is in the OFP\bin\resource.bin directory although I recommend you make a modfolder with the 'bin\resource.bin' in it to avoid modded files etc EDIT: Or uncompressed .cpp
  23. Mr. Cheese

    X3 Reunion

    Personally, I had a quick bash of it recently and thought it seemed tedious. Looks nice enough but the combat engine isn't involved enough. You do get bounty hunter missions, but they pay quite shite - to make proper money, you have to trade all the time which is basically looking at and clicking on a spreadsheet then spending 20 mins autopiloting to your destination. The plot is frankly half assed and there's still the fact the X# franchise doesn't seem to be learning from its past mistakes. Might be worth a torrent or a bargain bin purchase, but I wouldn't spend 50 euros on it. Play Elite [not OFP :P, the original great game that many half arsed ones have ripped this concept from] instead. That said, it's my personal opinion. IGN gave it a pretty good write up: http://pc.ign.com/articles/673/673886p1.html
  24. Mr. Cheese

    Music Recommendations

    My completely random number I pulled out of my arse works as well Damn good site is Pandora.
  25. Mr. Cheese

    Zeus Gaming Nights

    "Since playing on Zeus, my penis doubled in size!" -Mr. Cheese