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  1. Hello, Checked the main fan sites and even googled with only a little luck on the Air and Clean Sweep type missions, unable to locate, if any, of the classic armor missions re-made for ArmA3, IE: Tank Platoon and a few others. Anyone know if any of the classic armor missions have been remade for ArmA3? and if so, where can one download them? Thx.
  2. SimHQ Armed Assault 2 Multiplayer Mission Pack (Version 1) (July 13th, 2009) SimHQ is proud to announce and release our first multiplayer mission pack for Armed Assault 2. These missions are all co-op based, and take anywhere from 30 minutes to complete to maybe an hour or so. Most of the missions are based on the squad leader and fireteam concept. What that means is that most are squad plus size missions, where one person is in charge of the overall mission, the Squad leader, under him is usually 3 or 4 fireteams with a fireteam leader for each team. Humans should, and are expected to take the leadership roles. The squad leader lays out the overall plan of attack, and coordinates’ individual fireteams to accomplish that task. Fireteam leaders are in charge of their own fireteam members. Fireteam leaders lead their team to accomplish what and where the squad leader has assigned them, but it is their responsibility to make adjustments and command decisions on the fly. They will accomplish the mission, but sometimes adjusting on the fly can be a matter of mission success or life or death. Fireteam members stay with and obey their fireteam leaders. There is no such thing as an “Army of Oneâ€; it’s actually the fireteam that is the lowest unit in combat. (Minus specialties like snipers and medics.) To install: simply copy the pbo mission files from this zip into your ArmA2/mpmissions folder within either Steam Apps or BIS. Remember: Tactics and Teamwork. These missions work best with one man in charge (the Squad Leader), and fireteams obeying and carrying out the SL’ers orders. Special Thanks to the SimHQ Mission Design Team: Wepps, Adlabs, Dec, Biff, Fatty. http://www.simhq.net/downloads/land_combat/armed_assault2/SimHQ_ArmA2_Missions_v1.zip
  3. Read Me (included with the pack): Welcome to the SimHQ Armed Assault Cooperative Map/Mission Pack A very special thanks to Wepps, the main designer and mission maker for SimHQ. A special thanks to Guod, owner and operator of SimHQ. And a special thanks to all the SimHQ community members who show up a couple of nights a week for some of the best, most tactical gameplay around. About the mission pack: This mission pack contains 32, yes 32, cooperative play missions for Armed Assault. Some of these missions are made for small units of 8 or so players, while some are made for the larger cooperative crowd, around 24 or so. Most of these missions, especially the larger ones, are broken down into fire teams. The reason for this is that not only does the US Army infantry unit focus around the individual fire team, but in game it allows a squad leader to take charge of the mission as a whole, and leave it up to the fire team leaders to decide how best to use and deploy there troops. This is also helpful if you don’t have enough human players to fill up the mission, but still want to play it. A human player can take the lead of a fire team, and control his AI fire team members. Just remember, fire teams work to support each other, there not their own fighting unit. While one fire team suppresses an enemy, the other fire team is working to flank and destroy that same enemy. These missions are all based on the Tactical Briefs published at SimHQ’s web site. www.simhq.com http://www.simhq.com/_land/land.html Tactical Briefing 01: Meet the Squad Tactical Briefing 02: Formations Tactical Briefing 03: Squad and Fire Team Movements Tactical Briefing 04: Movement to Contact Tactical Briefing 05: How to Plan and Execute a Squad Sized Assault To install, simply copy the files in this folder, after extraction, to your Atari/ArmA/mpmissions folder. Download the pack here. Enjoy... and remember... Tactics and Teamwork!
  4. Magnum50

    SimHQ ArmA Coop Pack v5 final

    I'm sure it's too late for a reply, but anyway... None of these missions require any add-ons. Feel free to alter or re-name them as you see fit. These we're missions for our server only at first, we enjoyed them so much we decided to share them... and even now, a year later their still being played on a number of servers.
  5. The Steam version of ArmA is v1.08...usually they patch there own games, but not this time. (and i can't get a answer from them)...anyone know how you patch Steam's ArmA to the latest edition? and what file? thx
  6. Hello...hoping someone could help me on this problem... been occurring since ArmA was first installed... I have properly created a squad.xml with a proper graphic and all... I have properly uploaded it to my web site...but I keep getting a error message, when the mission starts the game is looking for the graphic in a user/appdata/tmp folder...not the web site it is uploaded too... but it's just my PC, because I had a friend try it and his worked fine... here is some screens of my problems... any assist would be greatly appreciated... This works for my friend, when he tried it... the image was there... thx in advance for any assistance.
  7. Magnum50

    SimHQ ArmA Coop Pack v5 final

    No, don't believe in revive or respawns in a cooperative mission... sorry.
  8. Here is a excellent SP mission for practicing your sniper ranging, sight picture and engaements... it's real virtual soldiers posted at set distances, and they can be re-populated with a menu action... http://www.tacticsandteamwork.com/Files/SniperRanging.zip Enjoy, and thats to Draven and Wepps from SimHQ for the mission. (works in both ArmA and VBS2.)
  9. Magnum50

    SimHQ Co-Op Mission Pack 01

    SimHQ announces it's Mission Pack 1e... the e states for "extended"... What we have done, (and when I say we I mean Wepps from SimHQ, lol), is that we fixed a couple of minor bugs and script errors, we increased the player base to 22... but you can disable what you don't need, we broke the squad down into fire teams... so there is a squad leader with 2 medic positions... then Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and so on fire teams... 4 men each... this way the squad leader gives the overall plan, but the team leaders have control over there teams either AI and/or human... makes for better teamwork and tactics. Theres also a sniper team if needed/wanted... and since the Javelins work in v1.08, they have been added into the vehicles for use. I think, for those who play online, you'll really like this "extended" version... http://www.tacticsandteamwork.com/Files....ded.zip
  10. This is a collection of squad sized, cooperative missions made by SimHQ member Wepps... I thought they were great enough to share with other communities. It's a series of 10 missions, all the enemy patrols are random, and enemy vehicle type, amount, and location are random... so you can play the same mission over and over, and thou they will of course be similar, you'll never know if an enemy patrol is just over that hill, or if it will be a BDRM, or a BMP, or maybe 2 of them in the objective area. (you also have the options for either a on foot assault, or vehicle assault, so don't be afraid to mix it up and try different ways.) No add-ons are needed. It's up to 18 players, we started out with a true squad of 9, but then more wanted to play so we bumped it up to 12, then finally 18. They can also be played in Single Player if you wish, the AI fills up the squad. We, at SimHQ, prefer no respawns to force proper tactics and teamwork, but with the enemy AI just so damn good all the time, we allowed in squad respawns. But once the AI's are all taken up, your done. Nicely done squad size missions that can be completed in an hours time, give or take. Feel free to download,play and share. More packs are coming, this is more of the "assault" pack. http://www.tacticsandteamwork.com/Files/Wepps_SimHQMissions.zip enjoy.
  11. Magnum50

    SimHQ Co-Op Mission Pack 01

    Thx Blake... that was the exact purpose of the missions... simple and strait to the point... but with the random features activated, each play is slightly different... Wepps is working on a couple of more SimHQ packs... one is a set of defensive missions, the other a combined arms series... Silent Ops, been on our dedicated server since the v1.08 release and fully tested, no problems like you described, a couple of screw ups on our part like one of the links in the briefing wrong, and one of the towns misnamed in the briefing... but no reports of any other problems.
  12. Hello, just passing along some news about Armed Assault and SimHQ. (A gaming web site I work for.) http://www.simhq.com/index.html First off we have our review of the game up, and always looking for comments and feedback to better improve the information we provide. http://www.simhq.com/_land2/land_080a.html We also have a few tactical articles for anyone interested in the read: http://www.simhq.com/_land/fps_021a.html (older, all together article) http://www.simhq.com/_land2/land_074a.html (Tactical Brief 01) http://www.simhq.com/_land2/land_076a.html (Tactical Brief 02) http://www.simhq.com/_land2/land_077a.html (tactical brief 03) more tactical briefs coming soon... We also just announced our first sponsored land combat tournament. http://www.simhq.com/forum....2168608 I'm sure some of you clan members or a group of just friends could gather 6 members together and win this thing... check out the prizes, good stuff there. SimHQ Armed Assault Tournament Sponsored by NaturalPoint You have to read and sign up your team in the above posted thread link. Hope to see some of you there, good luck, and thanks to BI Studios, for a great game.
  13. Magnum50

    VBS1 Lite and Australians in Vietnam

    Actually, No I didn't... I got permission and verified that I could post everything before doing it.