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  1. Hi, it looks like new cool game is coming - www.riseofthetycoon.com It must be awesome game for strategy and business games lovers! I think this is the first game realistically simulates politician game play. At least I don't remember any other games like this.
  2. I was asking my self the same question - will Arma3 kill this game with newer engine?
  3. MaxRiga

    First impressions

    I'm just about to buy it. Or you would advise to wait some time?
  4. Man, I see your strong passion into this mission. If you will handle to launch it based on Arma2 you can count on me as beta tester!
  5. just a quick question - why u r so sure ur mission will be ever popular? Don't u see people don't need it? May be it's good time to think to change ur "mission creation strategy" and try to create different/new type of missions? P.S. hope to see ur mission under arma2 so to try it without installing OA.
  6. I haven't found such server under arma2
  7. I have uninstalled OA and I do not have disc to install it atm. I'm used to play Cherno warfare and I don't need AO for playing this ( I found Takistan extremely boring map, but it just personal opinion ). I know that most of arma2 gamers play Cherno Life mission ( I see it right now ) and I can see there are up tp 20 players some evenings.
  8. I hope you will be able to create the same mission for chernorus, so most of arma players can play it ( not for arma2OA, but just arma2 and without any downladable content ). Please, consider that less and less gamers play arma2 those days and it would be logical to make multiplayer missions easy to reach for most of players! Looking forward to play it on Chernorus based on Arma2.
  9. kage74 all u have suggested should be done for a new game, nit arma2 mission. But generally I'd love to see multifunctional RPG missions instead of what we have now.
  10. some of my ideas for Sahrani Life but they never use it. May be you will find insteresting some of them - http://forums.bistudio.com/showpost.php?p=1138425&postcount=818 http://forums.bistudio.com/showpost.php?p=1139153&postcount=820
  11. Scripting takes lot of time. I just don't have time to learn all this. But I know that there are a lot of people who find scripting very interesting and learning it. So, it's more logical to coop with somebody then do everything by your self.
  12. you must missed the whole point when warfare mission came from the original arma1 game ....
  13. it's happening because the mission it self was pointless so people were trying to change it the way they like. I can say only two things about it - 1- if mission is good and popular there is no reason to change it under any other names ( warwere and evolution is the best example of good missions. Yes, it has different versions but everything is under warfare or evolution names ) 2- Missions must be free to use. There are no any dramatic problems if other servers host your mission. It's even better if so. Don't forget the main idea of any mission - it's done so people can play!
  14. you wrong, man. Zagreb Life not the "copy" but IT IS Cherno Life with different name and some changes. But City Life is THE COPY ( or parody ) of Cherno Life because it has the same game style which one is based on cops + robbers pointless running around the map without any logical game play. And the only reason to have money is just to buy better weapon and kill cops. If you want to ask me - "may be you right, but people play it" I can answer you - yes, they play because they have no choice. Any other good RPG mission will be more popular compare to Cherno Life ( and I'm not even compare with absolutely not popular City Life ). It's sad that for about 3 or 4 years since arma1 is out no one has created any good rpg mission. I've shared my ideas above what has to be done to make good mission but I can repeat some of my points - 1- GAME LOGIC based on single or team missions or goals. 2- Money shouldn’t be the main goal of the mission, money is the tool to achieve main goal ( or missions ). ( the the main problem of Cherno Life mission is that there are no any goals and all what people do is just getting money for ... nothing ). 3- Game positions/roles has to be logically balanced. There should be at least two ways to achieve single or team missions or goals - legal and not legal. This simple fact doesn't exist in Cherno Life mission at all because it has no goals at all. Some of you can say - "well, the main reason of RPG is to let people play the way they want" and yes, it is true, but players must know what they play for! For example many of arma2 players compare CL with GTA series. In this case I want to remind to this people that GTA game play is based on many little missions and players go through it to achieve the main goal. That how any good game/mission should be created. 4- Arma2 is a military game and any mission creator has to consider that people r coming on their servers to fire their guns sometimes. Admin kids like in City Life ban this kind of people and this why they ruin their reputation. To avoid this kinda problem there should be the place for those who like to fire guns. This why the mission has to have peaciful and not peaciful game play. All players must be happy with this mission. 5- Usually gamers do not have 5 or 6 hours to play pointless missions such as Cherno Life or City Life. Sometimes they come to play just a hour or so. So, this why there should be some little missions that would be always fun to do. 6- People shouldn’t be restricted in their way of play ( no such silly things as driver license or anything else that takes time for nothing ). Players has to join and enjoy the game without loosing their time. My political mission ideas in the first post on top is based on everything what I’ve just listed.
  15. Hi, I want to cooperate with someone who would like to learn more about scripts in Amra2. I have already my own server so I can host some missions. I found too many servers with Warfare, Evolution and Chernolife so I see no reason to host more. I want to have something really new. At the same time I'd love to help to create new type of RPG mission for Arma2. There is list of some of my suggestions in other topics about how new RPG mission should be done to be successful of Arma2 servers. If you will like my points and you will find it logical we can create team. ---------------------- ( from City Crime topic ) Hi I like your idea about creating new RPG but I can predict that not so many people will play it. We have a good example of CityLife mod. They were making it for year and now noone plays it. The reason is - 1- they have downloadable content for the mod. 2- CityLife is the copy of Chernorus Life style mission and people prefer to play original games but not parodies. Since people can play Chernorus Life easily on some servers they simply don't need to play any other mods! Unfortunately your mod is going to have the same problems. I can predict it right now that people will not play it. Also, do not forget the fact that less and less people are playing arma2. Multiplayer gamers will be coming to the servers with many players and CityLife ( and your future mod ) is not this kind of places. I’m very sorry that all your work in making your mod will be for nothing. I have another suggestion to you. I was the one who was creating most of the logical things for Sahrani Life ( that was the first RPG mission. Chernorus Life is based on Sahrani Life ). It was my idea to create Mayors, voting system, trade ( not just sale ) and many more. Unfortunately, the developers of Chernorus Life were kids and all they wanted to do is "bam bam bam - you r dead cop", if you know what I mean. City Life mod has the same problem, it allows players just drive shitty cars around and kill other people for fun.It's simply boring to do anything else in City Life ( so and in Cherno Life ). The thing is that Arma2 IS NOT GRAND THIFT AUTO style game. There is no need to create another mod about cops and robbers and terrorists. Arma2 players have enough of it on arma servers as well as they can play the original games like GTA when they feel to play it. My idea is to create completely new style of RPG. It's not gonna be based on "cops and robbers" style. I'm sure ot has to be for multiplayer only, it will not have downloadable content and it will be popular because no such type of mission exist in arma2 at all and different kind of players will find it fun. The basic of my mission is - political life. Since arma2 players are mostly military style gamers we have to consider it too. So, I see it this way - Chernorus is going to be split on two parts ( two countries ). One country is going to be pro-American and another pro-Russian. Every town will have it's own political score ( same as in Warfare small towns will have smaller score, bigger towns – bigger score ). Only rich people will be able to buy this political scores ( in this case there will be the reason to be rich ). Player who get most of political scores will become President of it's country. President can buy weapon and some resources ( from Russia or from USA ) and can attack cities of another country. Cities will not generate any resources but cities will be the place for market ( to sell trade goods ). The only way to create a rich country is the trade and taxes of its own citizens. That means that president must take care of his citizens and citizens have to do less crime to help its government. In this case the game will be logical and interesting. There is going to be political struggle inside of each country ( and rush for money ) while it might be military struggle between two countries. In this kind of game everything is logical. There will be two big teams and they will trade each to another to be rich and it's going to be little combat missions for those who like "bam bam bam - you r dead!". Pro-Russian and pro-American countries also can trade with Russia and USA for the special goods. For example, Russia can sell to pro-Russian country oil and it’s army ( Russian armor and choppers ), and America can sell to pro-American country some manufactory ( and American weapon ). If Chernorus countries are in peace businessman of two countries can trade goods between two countries. Trade should be very easy. No any license needed ( this is most stupid idea ever to have different kind of license in rpg mission, since players are coming to have fun and we don’t have to restrict them. We also have to consider that players are limited in their gaming time and they must get full satisfaction playing our mission even if they have only 1 hour to play). As I said cities are the place for market. And as more trade it has as richer the city is. So, if I just buy oil from Russia and transport it to pro-american city then I get $$$ and city is getting bigger $$$$ value. As richer city is as more profit I will get trading with it next time. Copturing trich cities might be the reason of local wars. War shouldn't be for a long term. Not so many players coming to RPG for war. But some action can really stress up if players are too bored. War can be created only for 1 city/town per turn. If any nation get new town the war is automatically over for the next, let's say, 30 minutes. But once again, nations can live in peace and prosper in friendship. It’s all going to be up to presidents. If you like my idea I can describe you the logical chain of this political life mission in many ways ( yes! even if it's RPG there should be logical chain of things. Otherwise it's just a chaos as it's on Chernorus Life or CityLife servers ). ------------------------------ ( from CityLife topic ) the problem with Sahrani life in Arma1 was that the mission was .. pointless. I advised them a lot of good ideas and some of them they used ( governor, governor voting, chief of police, production of goods and some more ) but in general they paid too much attention on little details instead of developing mission goals so as result their mission become less popular among adult players and more kids were coming just to bomb and kill all around. Other words they destroyed their own mission. I really hope that your mission will be different. First of all you have to pay attention on role goals. There should be goals for civ's, cops and crime. If the goal will be just kill cops and collect money to buy cars your mission will be as pointless as Sahrani Life was. my ideas - Goal for civs - to be elected as president of Chernarus. Only the president can control military of the island and create laws. Election can be automatic every hour. You can be elected only if u get political points. One political point is one vote of chernarus citizen OR $1 000 000 ( here u go, now citizens have the goal to be rich, collect money for political points and be nice to each another if they wanna have future support in elections ). President must have good control of army against revolutionary, so, he spends country income to buy good weapon. Goal for cops - to be the chief of Police Department. Only the chief can see all people on the map ( except terrorists/revolutionary ). Unlike civs chief of police is elected by police points. the system very easy - if policeman killed innocent civ he gets -5 points, if policeman arrested innocent civ he gets -1 point, if policeman kills wanted civ he gets +1 point and if policeman arrests wanted civ he gets +5 points. If policeman get -10 points he goes to jail. Here you go, now policeman will not be killing all people around up to his mood. The goal is to become chief of police and you can get it faster if you will be arresting crime but not killing them! And sure u can destroy your police reputation if u will be having fun by killing innocent civs. Police cannot arrest President. Goal for crime - now it's hard to be crime because chief of police can give his orders to his police officers to catch you any minute. So, it's better not to be a crime, but only crime money can make you rich very fast. Why you need to be rich? So to become a revolutionary! Revolutionary - this people live in forests and fight for new government on the island. They can buy weapon from over seas only on crime money. President forces are always ready to protect President from revolutionary. If revolutionists are rich and strong enough they can declare Revolution and attack president palace to kill him. If revolutionary kills President that hi becomes new President of Chernorus! Here you go, now we have mission logic and each player has his own goal and reason to collect money and play his own way. If you like my idea I can describe you more little details about each goal for civ, policeman, crime and revolutionary. ---------------- making mission too complicated is wrong way too! For example, I'm 100% sure that all this licenses and other crap is just waste of time, this why most of mature players never plays SL. Just imagine, coming back from work and finally get 1-2 hours to play arma2 and then all you have to do is driving car back and forward for getting licenses ... it's nonsense, only kids can allow them to spend so many time on it. And the worse thing in arma is to play with kids! So, not sure City Life should go this way. I really advise to remove licenses and let player be able to buy anything they want any time ( if they have money ). Once again, if the mission will have role playing logic, no licenses actually needed, because if a player decides to buy a gun he has to use brain to earn money any way. The main idea is WHY a person needs his gun !? Or how to make it better for person NOT to buy his gun ! ----------------------------- ( from Sahrani Life topic ) as i've noticed most of compliments because there is nothing much to do except of killing cop or earning money .. but the problem is there is nothing u can spend this money on ( except ammo i mean ). So, the logical chain breaks at the beginning cause - cops have the fun of killing and arresting but civs only idea to get more money to buy a tank and kill cops any way ... Mayor/Judge/President adds idea to play good way so u can be elected. But still, there should be something to spend money on ... may be real estate? There are a lot of houses and hotels so maybe u can buy house for ur self? The general purpose of the house might be to rise ur health ( in this case all hospitals kinda unnecessarily but any way, that just an idea ). I donno what else to think out but there should be something to spend money on so those who playing civs know they can play without crimes and without the only idea to kill cops. But those who joined the game to be a criminal gonna have it's fun too but probably never get elected ... if not a revolution? )) Revolution can be done by terrorist or criminal, so it basically when criminal can buy his tank and take the power of island to his hands by killing President and putting all cops to jail, lol So, in this case all players have the logical chain for playing – police - protect the city from the crime civs - be a crime or terrorist to overtake the city and became President by revolution or be very very good and rich civ so u could be elected by all other civs ( election can cost 500 000 and it's taking from ur bank account if u go for election ) president - keep the island life smooth and good